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When I was a kid, the future was different.

Tomorrowland (titled Disney Tomorrowland: A World Beyond in the U.K.) is a 2015 American science fiction adventure film about a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor who, bound by a shared destiny, embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

Directed by Brad Bird. and co-written and produced by Bird and Damon Lindelof.

Frank Walker

I'm a machine. I never thought that was bad, until I saw your face when you found out I was.
  • Okay, let's get you up to speed. This is a story about the future. The future can be scary.
  • When I was a kid, the future was different.
  • We are the Future.
    • In a fold-out note to Athena.
  • Find the ones who haven't given up. They're the future.

Governor David Nix

In every moment there is the possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it, you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality!
  • Let's imagine, if you glimpsed the future, and you were frightened by what you saw, what would you do with that information? You would go to the politicians? Captains of industry? And how would you convince them? Data? Facts? Good luck. The only facts they won't challenge are the ones that keep the wheels greased and the dollars rolling in. But what if... what if there was a way of skipping the middleman, and putting the critical news directly into everyone's head? The probability of widespread annihilation kept going up. The only way to stop it was to show it. To scare people straight. Because what reasonable human being wouldn't be galvanized by the potential destruction of everything they've ever known or loved? To save civilization, I would show its collapse. But how do you think this vision was received? How do you think people responded to the prospect of imminent doom? They gobbled it up, like a chocolate eclair. They didn't fear their demise, they repackaged it! It can be enjoyed as video games, as TV shows, books, movies - the entire world wholeheartedly embraced the apocalypse, and sprinted towards it with gleeful abandon. Meanwhile, your Earth was crumbling all around you. You've got simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Explain that one! Bees and butterflies start to disappear, the glaciers melt, algae blooms, all around you the coal mine canaries are dropping dead, and you won't take the hint! In every moment, there is the possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it, you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality! So you dwell on this terrible future, you resign yourselves to it, for one reason: because that future doesn't ask anything of you today. So, yes, we saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic, but you all just steered for it anyway, full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to sink. You gave up. That's not the monitor's fault. That's yours.

Casey Newton

I get things are bad. But what are we doing to fix it?
  • I get things are bad. But what are we doing to fix it?
  • We are looking for dreamers. Anyone who will feed the right wolf.
  • I know how things work.


  • I'm the future, Frank Walker.
  • Frank, It's not personal, it's just programming.
  • I'm a machine. I never thought that was bad, until I saw your face when you found out I was.
  • I was designed to find dreamers. I found you. And then lost you — until I found her: Casey. Dreamers need to stick together. It's not programming. It's personal.


Even the teeniest of actions can change the future.
You told me this story my entire life, and now I'm telling you: There are 2 wolves and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope. Which wolf wins?

Athena: [of Frank's rocket pack] Did you make this yourself?
Frank Walker: Yeah.
Athena: Why?
Walker: I guess I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it for me. [he and Athena smiles]

Frank: Do you want to tell this story?
Casey Newton: No, you're doing fine.
Frank: Because if you think you could tell this story better, I would absolutely love to hear you try.
Casey: Wow! Really?
Frank: Really.
Casey: Well, I guess, technically, I am more qualified.
Frank: Are you? How so?
Casey: Because, unlike you, I'm an optimist.

Eddie Newton: Why do you love the stars so much, Casey?
Casey [as very young child]: Because… I want to go there.
Eddie Newton: But they're so far away.
Mrs. Newton: It will take a long time, a real long time. What if you get all the way up there, and there's nothing?
Casey: What if there's every ting?

Casey: Even the teeniest of actions can change the future.
Nate: How can you be sure?
Casey: Because I know how things work.
Nate: Why are they taking the platform down?
Casey: Because it's hard to have ideas, and easy to give up.
Nate: But you won't, right?
Casey: Never.

Casey: There are 2 wolves"… You told me this story my entire life, and now I'm telling you - there are 2 wolves and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope. Which wolf wins?
Eddie Newton: C'mon, Casey.
Casey Newton: Okay, fine, don’t answer.
Eddie Newton: Whichever one you feed.
Casey Newton: Good. Eat.

Athena: [notices Casey is tired] I should drive. Casey, I know you have no reason to trust me, but I've been looking for someone like you for a very long time. Now, please, pull over.
Casey Newton: [Athena is driving the truck, as Casey rests] Of all the people you could give a pin to, why me?
Athena: Because you're special.
Casey Newton: [laughs] Yeah, special.
Athena: You are.

Frank: [notices Casey looking at a bomb] Hey, don't touch that! [takes the bomb and stows it in a pouch] This is one-kiloton detonation. It is NOT a toy. Do not mess with my stuff! You got that?
Casey: [annoyed] Sor-RY!

[Frank sees Casey sneak into his house and lock him out after he extinguishes a flaming lawnmower]

Frank Walker: Oh, you little... [runs to the door and tugs at it] You know I can call the cops anytime! Anytime! You have– I'm giving you 5 seconds to–

[Casey pushes Frank away from the door with the house defense system. She laughs mischievously.]

Casey Newton: [from inside the house] I am not leaving! Either tell me how to get there, or kill me!
Frank Walker: [from outside the house] If you touch anything in there, that's exactly what I'll do! What are you doing?!
Casey Newton: [sarcastic] I'm touching things!
Frank Walker: [bangs on the door] Open this door now! I mean it! I'll knock you out! [bangs on the door again]
Casey Newton: [sees an interesting object and picks it up; to Frank, to taunt him] Hey, what's this doing with the trombone-sliding-thing?
Frank Walker: Leave that alone! I'm serious!
Casey Newton: Will you take me there?
Frank Walker: No!
Casey Newton: Then you're not serious!

Frank Walker: Okay, accept that there is a world where I know, with absolute certainty the exact time of your death? Now, do want me to tell you, or not?
Casey Newton: Of course I would. Who wouldn't? But what if accepting my death is what causes it? So the answer is yes. I would want you to tell me, but I wouldn’t believe you.
Frank Walker: You have to believe me.
Casey Newton: Why, don’t we like make our own destiny and stuff? [probability factor on Frank's monitor reduces from 100% to 99.9994% — and she is puzzled to see him staring at it] What?
Frank Walker: [Shocked] Who are you, kid?

David Nix: Well Frank, it's been wonderful catching up, but as we were fairly clear about the terms of your exile and the consequences of your violating it — what the hell are you doing here?
Frank Walker: I think she can fix it.
David Nix: [puzzled] I'm sorry, I…
Frank Walker: Her. [indicating Casey] I think she can fix it, David.
Casey Newton: Wait— What?
Frank Walker: I've been pirating your signal. Every time you turn it on here I can see it there, and it flickered. A percentage dropped, David.
David Nix: Impossible.
Frank Walker: You don’t believe me? Let's go find out.
Casey Newton: I'm sorry. What can I fix?
David Nix: The world, Miss Newton. He thinks you can fix the world.

Casey Newton: You were pirating the signal. How?
Frank Walker: What?
Casey Newton: At your house, all your TVs, your "Doomsday room" — you were boosting the feed from that monitor thing. How did you do that?
Frank Walker: No big deal, they're running so much power through it now a HAM radio could pick it up — it's just a matter of finding the right frequency.
Casey Newton: You grabbed a signal from another dimension, from a machine here — that means it's transmitting there. What if its not just predicting the future …
Frank Walker: … It's broadcasting it.
Casey Newton: When I touched this thing, for a few minutes, it felt like anything was possible. So why can't the opposite happen? What if the monitor is just a giant pin, but instead of making you think positive? It makes you think negative, and it — it's convincing the whole world to feed the wrong wolf. We need to turn that thing off.

[David Nix opens a portal to an uninhabited, uncharted island]

David Nix: Ah, it's uninhabited, and uncharted; looks like a perfect place to spend your last days.
Frank Walker: David, the monitor is acting as an antenna. It isn't just receiving tachyons, it is taking a possible future and making it likely...
Casey Newton: ...And amplifying it — transmitting it, like a feedback loop.
Frank Walker: It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, that's coming from right there.
Casey Newton: But it's not just showing people the end of the world. It's giving them the idea — over and over and over again — so they just accept it!
Frank Walker: It's a ticking time bomb — and we're the ones that lit the fuse.
Casey Newton: We still have, like 58 days to try to change things - but nothing will work — as long as that thing is still on.
David Nix: Young lady, I'm going to assume that your knowledge of tachyonic fusion is a bit sketchy; shutting it down is impossible; there is no "off."
Casey Newton: I'm telling you what it's doing. Why don't you care?
Frank Walker: Because he's the one who's doing it... right?

Athena: The Monitor — the bomb is gone, but I'm not... yet. There isn't much time. My self-destruct. Use it. You know what to do, Frank. This … set it right this time.
Frank Walker: I thought you can't have ideas.
Athena: Well, what do you know?
Frank Walker: What do you know?
Athena: Systems failing.

Athena: Frank?
Frank Walker: Yeah?
Athena: You want to know why you could never make me laugh?
Frank Walker: Why?
Athena: Because you're not funny. [Frank and Athena laugh] You can let me go now. Goodbye, Frank.
Frank Walker: Goodbye, Athena.

[Frank drops Athena's body onto the Monitor, where she explodes, destroying the Monitor]


George Clooney – Frank Walker
Hugh Laurie – Governor David Nix
Britt Robertson – Casey Newton
Raffey Cassidy – Athena
Tim McGraw – Eddie Newton
Kathryn Hahn – Ursula
Keegan-Michael Key – Hugo
Chris Bauer – Frank's Dad
Thomas Robinson – Young Frank Walker
Pierce Gagnon – Nate Newton
Matthew MacCaull – Dave Clark
Judy Greer – Jenny Newton
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