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Totally Spies! is an animated television series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. The show was made to resemble anime in artwork and was originally based on the concept of a girl group. It focuses on three teenage girls in Beverly Hills, California, United States, who work as undercover super agents.


  • You'll never get away with your crazy scheme. By the way, what is your crazy scheme?
  • [to the evil beach bunnies trying to restrain her] Let go of me, you silicon-enhanced freaks!
  • [after beheading a spy-droid] Not a good time to lose your head.


  • [as the girls are tied up, about to be zapped by an aging ray] We have got to get out of here. I am too young to be old.
  • [after the girls are sucked through the tunnel to headquarters] Jerry, would it kill ya' to send a limo, just once?
  • Lumiere thinks he's nimble, Lumiere thinks he's quick, Lumiere just got busted by three tough chicks.
  • [after destroying a spy-droid's ankles] Someone has to take the fall.


  • [holding Sparky] But look at how cozy and fuzzy and cuddly and nuzzly he is.
  • [to the kitten, gasping, feeling sorry for it, as the kitten cries in pain] You poor baby. We didn't mean to hurt your fuzzy, little ears with our evil siren. [turns The Silent Siren Tracking Device off. The kitten stops crying in pain. He looks at Sam. Alex takes the kitten from Sam and cuddles it]
  • [to the kitten, gasping, untying Sam, after the kitten has bitten the Silent Siren Tracking Device in half] You poor baby. [picks up the kitten] Thanks, kitty. We totally owe you. [kisses the kitten, making it happy]
  • [to Sam, about Oinky] Oh, but he could find truffles for us, and he's cleaner than a dog, and he's so cute!


Clover: Since I have sworn off boys, I have tons of free time. Last night, I completely reorganized my handbag closet.
Sam: You have a handbag closet?
Clover: I told you, I have tons of free time.

Clover: [as the girls are tangled in seaweed while making a getaway] Now I know what sushi feels like.
[the girls get trapped in a net]
Clover: And this must be what cooked sushi feels like.
Alex: I think they just call that seafood.
Clover: Whatever.

Sam: She's putting her sweat into the cologne.
Alex: So, it's her sweat that keeps these guys possessed?
Clover: That's genius! I mean, that's sick.

Alex: [as the girls are tied up, being buried in sand] Clover, can you move your hand? The reflection off Mandie's ring is melting my face.
Sam: Alex, that's it!
Alex: What's it? Melting my face?

Sam: Time to go to Plan B!
Clover: Do we even HAVE a Plan B?

Sam: We've got a villain to catch.
Clover: Yeah and we also have one to save.

Clover: You won't believe the stunt Chris pulled this time!
Sam: Let me guess. he only called you eight times yesterday to say he loved you instead of the standard ten?

Jerry: [after summoning the girls to headquarters from a sauna] Sorry to interrupt your conversation just as things were "heating up".
Clover: Not funny much.


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