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Tony Martin

Tony Martin (born 10 June 1964) is a comedian and writer from Te Kuiti, New Zealand who has had a successful TV, radio, stand-up and film career in Australia.

  • I blame that cow Mother Teresa
    • Hamish and Andy (Radio Show).
  • Because I "needed" them for school I had previously extorted a chemistry set, a soldering iron a magnifying glass, a tape recorder, a fountain pen, a Stanley knife, a compass, a torch, a set of oil paints, a speedometer for my bike, some sea monkeys, an Electra set, a halliwell's, a subscription to Weapons and Warfare and a ticket to the opening night of the Hamilton film festival. I'm sure if I'd claimed I needed one for biology she'd have hooked me up with a prostitute.
    • a nest of occasionals (book).
  • Dogs, now they're the real arse bandits!
    • Get This - Radio Show 2006 Triple M Australia. (show discontinued).
  • And here endeth the sizzle
    • Get This - Radio Show 2007 Triple M Australia (show discontinued)
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