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Transformers: The Game is a videogame based on the Transformers 2007 live-action film. The game allows the player to choose to play as the Heroic Autobots or the Evil Decepticons.


Optimus Prime[edit]

  • [Opening narration] Our world, our once proud race, was torn apart by war. Two factions rose and fought for that which gave us life, the AllSpark. We, the Autobots, who are sworn to protect it, and those who desire its power for evil, the Decepticons. For centuries it has remained hidden. But now the safeguarding of the AllSpark has brought us here. This world will not be ready for our war, our warriors, but we have come. Our fates and the future of this world shall be decided here. One shall stand, one shall fall.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator after he arrives on Earth] Bumblebee, this is Prime. Our connection to the AllSpark is located somewhere within that human settlement. Discover what you can and report back to me. [Decepticon drones appear] Decepticons! Find a form. [Bumblebee scans a second-generation Chevrolet Camaro and transforms into his new alternate mode] Stop the Decepticons before they find the connection to the AllSpark. Stop them at all cost.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator after defeating the Decepticon drones] The Decepticons have found a Transformer code linked to Megatron. It is currently in possession of a human named Sam Witwicky. We must reach him before the Decepticons.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator to find Sam] Get to the residence of Sam Witwicky. If he has the artifact then you'll have to reach him before the Decepticons do.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator after finding Sam Witwicky] It's up to you to protect Sam Witwicky and the artifact from the Decepticons. Head for the high school and keep a close watch on him. Remain vigilant.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator while fighting Barricade] Bumblebee, you must hold off Barricade while Sam and Mikaela escape.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator after defeating Barricade] Bumblebee, good work finding the human. He has the artifact that will lead us to the AllSpark. You must protect him at all cost.
  • [to Sam and Mikaela] My name is Optimus Prime and we need your help.
  • [after hearing passing helicopters] Transform and roll out!
  • [to Ironhide through communicator] Ironhide, get to Jazz! He's been cornered by Sector 7!
  • [fighting Shockwave] Shockwave. I've got to take him out, before he levels the city.
  • [fighting Shockwave] I can't let him get away.
  • [fighting Shockwave] You'll not cause any more destruction, Decepticon. [referring to Shockwave]
  • [fighting Shockwave] Nothing will stand my way.
  • [discovering Starscream while decoding Shockwave's transmissions] Starscream. [to Ratchet and Jazz] Our mission now is clear! Locate the AllSpark and find Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela! Autobots, transform and roll out!
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator inside Hoover Dam] Glad to have you back in action, Bumblebee. It seems that the AllSpark is watching over you. Head to the beacon for your mission objective.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator after he finds Megatron frozen inside Hoover Dam] Megatron! Bumblebee, you must prevent him from acquiring the AllSpark! Our fate, the fate of all Autobots, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands! I know you won't fail us.
  • [to Ironhide through communicator] We have lost contact with Bumblebee and the AllSpark. Investigate immediately.
  • [to Ironhide through communicator] The AllSpark's large amounts of power surges have created large amounts of drones. They must be defeated before they destroy Bumblebee.
  • [to Jazz through communicator] Starscream! Take him out!
  • [to Jazz through communicator] Blackout has joined the battle. Be careful, Jazz.
  • [to Ironhide through communicator] Ironhide, Brawl has Jazz pinned down. Get to him before it's too late!
  • [to Ironhide through communicator] Take down Brawl. Avenge our comrade [referring to Jazz].
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator] We've got the Decepticons on the back pedal, and need to press our advantage. Bumblebee, find Barricade and make sure he can't rally the remaining Decepticons.
  • [to Bumblebee through communicator] The AllSpark must not fall into Decepticon hands, or this planet will share the same fate as Cybertron! You must defeat Barricade.
  • [fighting Megatron] This ends here!
  • [fighting Megatron] This has to end here, Megatron.
  • [fighting Megatron] Now, you will pay for your crimes on Cybertron.
  • [fighting Megatron] Get back here, and face justice for all that you've destroyed!
  • [fighting Megatron] You won't escape justice this time.
  • [Closing lines] For now, the Decepticons are defeated. And though it came at heavy cost, fate has yielded an unexpected benefit: a new world to call home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, protecting them. For freedom is the right of all sentient beings.


  • [to Optimus after being cornered by Sector 7] Optimus, this is Jazz. I've been cornered.
  • [to Optimus through communicator] Optimus, we've got to rescue Bumblebee before he's taken away by Sector 7!
  • [fighting dreadwing drone,then laughs] *laughs* If I were you I woulda call for backup too!
  • [fighting dreadwing drone] Sorry,Decepticon.But there is only won for two to tango here.
  • [after defeating Starcream and Blackout] I just took out two of them! [laughs] [Brawl appears behind him] Uh-- but number three might be a problem. How quick can you get here?


  • [to Jazz when asked if he can lend some support] Sit tight, soldier. I'm on my way.
  • [rescuing Jazz] Hang in there, Jazz. I'm comin'
  • [after rescuing Jazz from Sector 7] Get outta here, Jazz! I can handle this!
  • [witnessing Brawl killing Jazz] Jazz! NOOOOOOOO!
  • [to Brawl] Your death will be slow.


[Sam and Mikaela get out of the school, Barricade attacks Sam and Mikaela but Bumblebee saves them]
Sam Witwicky: That's my... car?
Mikaela Banes: Oh, where can I get one like that?
[Bumblebee hints Sam and Mikaela to run away]
Sam Witwicky: He's buying us time. Come on, run!
[after Bumblebee defeats Barricade]
Sam Witwicky: You saved us. What on Earth are you?
Mikaela Banes: I don't think he's from Earth.
Same Witwicky: Whoa, whatever you are, you saved our butts back there. Thanks.
Optimus Prime: [through communicator] Bumblebee, good work finding the human. He has the artifact that will lead us to the AllSpark. You must protect him at all cost.
[The Autobots meet Sam and Mikaela]
Sam Witwicky: I'm--uh, I'm Sam.
Mikaela Banes: I'm Mikaela.
Optimus Prime: My name is Optimus Prime and we need your help.
[Sam gives Optimus the glasses]
Sam Witwicky: So, why do you need these glasses, Optimus?
Optimus Prime: We believe they have etched with a code. A key to the location of the Allspark.
Mikaela Banes: AllSpark?
Optimus Prime: AllSpark is our lifeforce, the source from which all Transformers originate.
Sam Witwicky: Why would that be in my grandfather's glasses?
Ratchet: Because many years ago, he discovered our nemesis, Megatron, trapped in the Artic. Megatron burned the information into these lenses, assuming that the Decepticons would be able to them.
Mikaela Banes: So, frozen nemesis, magic glasses and robot lifeforce, I get all that. But what I'm still struggling with is why Super-Scout [referring to Bumblebee] over here disguised himself as such a beater. [Bumblebee scans a Fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and transforms into his new alternate mode] Now, that's a car!
Ratchet: Helicopters inbound!
Optimus Prime: Transform and roll out!
[Autobots transform, Jazz drives away a helicopter]
Optimus Prime: Jazz, draw the attention away from Sam and Mikaela.
[Sector 7 agents corner Jazz]
Jazz: Optimus, this is Jazz. I've been cornered!
Optimus Prime: Can you escape without excessive force?
Jazz: That would be a negative. Ironhide, can you lend some some support?
Ironhide: Sit tight, soldier. I'm on my way.
Ironhide: [encountering Sector 7 helicopters] Optimus, Bumblebee is in danger! He is being pursued along with the young human!
Optimus Prime: [through communicator] Ironhide, I want you to search the area for any other Decepticons. Leave Bumblebee and the humans to me.
Optimus Prime: [grabs to help Bumblebee but Shockwave shakes him by passing] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Optimus Prime: I've failed you, my friend, but I won't be able to run.
Starscream: [through communicator] Shockwave come in. Megatron has been located.
Optimus Prime: Starscream...
Starscream: [through communicator] Shockwave come in.
Optimus Prime: Our mission now, is clear. Locate the AllSpark and find Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela. Autobots. Transform and roll out.

[Autobots transform and roll out]

[Bumblebee recovers the Allspark and saves Sam and Mikaela]
Sam Witwicky: Oh man, oh it's good to see you again are you alright?
[Bumblebee protects Sam and Mikaela from a blast from the reawakened Megatron, Bumblebee transforms into alt-mode and escapes with Sam and Mikaela]
Megatron: Decepticons, your leader has returned. Rally to me! We shall destroy the pathetic Autobots once and for all!
Starscream: You won't get away this time, there's nowhere for you to run!
Jazz: Run? From you!? [grabs a pole and throws it to Starscream, who evades it by transforming into his alt-mode] I'll be in this fight to the end!
Starscream: That will be sooner than you think!
Jazz: [after defeating Starscream and Blackout] I just took out two of them. [laughs]
Jazz: [witnesses Brawl] Uuuuh. But number three might be a problem. How could you get here?
Ironhide: [witnessing Brawl killing Jazz] Jazz! NOOOOOOO!
Brawl: [Tosses Jazz's corpse aside] I love how you Autobots die.
Ironhide: Your death will be slow.
[after Bumblebee defeats Barricade again]
Mikaela Banes: You did it, Bumblebee!
Sam Witwicky: This is insane.
[Megatron appears behind Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela. Bumblebee tries to protect Sam and Mikaela.]
Megatron: [laughs] This is what stands between me and the AllSpark!? [blasts Bumblebee away]
Sam Witwicky: Bumblebee!
Megatron: Give me what is mine! Give me the AllSpark!
[Sam and Mikaela run away]
[Megatron finds Sam and Mikaela]
Mikaela Banes: Sam, run! Don't let him get the AllSpark!
[Optimus punches Megatron]
Megatron: Prime!
Optimus Prime: This ends here!
[Optimus and Megatron charge to each other]
[the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron]
Optimus Prime: This has to end here, Megatron.
Megatron: Heroic words, Optimus. So fitting that they shall be your last.



  • [to Blackout through communicator] It's time to present yourself to the humans' military base, Blackout. Show them a proper Decepticon welcome.
  • [to Blackout through communicator] I have detected communication arrays near your location. Engage to the beacon and deploy Scorponok to take care of it.
  • [to Scorponok through communicator] The humans acquired the transmitted distress signal using mobile communication vehicles. Hunt them down. Hunt them down and destroy them all!
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Barricade, it seems we are not the only Transformers here. Go investigate.
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Autobot drones! Turn them into scrap metal!
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Head to the power station and see if you can find Frenzy.
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Crush the spark out of that scrap heap [referring to Bumblebee].
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Head for the police station and gather information, as to the whereabouts of this Sam Witwicky.
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Is that Auto-trash? Bumblebee?! Destroy him!
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Don't let him escape!!!
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Obliterate that junk-pile!!
  • [after destroying a military base] Ah, I just love a smoking ruin, especially one I created. Decepticons, this is Starscream. Make to the rendezvous point. The AllSpark will soon be ours.


  • [deploying Scorponok] Hunt and destroy.
  • [to Ironhide] The AllSpark is mine, Ironhide.
  • [to Ironhide] You'll never defeat us, Autobot. You're doomed to destruction.
  • [to Ironhide] I will crush you, and then lay waste to this insignificant world.


  • [pursuing Bumblebee] Can't run forever, Autobot!
  • [to Megatron] Lord Megatron, I have infiltrated the city. The human appears to have fled to this location with the AllSpark.
  • [to Jazz] Step aside, Autobot. The AllSpark belongs to Megatron. I will exterminate the humans and claim it now.


  • [to Starscream and Blackout after being freed from Hoover Dam] Rise, Decepticons. We have much to do.
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Get to the beacon and retrieve the AllSpark!
  • [to Barricade through communicator] Break him [referring to Jazz] to pieces. Claim the AllSpark for your Lord Megatron!
  • [to Scorponok through communicator] The AllSpark is emanating massive waves of Energon. Get to the beacon and the source of this waves.
  • [to Scorponok through communicator] Find the humans and destroy them! Bring the AllSpark to me!
  • [to Scorponok through communicator] Eliminate the Energon drones.
  • [to Blackout through communicator] Scorponok has reached the AllSpark, but he is encountering heavy Autobot resistance. Get to his location immediately.
  • [destroying the city] Come out, Prime! If you hand over the AllSpark, I may spare these creatures [referring to the humans].
  • [destroying the city] Where are the Autobots to protect you now, flesh bags [referring to the humans]?!
  • [destroying the city] This city... this entire world... will burn beneath my feet!
  • [destroying the city] The glory of destroying the traitor Prime will be mine.
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to come, brother.
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] The AllSpark belongs to me!
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] Once I destroy the humans and acquire the AllSpark, you'll witness the true meaning of terror.
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] You barely stopped me on Cybertron. And you shall not stop me here!
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] I'll crush the Spark from you with my bare hands, Prime!
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] Your pathetic love for this planet will be your undoing, Prime!
  • [fighting Optimus Prime] Victory is mine! Death is yours!
  • [Closing lines, after conquering Earth using the power of the AllSpark] Finish this planet. We are done here.


[a heavily damaged military helicopter is seen flying through the dessert]
AF-4500 Pilot: Mayday, mayday. This is AF-4500. We've been hit by a unidentified bogey and we're going down.
[the helicopter crashes, Blackout scans the helicopter's data and transforms into his new alt-mode]
Starscream: [through communicator] The military base should have an operating central command mainframe. Hack into the system and we'll be able to download the location of the AllSpark.
[the humans are fleeing from the base]
Starscream: [to Blackout through communicator] Fool, they're getting away! Deploy Scorponok to hunt them down while you search for more data!
Blackout: [deploying Scorponok] Hunt and destroy.
[after destroying the human tanks, Scorponok reintegrates to Blackout, Blackout detects several military aircraft]
Blackout: The humans have reinforcements.
Starscream: [through communicator] Then I suppose you'll have to destroy them to make your escape. Leave none alive.
[after destroying the human aircraft]
Starscream: [through communicator] Blackout, there was no concrete evidence on the data you retrieved. Barricade has a lead on a human in possession of an alien artifact whose origin correlates with the date you've acquired.
Blackout: A human has it? Then the AllSpark is good as ours.
[Blackout leaves, launching a EMP blast that deactivates the base]
Barricade: [after scanning a police car and transforming] We are moving toward the target with authority.
Starscream: [through communicator] Excellent. You must stay ahead of the Autobots and get those glasses first.
Barricade: And if the humans should offer any resistance?
Starscream: [through communicator] Crush them. Crush them all.
[Barricade meets with Frenzy]
Barricade: Lord Starscream, come in. Frenzy has discovered that a human named Sam is in possession of the artifact, a pair of ocular lenses, that will lead us to Megatron.
Starscream: [through communicator] Interesting.
Barricade: Lord Starscream, I have scanned the police database for information on this Sam Witwicky. We've acquired his image from the database and I'll tracked him. [laughs] Must be my lucky day. [tries to attack Sam and Mikaela but Bumblebee knocks him down and transforms]
Sam Witwicky: [to Mikaela] Come on, get in. Hurry, hurry! [he and Mikaela get in Bumblebee and escape from Barricade]
[after Barricade defeats Bumblebee]
Sam Witwicky: Bumblebee!
Barricade: Give me the artifact, human. Give me the glasses. Now!
Sam Witwicky: [holding the glasses] This is what you want, right?! They are all yours! [throws the glasses]
[Barricade grabs the glasses, laughs and escapes while Sector 7 agents surrounds Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee]
[Starscream and Blackout fly to Hoover Dam]
Blackout: Starscream, my scans aren't registering any traces of the AllSpark or Megatron. Their signatures must be concealed by the structure somehow.
Starscream: Then we'll have to tear it down, piece by piece, until we find them.
Blackout: It will be done.
[Blackout is attacked by drones but he destroys them using gas tanks that in turn shatter the dam, awakening Megatron]
[Megatron gets out of the dam, Starscream and Blackout bow before him]
Blackout: Lord Megatron
Starscream: Lord Megatron.
Megatron: Rise, Decepticons. We have much to do.
[Barricade drives through the city]
Barricade: Lord Megatron, I have infiltrated the city. The human appears to have fled to this location with the AllSpark.
Megatron: Excellent. Do you understand what is at stake should you fail?
Barricade: Completely, my lord. It will be done.
[Barricade finds Jazz, Sam and Mikaela]
Jazz: Sam, Mikaela, this where you get out.
[Sam and Mikaela get out of Jazz, Jazz transforms]
Barricade: Step aside, Autobot. The AllSpark belongs to Megatron. I will exterminate the humans and claim it now.
Jazz: You want them? You go through me.
[after Barricade defeats Jazz]
Jazz: This isn't over, Barricade.
Barricade: This, no. But you, you are done.
Jazz: Optimus, I tried.
[the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron]
Optimus Prime: Megatron, I have pursued you from one end of the galaxy to the other.
Megatron: The AllSpark belongs to me!
Optimus Prime: Let's finish this, brother, once and for all.
[last line]
Megatron: [sits down in a Lincoln Memorial chair] Finish this planet. We are done here!