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Tony Harrison (born 30 April 1937) is an English poet, playwright and translator whose Yorkshire working-class origins have informed much of his work.


  • Articulation is the tongue-tied’s fighting.
    • "On Not Being Milton", line 13; from From the School of Eloquence, and Other Poems (London: Rex Collings, 1978).
  • This pen's all I have of magic wand.
    • v, line 121 (Newcastle: Bloodaxe, [1985] 1989).
  • The ones we choose to love become our anchor
    when the hawser of the blood-tie's hacked, or frays.
    • v, line 409 (Newcastle: Bloodaxe, [1985] 1989).
  • I have to confess that I felt rather proud
    of the simple device of my suffocating cloud.
    The Prospero of poisons, the Faustus of the front,
    bringing mental magic to modern armament.
    • "Fritz Haber", line 5; from Square Rounds (London: Faber & Faber, 1992).
    • The title character of the poem was responsible for developing chlorine gas as a weapon of war.

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