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Transformers: Cybertron is one of several animated television infomercial series marketing the Transformers toy line to children.


Hot Shot: "I can't believe this, Jetfire. I can't believe we're abandoning Cybertron."
Jetfire: "You can't think like that, Hot Shot. We'll come back and beat this thing."
Hot Shot: "But how? Hey, now what's it doing? Look out!"
Starscream: "Target practice!"

—Opening dialog of the first episode of the series. Apparently, showing things blowing up is more important than conveying what the hell is happening.

Bud Hansen: "Lori, Lori. When life gives you lemons... Make orange soda!"
Lori: "Orange... soda?"

—Bud hilariously mangles a classic phrase.

Thundercracker: (After his airstrike misses Landmine) "Oh, man! That was a waste of perfectly good missiles! I'll get him this time!"
Optimus Prime: "I hope you don't mind if I butt in!" (rams Thundercracker)
Thundercracker: "Where the heck did he come from?!"

—Optimus makes a dramatic entrance

Optimus Prime: (After appearing in Super Mode, completely unharmed by Thundercracker's missiles) "That was your best shot, Thundercracker? That's just sad." *brings his heavy cannons to firing position* "Here's mine."
Thundercracker: "How's this?!" *Angrily fires off another missile volley*
Optimus Prime: "Gee, nice fireworks." *shoots the missiles, blowing them up in Thundercracker's face and sending him flying* "Decepticon in the corner pocket!"

—Thus begins the practice of Thundercracker channeling the spirit of Waspinator.


[The kids and the Autobots are examining the proposed blueprints.]
Scattorshot: "Looks like we got everything."
Lori: "What? Are you serious? I just think you could use a more efficient design, that's all."
Scattorshot: "So, what's wrong?"
Lori: "Are you kidding? There's no workflow, no ventilation, and if you haven't noticed, there aren't even any bathrooms! You gotta work smarter, not harder. That's my dad's first rule of business. Catch my drift? You should organize everything around a central hub, with easy access to all the other work areas."

Coby: "Hey, ahh, Hot Shot? How come you use a crystal oscillator?"
Hot Shot: "That's, uh, kinda technical..."
Coby: "'Cause, I just thought that a phase-locked loop would be, ah, much more stable."
Hot Shot: "Hmm. [Pause.] Hey, uh, how would you like to help me set up the transmitter?"
Coby: "You got it!"

Bud: "You need to shoot out of here at top speed, just like a catapult!"
Jetfire: "A catapult?"
Jolt: "Humans use them to launch planes off ships."
Bud: "All you have to do is step on the platform, and then—blam! You're in the stratosphere!"
Jetfire: "Look kid, I don't know what the heck..."
Scattorshot: "No, Jetfire, I think the kid's got the right idea."
Jetfire: "What idea?!"
Scattorshot: "The catapult thing! You could reach maximum velocity before you leave the base! Without using extra energon."
Jetfire: "Really? Well, why didn't you say that in the first place?"
Bud and Jolt: "We did!"

"Hey, good job, you guys! This totally looks like a real secret headquarters!"
"Gee, maybe 'cause it is one!"

Bud and Hot Shot

Scattorshot: "Okay, nobody panic, it's probably just a glitch."
All: "Huh?!"
Scattorshot: "Just let me tie this down here... gimme a second... adjusting frequency..."
[Two blips are approaching Earth.]
Coby: "What is that?"
Scattorshot: "Hang on! Let me see if I can boost the resolution. They're still pretty far away."
[The screen reveals the blips are Megatron and Starscream.]
Scattorshot: "Oh no."
Hot Shot: "Hmm?!"
Scattorshot: "Now you can panic!"


Vector Prime holds grudges

"Okay, stealth-beam coating is completed on A Block, B Block, and C Block. And now it's all up to Overhaul... We are so doomed!"

Scattorshot's faith in his teammate warms the heart, doesn't it?

"We made it!"
"Yeah, I knew we would."

Lori and Scattershot, who's a big ol' fibber.


"But... I never got a chance to ask him where I could get one of those."

—The friendly neighborhood police officer, after Coby makes his getaway in one of those supercool cars.

"I'm supposed to do this all day long?"
"Either that, or go home and get sucked into a black hole."
"That's a good point."

Signal Lancer and Lori discuss the upside of being a traffic light.

"That's way better than a square dance for cars in a parking lot!"
"Ha! Shows what you know! They were break-dancing!"

Lori and Coby

"Unidentified flying object? Is it an Autobot or a Decepticon? Can you tell who it is?"
"Just a second... good guy, bad guy, good guy, bad guy... bad guy! It's Thundercracker!"

Jetfire and Scattorshot

"You're a stone-cold fool, Jetfire."
"Coming from you, that's a compliment."
"Tell you what. Here's another little something coming from me!"
[Launches missiles.]

Thundercracker and Jetfire

"You're nothing better than a common thief."
"Soon enough I'll be ruler of the Universe! I care not what vermin like you think of me."

Optimus Prime and Megatron

Creepy superior officer: It's classified. Top secret. If you tell anyone, the only flying you'll do... is at an amusement park. Got it?
Air Force pilot: Yes sir. But, what was that thing, anyway?
Creepy superior officer: It's classified. Top secret.
Air Force pilot: Yes sir. I know. But, what was that thing, anyway?
Creepy superior officer: It was nothing at all, pilot, understand?
Air Force pilot: Yes sir! I do.

—Ow, ow, Energon flashback! Ow!

"I'm going to teach you guys all the traffic laws. We're going to start with traffic lights, okay? So, what do you do when you see this color?"
[Green light.]
"You go!"
"And this color?"
[Red light.]
"You go less!"
"Very funny. Come on..."

Lori and assorted unnamed Autobots


"You know the drill."

Menasor charging his drill arm to attack Metroplex

"Your team is great, Optimus Prime! They can follow your orders before you give 'em!"


"Oh, I get it. Inside that hard metal shell, he's a great big softie!"
"The only thing left that's hurt are his feelings!"

Evac and Quickmix, on Landmine

"So, how many times have we had this battle? Yes, a classic battle of good versus better."


"Wing Saber, stop this pursuit, that's an order!"
"In all the years you've known me: have I ever followed orders?"

Optimus Prime and Wing Saber

"For once, finding one of these was a piece of cake."
[Cue huge explosion that destroys proverbial cake.]
"Me and my big mouth."

Landmine having a cartoony moment

"Sheer arrogance! Do you honestly think the Autobots fight these battles for you, Optimus? ... We are here, all of us, because we want to save our homes and put an end to Galvatron's evil! ... Because of you we fight together as a team! Every single leader throughout history worried about the welfare of his forces when they went into battle, Optimus! But you must trust them to do their duty!"

Vector Prime

"It's Landmine!"
"And then some."

Override and Evac

"What a relief, I'm so glad that I don't have to stare at Landmine's gigantic caboose anymore."

Wing Saber making an off-color remark about Landmine

"You've got quite the right hook, by the way."
"Remember that, and don't make me use it again."

Optimus Prime and Vector Prime

Season 4[edit]

Showdown [4.7][edit]

"Spare me your lectures! You know nothing of power!"
"Do you know what real power is?"
"Get to the point."
"True simple determination! Making the impossible possible through sheer FORCE OF WILL!"
[Starscream releases a wave of force that makes Galvatron flinch and knocks the Autobots out of the sky]
"I have risked everything in pursuit of this power! I have given myself over to it, body and spark! Now witness...the power of one who has SACRIFICED EVERYTHING!"
"Ha! If you believe that... then you're a bigger fool than I thought! Witness the power of one who risks NOTHING!"

Starscream and Galvatron, with the former revealing himself as a supporter of BURNING JUSTICE.

"Enough magic tricks! Time for some hardware!"

-Galvatron, displaying his hatred of BURNING JUSTICE (or Starscream).

"From what I hear, they're pretty lame as fighters! Maybe they want to challenge us to a dance competition, or a poetry slam!"
"And maybe you ought to leave the comedy to the professionals!"

Jetfire's humor escapes Sideways.

"Thus endeth the reign of Galvatron!"
"How can this be... am I... to be defeated... by Starscream?!"

Starscream forces Galvatron to contemplate the unthinkable.

"I'll get it. Save yourself!"
"No way, brother. We're in this together."

Sideways and Soundwave face their last moment together

"You see, Starscream, when you risk everything in the pursuit of power, you could wind up with nothing. That's why I never risk anything."

Galvatron on Starscream's idea of power.


"At this rate, they'll beat us by attrition!"
"Addition? Dude, what's with the math? Just keep shooting!"

Red Alert again proves that Hot Shot isn't the brightest 'bot in the Autobot ranks.

"As I travelled through the timestream, into what you would call the future, I came upon an impassible barrier. Such things are not uncommon...all great events leave their mark upon the timestream. But as I peered through this barrier... I saw nothing beyond. Only emptiness. And I recognized the black hole for what it truly was. The end of time."

Vector Prime, revealing the true magnitude of the black hole's threat.

"Every single thing in the cosmos has a fixed life. Galaxies, planets, humans, Transformers... I alone have stood outside the reach of time, watching, ever vigilant, as the millennium marched past. I have seen oceans rise, continents shift and mountains crumble. I have seen brother rise against brother, and the decimation it leaves behind. And always the great cycle continues, as new life rises from the ashes of destruction. Now after eons of watching, I too have become part of the cycle, starting a new life with purpose and meaning, and though that life might end, I know now I will never die."

Vector Prime, on the cyclical nature of time.

"Vector Prime has always lived outside of time. For that reason, Vector Prime will always exist, as long as time itself exists, but we will never see him again. But I know he'll be there, watching over us."

Jolt, clarifying Vector Prime's "death".

"We won't be able to ever see him again, but he'll always be with us in our hearts."


"After eons of watching, I began a new life, with purpose and meaning. And though that life now ends, I know that in the hearts of these friends I have made, I shall live forever. Farewell, Bud, the future is my gift to you."

Vector Prime's final words (in the linear timestream).

"Farewell, my friend."

Optimus Prime paying his last respects

"I finally understand the true value of time, for it is the bonds between us that give time its meaning."

Vector Prime's epiphany.


"The peace of one planet will become the peace over the universe. And the peace of the universe will become the peace over all universes. 'Til all are one."

Primus after Scourge has his epiphany

"Get hip to this, daddy-o. This universe doesn't belong to you. Stay cool, man. My friends and I may have done some things you consider bad, but we're here to help this time. See, we don't like anyone, Decepticons or Autobots, trying to take away our freedom. We cool? Can you dig it?"
"I know, I can barely understand him myself, but he's agreed to help."
"And it's a gas!"

Lugnutz joins the party, and with Evac providing translation


Brimstone: It's rodeo time!
Thunderblast: Did you just compare me to a cow?!
Undermine: Actually, a bull, but...
Thunderblast: A BOY cow?! I'm a BOY COW to you?!
Undermine: If the udder fits...
Thunderblast: You're asking for it! A girl gets a little bigger and they call her a cow...

—Thunderblast discovers the drawbacks of size increasing.

[Thundercracker fires off ream after ream of missiles]
"Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot..."
[notices a stream of Autobot fire heading right for him, and that he's out of missiles]

Thundercracker just can't win.

"You kids are going to ruin my bad reputation!"



Galvatron has an "oh, crap" moment right as all five leaders shoot him.

"This is your destiny. Reach out...and save the future."

Vector Prime, pulling a Ben Kenobi. Or a Yoda.

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