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Transformers is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics (G1), Dreamwave Productions (G2), and IDW Publishing (G3), as a regular series and in the form of various limited series. They detail the adventures of the robotic characters from the animated series of the same name.

Generation One (1984-1991)[edit]

Issue 1[edit]

Gears: The only thing Gears wants to learn about this planet is how to get off it. I hate this place already.

Issue 2[edit]

Bumblebee (to Sparkplug): I am code-named Bumblebee, I'm from the planet Cybertron, I'm in desperate need of fuel, and your son drove me here! Do all small, pink things ask so many questions?

Issue 5[edit]

Shockwave: The conquest of this planet and the enslavement of its people shall be a simple task... indeed.

Issue 16[edit]

Ernie: Cheese, Waldo -- I never seen a VW that could do 200 before.

Issue 19[edit]

Megatron: Decepticons do not cower behind gun batteries! Our destiny is to go where we please on this wretched world -- to conquer!

Issue 20[edit]

Skids: I have no desire to be a hero -- or to die.

Issue 29[edit]

G.B. Blackrock: So you guys are deserters.

Blaster: We prefer to think of ourselves as 'independent-minded'.

Blaster: Sometimes war forces you to do things you'll hate yourself for as long as you live!

Issue 37[edit]

Ratbat: I'll get you, fleshling! I'll drink your fuel with a steel straw!!

Issue 38[edit]

Spike: Good guys don't just let bad guys get away with stuff like that! It's against the rules!

Issue 43[edit]

Big Top: Berko! So this is what I get for puttin' you on the payroll!... Well, I got a bonus for your good work -- first I'm gonna rip your limbs out, one by one -- and then I'm gonna fire you!

Issue 46[edit]

Burnout: Two more. Little guys. Easily bruised.

Issue 53[edit]

Landmine: Reason's gonna be the death of me yet!

Issue 55[edit]

Roadhandler: Don't go looking for heroes to believe in... believe in yourselves.

Lord Zarak: Is something wrong, Roadhandler? You look as if you lost something. Perhaps if you allowed Stormcloud to rip you to pieces, whatever that something is will turn up... safe and sound!

Issue 60[edit]

Optimus Prime: One life for many... how I tire of that equation!

Grimlock (on Primus): Huh. Some creator. Seems to have dozed off!

Issue 61[edit]

Bludgeon: Prattling fool! Your warrior heart is tainted by an idiot's tongue! Perhaps I shall remove both for you!

Issue 63[edit]

Dogfight: Oh, a threat! I love threats!

Issue 67[edit]

Cyclonus: We destroyed, we annihilated... we had a good time!

Jazz: Better to fight and die than to live with the knowledge that I ran!

Issue 68[edit]

Rapture: Sexist redneck pig! You need shifting out of the dark age... like with dynamite!

Issue 69[edit]

Shockwave: Suggestion: we dispense with the tiresome shocked exclamations and get down to business!

Grimlock: C'mon, Kup -- we old hands at this game, we know score. Obey orders to a point. But sometimes to win, you have to bend rules -- take chances!

Issue 71[edit]

Optimus Prime: We're Autobots! We never give ground and we never, never surrender!

Galvatron: Blood red twilight decends on your planet, and I am its harbinger!

Issue 73[edit]

Galvatron: For all their supposed omnipotence... even gods can be conned!

Circuit Breaker: Beg, robot -- beg for your life! It won't do any good, but I'd like to hear it anyway!

Issue 77[edit]

Bludgeon: Their plan, fellow Decepticons, is weak! Ill-befitting a warrior race such as ours! Colonizing a barren world, starting from nothing, scratching a living from dust and dirt! This is not *our* way! We take, and any thing or one in our way is crushed! They would have us bury our heritage, bend our knees to their feeble-minded ways! Well, I say no! I say from this day on we begin afresh, with new wars to fight, new worlds to conquer! I mean, why fight it -- it's in our oil!

Issue 78[edit]

Starscream: Oh, come on! This isn't the way it's supposed to happen! Sure, you're supposed to die, but you have to run around a bit first, fight back! What fun is this?

Ratchet: Fun? FUN?! How DARE you! How dare you trivialize life and death! Is that all it's ever been to you, this war -- fun? How many, eh? How many have to die for you to get your jollies? HOW MANY?

Issue 79[edit]

Fortress Maximus: ...We are servants of a force from beyond time. A force dedicated to the preservation of life, of liberty.

Transformers: Headmasters (1987)[edit]

Issue 1[edit]

Galan: A moment of distrust can tear down what ten thousand years of peace has built... there will be no war today.

Fortress Maximus: Whether I am a hero or a coward is not the issue! I am weary! My joints creak from the corrosion of war without end! I... cannot break this ring of hate that surrounds us all. But I can remove myself from it. No matter what you decide... I am leaving.

Generation 2 (1993)[edit]

Issue 2[edit]

Bludgeon: Plan?... I just want you to destroy anything and everything you encounter!

Quake: Aw, gee, boss... you sure know how to keep the troops smilin'.

Issue 8[edit]

Starscream: He's telling me that once his new army is fully mobilized, my services will no longer be required. And given my past record of treachery, I doubt that means a pension and a sign that says 'Dunmurderin!'

Issue 11[edit]

Starscream: I don't want to be good!

Issue 12[edit]

The Leige Maximo: You cannot destroy evil. It exists always as a counterforce, a balance in nature that is always maintained... no matter how noble the founding intention.

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