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I think there are pieces of me you've never seen...

Myra Ellen "Tori" Amos (born 22 August 1963) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer.


Years go by
Will I still be waiting
For somebody else to understand.
  • I have been surprised, excited and pleasantly shocked by these comics that are extensions of the songs that I have loved and therefore welcome these amazing stories of pictures and words because they are uncompromisingly inspiring. It shows you thought is a powerful, formidable essence and can have a breathtaking domino effect.
  • That is some funky-fresh, pop lockin' shit.
    • MTV Music Awards, in response to a dance done by Beck; spoken in an unenthusiastic monotone while reading from writing on her hand, and clearly fed to her by writers.
  • If I saw someone destroy a piano I'd fuckin' kill 'em. Wouldn't think twice. [It's] Just defending your best friend!
  • This is very simple in the world of chicks: some are hoochies, some are not, and some should never try to be. It's no different from the idea of sports. Now, I can go on my little rowing machine for four times a week, twenty-two minutes a time, and I can feel as if I flirt with the sporting world. Similar to the idea that a woman can put on something cuter for her man, for those moments, and flirt with garments that a hoochie woman might be pushing. But never for one moment should you get confused. My little rowing machine and I cannot consider ourselves athletes. Wearing the same garment does not a hoochie woman make. So if you are a true hoochie woman, may garments below the navel always be in your future. If you are not, then please don't throw away your cotton zippy jacket.
    • From her book Piece by Piece.
  • ...the most influential journeys I have had have been with Ayahuasca, the vine from the Amazon, the combination of that and mushrooms. They give me the trots and such! It's very much a medicine woman, medicine man's journey drug, where you go inside. It's not a social thing. It's an internal experience. I experiment with things that are usually an internal experience, because that's just what excites me. And yes, it does sometimes give me visions. But my intention when I am doing it is very different than recreational. I don't do it recreationally. I do it to go do inner work, and I'm very clear before I do it what I'm searching for. That way, there's no abuse suffered and I don't rely on it. It's just one more tool that I use sometimes.
  • Yeah, there was a period in the late '80s where I was working with different shaman. Myself and a friend, Beene, would take ayahuasca - but it wouldn't be in the liquid form, it would be a freeze-dried pill - and mushrooms. Some of those trips were eighteen hours long and I'll never forget, once I ended up sitting by the bush trying to ask the flowers why they didn't like me. It's like, Why can't I be your friend? I was crawling out of my skin at that time. In my twenties I was really... I was just losing my mind.
    • Q - May 1998.
  • I love my Saab.
  • I got a Saab Convertible.
    • Interview, Bang Magazine, December 2003.
  • And I started to think about this story that was taking over my car at that moment. "Jamaica Inn" walked into my Saab and she said, "You might not like my story because i'm not gonna tell you how it ends yet, and you need to travel it with me.
    • The Beekeeper DVD
  • Dark Energy. It can be found in the observable Universe. Found in ratios of 75% more than any other substance. Dark Energy. It can be found in religious extremists, in cheerleaders. To come to the conclusion that Dark signifies mean and malevolent would define 75% of the Universe as an evil force. Alternatively, to think that some cheerleaders don't have razors in their snatch is to be foolishly unarmed.
    • American Doll Posse, biography by Pip
  • "Beck's bass player (Justin Meldal-Johnsen) suggested I do a cover of Slayer's 'Raining Blood," she says applying strawberry lip balm with her pinkie. "I was reading about what was going on in Afghanistan--the way women were being oppressed, the destruction of religious statues. And when i heard that song, i just imagined a huge juicy vagina coming out of the sky, raining blood over all those racist, misogynist fuckers."

The Kate Bush Story (2014)[edit]

Quotes of Gaiman from the BBC documentary The Kate Bush Story (2014)
  • Babooshka's just one of those song's you just can't get out of your head, can you? You know, how she just takes a word, and you start seeing images and pictures. To a word that maybe you haven't used … it's "Babooshka" and she's turned that into an emotion, that's just how she's able to use a combination of a word and a combination of a melody and the rhythm of that, and it creates a new language.
  • I just remember pulling aside, I was driving, and I heard it on the radio, in the states — and she didn't really get played a lot in the states, until that song — that really got played — a lot. I remember, I had to pull over, and listen to it, because I'd never heard anything like it.
  • The intention is to tell a story, to create a sonic world for us, a sonic painting, for us to walk into, without having to see her. She's transcending that. She's choosing to transcend that. And that's a very powerful thing to do.


  • And I rode along side
    Till you lost me there
    In the open road
    And I rode along side
    Till the honey spread
    Itself so thin
    For me to break your bread
    For me to take your word
    I had to steal it.
  • You could taste heaven perfectly.
    • "A Sorta Fairytale".
  • An angel's face is tricky to wear constantly.
    • "Purple People (Christmas in Space)".
  • Just what God needs: one more victim.
    Why do we crucify ourselves?
  • Got enough guilt to start my own religion.
    • "Crucify".
  • I've got a cat named Easter; he says, 'Will you ever learn?
    You're just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird.'
    • "Crucify".
  • It was me
    And a gun
    And a man
    On my back
    But I haven't seen Barbados
    so I must get out of this
  • I found the secret to life; I'm okay when everything is not okay
    • "Upside Down".
  • God, sometimes you just don't come through. Do you need a woman to look after you?
    • "God".
  • So if I die today, I'll be the happy phantom,
    And I'll go chasing the nuns out in the yard,
    ...And the atrocities of school I can forgive:
    The happy phantom has no right to bitch.
    • "Happy Phantom".
  • Look, I'm standing naked before you;
    Don't you want more than my sex?
    I can scream as loud as your last one,
    But I can't claim innocence.
    • "Leather".
  • So you can make me cum; that doesn't make you Jesus.
    • "Precious Things".
  • So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts.
    What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?
    Boy, you'd best pray that I bleed real soon --
    How's that thought for you?
  • Years go by
    Will I still be waiting
    For somebody else to understand
    Years go by
    If I'm stripped of my beauty
    And the orange clouds
    Raining in head
    Years go by
    Will I choke on my tears
    Till finally there is nothing left
    One more casualty
    You know we're too easy Easy Easy
    • "Silent All These Years".
  • I can't believe that I would keep, keep you from flying
    And I would cry a thousand more
    if that's what it takes to sail you home.
    • "1000 Oceans".
  • If you know me so well, then tell me which hand I use.
    • "Yes, Anastasia".
  • A man bites into a dry peach and says "This peach is not good;" the peach replies "It is not my fault that you don't know the proper use for a dry peach."
    • A quote from the special inclusions in the sheet music book for her album Under the Pink.
  • Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again.
    • "Little Earthquakes".
  • Nothing's gonna stop me from floating.
    • "Father Lucifer".
  • I have got my rape hat on, honey, but I always could accessorize.
  • You thought that you were the bomb, yes well so did I.
  • Just having thoughts of Marianne, quickest girl in the frying pan.
    • "Marianne".
  • Say a word to the hangman for me, me and my baby.
    • "Little Amsterdam".
  • Is it sweet, your sting?
    • "Sweet the Sting".
  • So she prays for a prankster and lust in the marriage bed
    And he waits till she can give
    And he waits and he waits.
    • "Lust", a song on a couple's healing after trauma.
  • And I fear my fear is greater than my faith
    • "Suede".
  • Driving in my Saab, on my way to Ireland.
    • "Ireland".

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