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I'm the epitome of the all-american good girl.

Torrie Anne Wilson, (July 24, 1975) is an American professional wrestler, model, fitness competitor and actress. She is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, previously the World Wrestling Federation).


WWE Hall of Fame induction (2019)[edit]

Complete 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony live coverage

  • For two weeks I get distressed and for two weeks I eat, process cheese, chocolate moose, cherry pie whatever my grandma had in her refrigerator. And then were back in school standing outside all by myself and here comes "Mr Suave", really tried to work myself off like ok dont be that weird shy girl like play it cool and right when he gets next to me he says, ¡whats up fatto, what happened to you? and then he chases me around the playground yelling fatto, fatto. Alright the walk home from school that day was the most mordfiying walk I ever had on my life, felt like such a loser and I cry my eyes out, I got home locked myself in my room all day long and all I kept thinking was oh my god! Im such a loser like I dont wanna be that girl, I dont wanna be that shy, weird fatto, like I dont wanna be that girl, and I made a vow right there that Terry was gonna eat his damn words.
    • Wilson talking about an anecdote from 1984 about a boy who asked to be her boyfriend.
  • The thing is, all of us think that fear is just a thing you choose to overcome but its not, all of us face it in some way you dont have to be on a stage whether is parenting, running a business, speaking out on something you believe in, it can scare us all.
  • Fear only has one enemy and that is a confident persona.
  • Permission is for pansies, we dont need anyones permission to be who we are, and we dont need permission to be who we wanna be.
  • I didnt asked the guy who said "Torrie Wilson doesnt belong in the WWE Hall of Fame" if he thought it was okay if I still came anyway. And I didn't ask the guy that was up there booing me telling me I suck if he deemed me worthy of lacing up my wrestling boots and giving it a try the next night. Because neither would've said yes but neither one was the one stepping in this ring."
  • My intention was to show up for you guys the fans, and to play the role, to play the role of who I really wish I could be outside of the ring, a strong confident women who is unnafraid of failing, unnafraid of being sexy, who knows who she is and to be quite honest to know she is a badass whether anyone else believes it or not.
  • If you wanna have that confident persona, the one that you guys taught me, you gotta forget the failure.
  • Now I just want you guys to remember that not everything is as it seems and that fear is an enemy that affects all of us in some way but when you are willing to remember that permission is for pansies, to summon your swagger, and to forget the failure, you can win your match against fear anytime.
  • I just want to thank you for letting me be a little small part of your life and for many of you guys, a part of your puberty.

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