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Torin's Passage is a graphic adventure game developed and released by Sierra On-Line, designed by Al Lowe in 1995.

Torin Fahrman[edit]

  • I just – I just don't want to live my life without ever having lived my life.
    • Intro
  • Looks like the old boy took the square root pie and split! Hope he doesn't get a "divide by zero" error.
    • The Lands Above
  • And as this one simple shard completes the connection between the formerly distinct spectrum above us, so too therefore may our two worlds be connected by the … uh … peace, and … ah … understanding that … uh … comes from … you know … ah … like that there.
    • Escarpa
  • Wow, Boogle. It looks brown and soft and it smells terrible. We've just got to get some of that!
    • Escarpa
  • Looks like rain approaching … huh! I wonder if Boogle could be an umbrella.
    • Observing Pergola
  • Well, it's nice to see a military-industrial complex with a sense of humor! … Of course, maybe that's why there's no one left around here.
    • Asthenia
  • Let me guess … another console.
    • Asthenia
  • "Warm up"? Did you say "warm up"? It's really not that cold in here.
    • Talking to stage manager
  • No, not the Null Void! (Exactly where I want to go!)
    • Tenebrous
  • Hey Boogle! Let's go.


  • How can you ask for a hint now, when you haven't even taken the time to explore?
    • Pergola
  • [German accent] Vay to go, Arnold! But a fiery, melting death is not a good ending for you in this game.
    • Asthenia
  • The longer you hold down the arrow, the more speed you achieve – don't hurt yourself.
    • The Null Void
  • Press the play button to hear Lycentia … and hear her … and hear her and hear her and ay-yi-yi …
    • The Null Void


  • Why, them worlds is filled with nutsos! Malcontents! Psychos! Politicians!
    • The Guard, The Lands Above
  • Pick a shard – any shard!
    • The Guard, The Lands Above
  • So, what's that thing in your purse?
    • Mrs. Bitternut, Escarpa
  • Don't talk to him, Viscera! He must be up to no good! I don't like him. Besides that, he's ugly.
    • Tripe the Vulture, Escarpa
  • I thank you very much, O tall, slender one.
    • Veder, Escarpa
  • Everyone else is so short and hairy. I was like the Ugly Duckling! Too tall … too thin … hair only on top …
    • Leenah, talking to Torin, Pergola
  • Dat's ee-nuff! Eet's only a ten-meg creestal!
    • R. Kyvist, Tenebrous
  • Ah … I should never've hired his fifteen sisters …
    • The Archer, Tenebrous
  • What's the difference? Wand, shmand! Pull the fancy colored silk over me and let's get wolling!
    • Bags Bunny, Tenebrous
  • What! A magician widdout a silk kerchief? Tor-iiin!
    • Bags Bunny, Tenebrous
  • Heh heh. I'm laughin'.
    • The Stage Manager, Tenebrous


Mrs. Bitternut: And who's that queen of his?
Bobby Bitternut: Di?
Mrs. Bitternut: Yeah! She should!

Queen Di: I said, "Beats me."
King Rupert: Well, I'll consider it!

Sam: The nays have it! Fire at will!
Max: Will? I thought he said his name was Torid!

Torin: What's your name?
Veder: Name? Veder. Is this why you come here? To torment me with unimportant questions? Where are the real questions? The ones aching deep inside you? Who are you? What do you believe? What do you know?
Torin: Actually, I haven't really gotten to those questions yet. My question is more simple.
Veder: Simple-er.
Torin: Huh? Whatever.

Torin: Do you know how to get to the Lands Below?
Veder: Do you know how to help the area below?
Torin: What? I don't understand.
Veder: You'd understand if it was you sitting on this stone tile all day and all night! The parts below? The bottom line? The rear guard?!

Veder: "Uncomfortable" don't cut it! My seat's boiling! My buns are burning! Oy, I need relief!
Torin: Oh, I see.
Veder: Oh no, you don't see! And you won't, 'cause I'm not showing it to anybody!

Torin: Your majesty, I think this tile is part of something important!
King Rupert: You're right! It's part of my floor!

Smetana: You seem to be a kinder, gentler giant, not like some giants we know. I wonder if you could help us with a problem.
Torin: But of course. You need some logs moved? Rocks realigned? (Villages trampled?)

Torin: I must go on.
Leenah (at the same time): I must go back.
Both: You're right …

Torin: We've gotta leave immediately. We have to begin our search for a phenocryst.
Smetana: Oh, no need. I know right where one is. But it's pretty far away!
Torin: What? I can't believe it! Does it work?
Smetana: Well … it might. You see, it hasn't been used in some time.
Torin: Somehow, I could have guessed that.

Pecand: Let's just say if you'll do a small favor for me, I'll do a large favor for you.
Lycentia: And just what would that small favor be?
Pecand: Nothing much, just a little magic spell …

Torin: So … it's silkworms I seek?
Ms. Plant: Yes, Mister Short-Term Memory Loss!

R. Kyvist: Oh, you wouldn't want to [meet Lycentia]. When I met her, I found her quite rude.
Torin: Rude?! She's more than rude! She's unscrupulous, ruthless, unconscionable, unethical, unprincipled, she's …
R. Kyvist: Woah. Calm down.

Torin: What do you mean, "can't get to her"? I've survived capture in the jungle, vicious vultures, stinking skunks, lava, snails, slugs, you name it! Of course I'll get to her!
R. Kyvist: Very impressive. What eez dat accent?

Torin: The Null Void? I've got do go after her!
R. Kyvist: Dat will be a problem.

Torin: I'm looking for a sorceress …
Carpenter: I ain't her.

Torin: Do you know Lycentia?
Carpenter: No, ya didn't.
Torin: Huh?
Carpenter: You didn't send me, the union hall sent me.

Torin: Have you seen this saw player?
Carpenter: No, the only saw I saw is the saw I saw with.
Torin (thinking): I think we all "saw" that one coming.

Torin: Hi there.
Bags: What a fool I've been!
Torin: You seem unhappy.
Bags: He almost killed me! I'm never gonna work for him again!
Torin: I'm looking for an evil sorceress named Lycentia.
Bags: He nearly killed me!
Torin: Does she live around here?
Bags: Not to mention twice yesterday!
Torin: Is that a "no"?
Bags: He was lucky to have somebody like me!
Torin: You're not really paying attention to me, are you?
Bags: Someone with quick reflexes!
Torin: Should I leave?
Bags: His body count would be even higher!
Torin: Well, it's been nice talking … at you.

Zippy: Now, are you going to start this relationship off on a sour note?
Bags: Aww, just step aside and I'll do the tricks!
Zippy: Silly rabbit, tricks are for magicians.

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