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Tower of London is a 1962 film about Richard III who is haunted by the ghosts of those he has murdered in his attempt to become the King of England.

Directed by Roger Corman. Written by Robert E. Kent, Leo Gordon, and F. Amos Powell.
Half Man...Half Demon... He Turned a Nation into a Chamber of Horrors!  (taglines)


  • Narrator: The Tower of London - a monument to the corruption of the soul, wherein the shadowed past a man gained the throne of England despite the insane ambition that drove him to evil and murder. He escaped the headsman's block but he could never escape the ghosts of his conscience. It is the night of April ninth in the year fourteen eighty three, the night that Edward IV, King of England, will die. Rumours that the King is on his deathbed have filled London and the people await the booming of the cannon on the battlements, for this will be the signal that Edward IV is no more.
  • Queen': You have executed a most trusted woman of this court without trial. You say that your motives are honorable? Those that suspect treason in others, should first look into their own hearts for loyalty.


Richard's mother: I brought this curse upon this house when my womb concieved you... Better I should have died in my labor... and never unleashed your evil... upon this Earth.
Richard of Gloucester: You talk of evil... You, who gave me deformity in form of a twisted spine and a withered, arm. Who possesses the greater evil my mother? You who made me this way, or I who have to bare it!

Richard of Gloucester: Mistress Shore is dead... As Protector of the Realm, I can not tolerate treachery to the Crown... Mistress Shore has been executed for such treachery.
Queen: There was no more faithful woman in the castle.
Richard of Gloucester: I had always thought that myself your Majesty, but when she admitted her crime, I had no choice.


  • Do you have the courage to spend 83 minutes in the Tower of London?
  • Mother England meets Father Terror!
  • Half Man...Half Demon... He Turned a Nation into a Chamber of Horrors!
  • Don't come alone
  • You'll need someone to hang onto when you come face to face with the blood-chilling terrors in the tower!


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