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Toopy and Binoo is a 2005 Canadian children's animation television series broadcast by Treehouse TV, Télé Québec and Radio Canada produced by Spectra Animation which has since become Echo Media. It was based upon the children's book Toupie et Binou.


===Gopherville=== bridge hits

[Toopy and Binoo are watching clouds in the sky]
Toopy: Nothing like lying here watching clouds on a sunny summer day. Huh, Binoo? [sighs] You can't beat it. Ahh...
[A gopher pops out of the hole]
Toopy: Huh? Who's that little guy? [off-screen] Hey, little fella, what's ya doing?
[A gopher looks at Toopy]
Toopy: Look, Binoo, [the gopher went back inside the hole] A gopher. [the gopher's not here no more] He's gone.
[Binno looks unhappy]
Toopy: That's okay, we'll see another one, just wait.

Egg Heads[edit]


Tiger Binoo[edit]

[The episode starts when Binoo climbs up the steps of the slide and slides down]
Toopy: [comes outside wearing a hat and holding a black marker and socks] Guess what, today we're going on a tiger chase. I'll be the tiger chaser, and you'll be... hmm... the tiger.
[Binoo jumps up and down for joy]
Toopy: Now come here while I make you a ferocious tiger suit. [draws stripes on Binoo's back] First, you need stripes on your back. [to Binoo] Hey, stay still, Tiger Binoo.
[Toopy draws stripes on the top of Binoo's head]
Toopy: [laughing] Quit wiggling, Binoo. Perfecto! [puts socks on Binoo's ears] Now, the ears. You look just like a tiger!
[Binoo growls and roars like a tiger]

Gone Fishin'[edit]

Baby Toopy[edit]

Toopy: Hi, Binoo! Let's play! You be the baby, and I'll be the mommy. I'm gonna wrap up my little baby Binoo.
[Binoo frowns and looks away]
Toopy: What's wrong? binoo Don't you want to be my little baby way-be? You want me to be the baby?
[Binoo smiles and shakes his head up and down]
Toopy: Okay, here's the blanket, I'll be the baby. And you'll be the mommy and you'll...
[Binoo puts the pacifier in Toopys mouth and Toopy shirks down as a baby and makes noises]

Pet Palace[edit]

Magic Whoosher[edit]

Bistro Binoo[edit]

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