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Thomas Anthony "Tomie" dePaola (September 15, 1934 –) is an American writer and illustrator.


  • If they want to be illustrators, there's no substitute for a very intensive training in art, and also the use of computers. There are adjunct jobs that are available in publishing that get your foot in the door, and there isn't a designer that doesn't have to use the computer these days. But they have to learn how to draw as well. I'm old-fashioned. I think there's no substitute for basic skills.
  • I never thought of that, really, when I was younger, but when I started doing some of the autobiographical picture books, I realized that my family was a great treasure trove. We were pretty ordinary — we weren't really exceptional. I don't think my life growing up was really too much different from the average kid in Meriden, Connecticut at that time. But it's very different from young people today, so I like it that older people my age feel that it's helping them to remember their childhood. Little kids think it's like life on a different planet.

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