Tommaso Campanella

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Tommaso Campanella

Tommaso Campanella (5 September 156821 May 1639) was an Italian philosopher, theologian, astrologer, and poet.


  • If You return to earth, come armed Lord,
    because enemies are preparing other crosses
    —not Turks, not Jews—but those of Your own kingdom
    • "To Jesus Christ", as cited in Roush, Sherry, 2011, Selected Philosophical Poems of Tommaso Campanella, University of Chicago Press, p. 18.
  • The world is the book where the eternal Wisdom wrote its own concepts
    • "Modo di filosofare".
  • I learn more from the anatomy of an ant or a blade of grass...than from all the books which have been written since the beginning of time. This is so, since I have read the book of God...the model according to which I correct the human books which have been copied badly and arbitrarily and without attention to the things that are written in the original book of the Universe.
    • "Letter of 1607", as cited by Eisenstein, Elizabeth L., 2012, The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe, Cambridge University Press, p. 218.

About Campanella[edit]

  • [A]udacious Titan of the modern age, possessing essentially a combative intellect; a poet and philosopher militant, who stood alone making war upon the authority of Aristotle in science, of Machiavelli in statecraft, and of Petrarch in art.

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