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Tower Prep (2010) is an American drama on Cartoon Network about a group of teens with special abilities stuck at a top secret prep school with no way to escape.

Season 1[edit]

New Kid [1.1][edit]

Mrs. Archer: That doesn't mean you and that temper of yours have to charge in swinging.
Ian Archer: So I'm supposed to watch him push around other kids and do nothing?
Mr. Archer: No. You tell a teacher or you tell us.
Ian Archer: Are you telling me to change who I am?
Mrs. Archer: You haven't even begun to realize who you are.

Mr. Archer: [About Ian's loud music] You want to turn that down, please?
Ian Archer: Not really.
Mr. Archer: Ian! Headphones! Please!

Ian Archer: So. Headmaster. Is that it? Just one name, like Pink, Rhianna?
'Headmaster: Staff here are addressed by their titles. Science, Math. I think you already met Coach. Keeps things simple, yet respectful.

Ian Archer: What are those things? Guards?
Suki Sato: Possibly. No one's ever come back to say.
Gabe Forrest: We call them Gnomes,'cause we don't like to think about what they really might be.

Ian Archer: I was talking online to that Whisper voice, then I heard this...buzzing in my headphones, and then I wound up here.
Gabe Forrest: I can beat that. I was leaving a meeting with my parole officer, and um...
Ian Archer: Wow. What'd you do?
Gabe Forrest: ...Misunderstanding. Anyway, I got into the elevator, and all of a sudden that, that buzzing sound started drowning out the music, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in class listening to a lecture on Pre-Columbian History. In German.

C.J. Ward: Headmaster didn't appreciate your message.
Ian Archer: Well, we're even. I don't appreciate his school.

Monitored [1.2][edit]

Girl #1: Hey, Ian! Know what we just heard? That Gnome helmet they found on the flagpole took ten guys to get it off its head.
Ian Archer: Yeah, I heard they were sending it over to Area 51 for reverse engineering. Hey girls, you know I'd love to stay and hang with you right now, but I'm meeting Coach in, like, five, and there's no way you can keep up with

Chelsea Sloan: The man said power through!

Whisper [1.3][edit]

Ian Archer: You knew Whisper 23 was about to harm us. You caused the power surge to protect us. Thank You Whisper.

Suki Sato: In order to reboot Whisper 119, we need to trip these switches simultaneously. Ready? I'll count to three.
Gabe Forest: Great... W-w-w-wait! One, two go, or one two three go?
Suki Sato: Gabe!
Gabe Forest: You're right, just say now.

Whisper 119: Ian, where did you find this component?
Gabe Forest: Okay, you know what? Whisper! It's not a big deal okay, Headmaster told us we should use it for an art project!
Whisper 119: Sorry Gabriel. Your Hypersuasion skills are ineffective on me.
Gabe Forrest: Okay, you know what, for the last time, Whisper my name is Gabe, never Gabriel, okay I don't go around calling you Whisp!

Buffer [1.4][edit]

CJ Ward: Too bad. Everything I've learned in life I've learned from Buffer.
Gabe Forrest: Ha! Everything I've learned in life comes from begging people not to beat me up.

Ian Archer: Yeah, we got into this thing out in the woods. Cal and three of his buddies. Then the gnomes showed up and chased them off.
Gabe Forest: Cal Rice fought off the gnomes?
Ian Archer: How does got chased off get turned into fought off?

The Rooks [1.5][edit]

Ian Archer: What are Rooks?
Gabe Forrest: What are Rooks! Only the most slammin' fraternity at Tower Prep! Only the coolest of the cool are tapped to join. I'm tellin' you, the Rooks are sick! Wait, you said they were in our dorm?
Ian Archer: Yeah.
Gabe Forrest: Oh my God, they were probably trying to find me to come tap me in!

Gabe Forest: What are you doing?
Ian Archer: What am I doing, what are you doing? You look like Velma from Scooby Doo!


Main characters[edit]

Tower Prep staff[edit]

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Peggy Jo Jacobs - Whisper 119-
  • Richard Harmon - Ray Snider
  • Izaak Smith - Calvin "Cal" Rice
  • Andrew Dunbar - Conner Owens
  • David Smith, Matthew Thiessen - Cornelius Augustus Tower
  • Terry Chen - Shinji Sato

Minor characters[edit]

  • Calum WorthyDon Finch
  • Charlie Carrick - Fenton Capwell
  • Jodi Balfour - Emily Wright
  • Jeffrey Ballard - Emerson Poencet
  • Jarod JosephHoward Gilmore (Jarod Joseph) -
  • Kacey Rohl - Ross Anderson
  • The Broken
  • Peggy Jo Jacobs - Whisper 120'

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