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Transformers: Armada is one of several animated television infomercial series marketing the Transformers toy line to children. There are four seasons in the Armada series.

Season 1[edit]

First Encounter[edit]

Megatron::You have something of mine.
Alexis: We have what?
Megatron: Give it back immediately, or you shall suffer the consequences.
Rad: Oh...great.
Megatron: I have given you your chance, Earthling.


':Megatron':You had better not. If you do, I'll have you dismantled for scrap, then I'll launch what's left of you straight into the sun, understand?

Megatron: Shut your mouth, you worthless piece of junk!


"Hot Shot, are you all right?!"

Optimus has no concern for the Mini-Cons or the children (or even for Red Alert), apparently.

"Ah, yes, now I find out they're all incompetent."

Megatron should really have noticed that earlier.

"Ah, man, that guy burns me up."

Rad's reaction to Cyclonus making off with a Mini-Con.

"Come on, boys, we've got work to do!"

Megatron... refers to his troops as "boys" apparently.

"I am totally surrounded by weirdos."

Alexis has an epiphany.


"Uh, hey! Hold on, you guys!"
"So, uh, what's the problem?"
"My suit itches too, but you'll get used to it."

Rad, Carlos, and Alexis.

"Uh... guys? ... Guys?!? ... ANYBODY?"

Rad, after being ditched by everybody.

"Hot Rod is an amazing vehicle. And once I was inside, the speed! The power! *sigh* I guess I got carried away..."

Alexis, who perhaps needs to tell us something.

"Does it hurt when you do that?"
"Don't worry Carlos. I am mechanical, so I do not feel the sensation of pain as you know it."
"You still feel pain though, right?"
"Sorry, your question is not relevant to our mission."

-Carlos and Red Alert, on transformation

"You humans sure are a fearless species!"

Red Alert

Alexis: "Ahhh!"
Rad: "Uggghhh! Are you sure this is the right car for the job?"
Alexis: "This road is a little bumpy!"
Rad: "My teeth are rattling so much they're gonna bounce right out of my head!"
Alexis: "Stop talking or else you'll bite your tongue!"
Rad: "OW! I just did!"
Hot Shot: "What's the problem? I haven't even taken out of first gear yet."
Alexis: "You mean you can go faster?!?"
Rad: "I feel a whole lot safer on my BMX!"
Alexis: "I can't find the brake pedals!"
Rad: "You mean there's no way to stop?!?"
Hot Shot: "I'm really gonna open up now! Hold on!"
Alexis: "How can we go any faster than this?"
Rad: "Why did I ever come along to this crazy ride?!?"

Alexis, Rad and, Hot Shot.

"This is all YOUR fault, Starscream."

Megatron, after his defeat at the hands of Optimus Prime's Maximum Blast attack. Well, it seems that he had found a proper scapegoat at last…


"I think I've pinpointed the glitch, sir."
"Good work, Red Alert. What was the problem with the CPU?"
"It seems the cold on this continent has caused a glitch."

Red Alert, who needs a thesaurus, and Optimus Prime, who has bad microprocessor thermal protection.

"Ahh nuts, I knew I should've brought along snow tires!"

—Always on the ball Hot Shot, struggling to drive in snow and ice in the Antarctic.

"Oh, and hey Hot Shot? Do you mind cranking up the heat in here a touch? It's cold."

—The ever-observant Carlos.

"Hellooooo... buh-bye!"

Cyclonus, as he prepares to execute Hot Shot.

"Red Alert! Thanks, pal!"
"Doing my job, and nothing more."

Hot Shot in Generation 1 Brawn mode butt-kisser mode, and Red Alert after the latter saves the former's life.

"I hope you like pain!"

Demolishor, reacting to the rescue as everybody else just stands around.

"Hahahaha... go ahead, boys, give me a reason..."

Demolishor, as the two Autobots are cornered.

"Uhh... yes... soon I'll have my very own pet…."

Starscream, whom we assume is talking about a Mini-Con.


"Megatron, please! I promise to do better if you let me have the next Mini-con!"
"I think he's gonna start to cry! Hahahaha!"

Starscream and Cyclonus bickering like schoolchildren.

"You know, I really wish people would understand that the future of the human race depends on what we do to protect the environment today."

Rad auditions for a new series of Captain Planet.

"Nothing, I was just talking to myself."
"Keep talkin', cause no one else is listening to you any more."

Starscream and Demolisher bickering like schoolchildren.

"We came for the Mini-Con."
"Not if you're going to use it for evil purposes!"

Demolisher and Optimus, begging the question, "What if the Decepticons promised to use it strictly for good purposes?"

"I'll show them how it's done!"
"Outta my way!"
"You're out of your league! Stand back and let a pro show you how to do some real destruction!"
"You're blocking my target!"

Starscream and Cyclonus still bickering.

"Oh my, it's so easy! I must be the most powerful Decepticon in the universe! Even more powerful than Megatron! Hahahahaha!"
"Oh, we'll just see about that, Starscream."

Starscream, with delusions of grandeur, and Megatron.


Carlos: "Hey, I got an idea! OK, let's scare it! That'll wake it up for sure."
Rad: "So how you gonna do that?"
Carlos: "Huh, good point. Wait, I got another idea! How about we throw a bucket of water on it!"
Alexis: "Great plan! While we're at it, why don't I throw a bucket of cold water on your head too?"
Carlos: "Come on, Alexis; I was just pulling his leg!"
Alexis: "Hey, nothing like ice water for clearing out the cobwebs. So next time you're woken up from a comfy sleep by some ice-water in the face, remember who thought of it first!"

—The kids debate how to wake up Jetstorm.

"Huh? It's them! Billy! Billy Billy Billy Billy Billy Billy."

Fred subtly attempts to attract Billy's attention.

"They're getting away! What do we do?"
"I'll give you one guess."
"'K, to the hot dog stand!"
"We're going after them! Come on, ya goof."
"Aw, well I tried."

Fred and Billy.

"Better get out of the way while you can, otherwise something terrible might happen to ya. Like maybe... this robot will destroy the Earth!"
"You've been watching too much TV. Besides, everyone knows that red robots are always the good guys."
"OK, OK! So maybe it wasn't a good example!"

Fred matches wits with a small child and loses.

"No! Please! I'm allergic to chromium."

Billy fleeing from Hot Shot.

"My therapist was right—seventy dollars an hour does work out to mere pennies a day."

—A random passerby on seeing a giant flying robot.


"I tell ya, I got sand in my mouth, sand in my joints; I even have sand in places I'd rather not mention, but no Mini-"
"Well, keep looking!"

Cyclonus and Demolishor hate sand.

"You think any mole-like dudes live down here?"
"Boy, Carlos, with your imagination, you should write comic books. You are one strange guy."

Carlos and Rad explore the ruined palace.

"Hey you, what did you do with the kids?"
"I ate them. And they were quite tasty, too."

Hot Shot talks about the kids, but Demolishor is only concerned with food.

"But that isn't fair, sir!"
"Not fair? Why I'll show you what's not fair."
"Well, actually sir, you really don't have to."
"No no no, really, I insist. I said I was going to show you what's not fair and so I shall show you what's not fair. Why don't you come a little closer, Demolisher, so I can give you a hands-on demonstration, yesss."

Demolisher and Megatron.


"I bet they're from the future."
"I say they're from space and I bet their mission is to take over the world too."
"I dunno, they don't seem that evil to me."

Fred and Billy discuss the Autobots.

"So what are they gonna do?"
"Well, what do you think? They're gonna drain our brains, doofus."
"They can't! I-I need my brain!"

Fred and Billy on the Decepticon plans.

"You're the most annoying Autobot I've ever met!"

Cyclonus to Hot Shot.

"Oh, I was just thinking of keeping them as pets."

Megatron regarding his hostages.

Optimus: "We've come through with our part of the deal. Now release the children, Megatron."
Megatron: "Oh no, I don't think so."
Optimus: "What?!"
Hot Shot: "You double-crossed us!"

—The Autobots have perhaps forgotten whom they're dealing with.


"I can't even fly in here! What a rip-off!"

Cyclonus in the subway

"Once I become President, I'll change all that, you'll see! I'll put an end to the misuse of public property, and THEN I'll work on saving the environment, and I'll end world hunger."

Alexis, acting like a complete hippie

"Hello, kids, looks like you picked a "dead end", if you know what I mean!"

Cyclonus, trying to be funny but failing miserably

"Combat is not a spectator sport"

—Says Starscream, except when it is

"Ha ha! Look at those pathetic fools! They've all been buried alive."
"Uh, that's great, sir, but the Mini-Con is buried too!"
"Then why don't you go and dig it out, you numbskull? Why is it I have to spell everything out for you?"

Megatron heaps abuse on Cyclonus again.

"Stay where you are, and nobody gets hurt. Once we have the Mini-Con, we'll be on our way. Then you Autobots can dig in the dirt all you like."



Hot Shot: "Whoa, you're not gonna believe this!"
Rad: "Come on! Tell us!"
Hot Shot: "There's a city down here!"
Carlos: "OK, guys, it's official: Hot Shot has finally gone off the deep end."

—The Autobots find the lost city

"And that girl we saw was..."
"It's just a hologram! I hope you're not disappointed."
"No! Of course not."
"Yeah, like I'm buying that one, Rad."
"Hey, would you just get off my case already?"

Rad and Alexis discuss how the ruin's populated by holograms.

"Boys. Huh."
"What is she talking about?!"

Alexis and Rad, who doesn't understand girls.


"Hurry up! Destroy those Autobots! You will not escape my wrath!"
"We can't do that, Megatron! If we do, it'll give away our position!"

Megatron and Demolishor, the latter of whom doesn't appear to notice that the Autobots already know where they are.

"Luckily, I fell into a chasm and the lava passed right over me. I had to dig my way out, but I'm all right."

Optimus explains how he survived the lava.

"They're fighting to protect the universe!"

Alexis, Carlos and Rad, in unison.


Smokescreen responds in awe to Red Alert and Hot Shot powerlinxing

"Fire away, gentlemen."

Megatron is uncharacteristically complimentary to his troops

"Cyclonus failed me again. That figures."

Megatron not surprised at Cyclonus's failure


"I'm really not a big fan of surprises, you guys!"


Fred: "Where are we, Billy?"
Billy: "Hey, you got me."
Fred: "You see? It's happening again. We're lost. I'm hungry. And I want to go home. Why does this always happen to us?"
Billy: "Ugh."
Fred: "Go on. Say it."
Billy: "Uhh...OKAY! I don't have any idea where we are!"
Fred: "I knew you'd say that."
Billy: "Well, at least things can't get any worse than this, I guess."

—Fred proves to be far better at predicting the future than Billy, right before the Decepticons find them.


Billy, before running away.

"Maybe they ran out of ammo."
"Lasers don't run out of ammo!"

Cyclonus and Starscream trade ideas on why the automatic defenses have stopped shooting.

"Man, that laugh of yours is really annoying. We take trespassing very seriously around here. So I suggest you all better leave, right now."
"Try and make us, if you dare."
"Hey, it's a tough job, but, uh, somebody's gotta do it."

Hot Shot fails to intimidate Megatron.

"Try and download THIS!"

Hot Shot risks attacking Megatron with a bad computer pun.

Billy: "Cyclo-butt!"
Fred: "That's Cyclonapuss!"
Cyclonus: "It's Cyclonus!"
Billy: "...Thanks for clearing that up, mister."
Fred: "You have a nice day!"

—Billy, Fred, and Cyclonus in a rare purposeful Armada name mix-up

"Hurry, everybody, find a place to hide!"
"Hahahaha, now it's time to play! Come out, come out, wherever you are! No use hiding from me, children; my sensors can detect the heat from your bodies! Or maybe you want to play hide-and-go-squish?"

Rad gets his friends to hide in the warp gate room, and Cyclonus gets to be mean.

"Time for a SYSTEM CRASH!"

—Lame computer pun #2 from Hot Shot as he tackles Megatron.

Megatron: "Yes, this is more like it, I'm going to pixelate every one of you Autobots."
Optimus: "He's out of control."
Megatron: "Now you will do as I say, hand over all your Mini-Cons to me, or I'll have no choice but to re-format your friend's memory bank."
Hot Shot: "You... won't get anything from me!"
Megatron: "Then I'll have to execute your program."

—Megatron gets computer-pun vengeance on Optimus Prime and Hot Shot.

"For the last time: Access denied."

Hot Shot tries something different for rejecting Megatron's offer of allegiance: a computer pun!


"Hah-ha! I found one! Something's glowing up in the rocks above you, Starscream. I'll bet you dollars to brainchips it's a Mini-Con!"


Megatron: "Demolishor!"
Demolishor: "Yes — at your service!"
Megatron: "Charge!"
Demolishor: "Who will you send in as my backup, sir?"
Megatron: "No one, you fool! You're on your own?"
Demolishor: "What about you, Megatron?
Megatron: "Uh, don't worry, I've got things to do."
Optimus: "I'll take you on!"

— Prime has perfect timing.

"You want to go again?"
"Uh, no, uh, thanks. I've had enough punishment for one day."

Hot Shot and Demolishor, after the former slices off the latter's shoulder cannons

"Mommy! I just saw a robot in the store!"
"That's nice, dear."

—A little boy and his mother, upon seeing Sureshock.

"Aw, why do we have to sit here why they have all the fun?"
"That's quite enough. They're halfway around the world, and it may be daytime here but it's nighttime there. Kids can't be walking around after dark, right?"
"What kind of lame excuse is that?"

—A very bored Carlos whining to Red Alert

"What is the meaning of this? I have never seen such a pathetic combat!"

—Poor Megatron suffers from English dialogue.

"I wasn't sure until just now whether I would respond to your request. I made up my mind after witnessing that battle and seeing how pathetically you performed. You need all the help you can get. Still, I'm impressed that you would have a base here. It's perfect for a warp facility. Nice work, Megatron. Sometimes your intelligence surprises me."
"Spare me the cynicism. Calling you was a last resort, believe me. We must have that Star Saber. Can we count on your assistance, my friend? I'll be certain to make it worth your while."

Scavenger sasses Megatron

"Megatron, I've heard the rumors about these three assistants of yours. Some claim they are among the most fearsome of the Decepticons. So much for believing everything you hear."

Scavenger dissing the Decepticons

"My butt! What have you done to my poor butt?!"

Cyclonus laments the loss of his helicopter tail

"Enough stalling! Your trip down memory lane has nothing to do with me or this battle!"
"You're right, Starscream. On with the battle. I'm looking forward to witnessing your little performance."
"Oh, this will be more than just a performance. And when I'm finished with him, I'm gonna do a little surgery on your mouth."

Starscream and Scavenger


"I've got a bad feeling about this."

Alexis, regarding the boys tagging along as Hot Shot's cheer squad. You and us both, sister.

"Lucky for us Scavenger is here to do all the digging, don't you think, Starscream? Otherwise, you'd be in there getting your hands dirty."
"Right! There's no way you'd catch me playing in the dirt like that."
"If I had known I'd be the only one doing all the work down here, I would have never left Cybertron!"

—Mine boss Megatron with Starscream and Scavenger.

"Billy, Fred—sorry, but it looks like things might get a little dangerous out here. I think it's best if you stay put up here for awhile."
"Aww, gee whiz! But I thought we were backup?"
" can back us up from here! Oh, and stay put!"

Optimus Prime dumps Billy and Fred on the side of the road.

Fred: "Oh, this really bites, big time."
Billy: "I told you we should have gone with Hot Shot, but no, you wouldn't listen, would you, doofus?
(A large purple motorcycle suddenly approaches)
Billy: "Huh?"
Fred: "Huh??"
Sideways:"You lookin' to hitch a ride? I got room for one. That's it."
Fred: "Hey, B-Billy, that bike—"
Billy: "—talked to us! Wait a sec: Autobot or Decepticon?"

—Fred and Billy lament being dumped before the enigmatic Sideways approaches.

"Your battling days are over!"
"Hahaha! I like a bot with a sense of humour!"

Hot Shot lamely trash-talks Scavenger.

"Hahahaha! Oh, joy! This is as easy as shooting bots in a barrel! Hahahahaha!"


"So what happened to Fred?"
"Fred? Oh, no! I left him back at the bridge!"
(alone on the highway bridge) "...Billy?"

Rad, Billy and a very alone Fred.

"Remember me?!? I'm Billy's friend!"

Fred's cry of loneliness after Hot Shot, Scavenger and Sideways pass him without sparing a glance.

"You know, for a great warrior, you're not half as tough as you think you are. So just keep out of my way, or else."
"What's so funny?"
"I was laughing at your incompetence. You may have won this little skirmish, but you're still a rank amateur. So don't let this victory swell up your power core, because I'm not finished with you yet. Hide behind your little sword, but remember this: You don't have what it takes to use it to its full potential."
"Oh, yeah?!?"
"You're just a waste of wires." (wanders off, laughing maniacally)

Hot Shot gloating before Scavenger quickly brings him down to Earth

"Back on Cybertron, they used to call me Sideways. I guess I'm a bit of a drifter. Maybe that's why I'm here."

Sideways's self-introduction to the Autobots

"Oh, don't worry, Hot Shot. You must remember they're only human, and probably in a couple of days or so, they'll be all over you again."

Red Alert, on the fickle nature of children


Megatron: "Where is Scavenger when you need him?"
Demolishor: "There's no sign of him anywhere, Megatron sir!"
Cyclonus: "Probably ran away with his tail between his legs."
Starscream: "I wouldn't put it past him."
Hot Shot: "Are you gonna have a tea party or fight?!?"

—The Decepticons discuss Scavenger's absence from the battle.

Megatron: "I never issued any order to evacuate, you fool! Fire! Snap out of it, men! Strafe that Autobot!"
Demolishor: "We don't stand a chance against the same sword that inflicted so much damage on you!"
Cyclonus: "Ahh, give him a break. He's still licking his wounds from the last battle! Hee hee hee..."
Megatron: "Is absolutely everyone trying to undermine me? [laser blast from Sideways almost hits him] AHH!"

—Megatron has leadership issues.

"I love that 'save the universe' stuff. Uh, I mean—way cool!"


"Meddling Matrix!"

Megatron, as he delivers a kick to Hot Shot's face

"Come on, Star Saber, it's time to shut down this user's past-due account!"

—Lame computer metaphor courtesy of Hot Shot

"The sword's stayin' with me, pal. Now get your microprocessors out here!"
(laughs) "Want to play the hard way, do you? Well, suits me just fine. I'd love the chance to initialize your disc."

Hot Shot and Megatron compete with bad computer metaphors.

"Hyperdrive! Coming through! Drop or be dropped, scuzzy breath! [Charges at a hologram, which turns out to be Optimus. Laughs weakly.] Uh, Optimus! Heh heh, hope you didn't take it personally..."

Hot Shot

"This is officially gettin' freaky!"

Hot Shot, coming face to face with a hologram version of himself

"It was a trap. I can't believe I didn't realize it until now."
"Which is why you, of all bots, don't deserve to possess the sword."

Hot Shot and Megatron

Demolishor: "Still reeling from the shock of it all, are you, now? Why don't I help bring you back to reality!" [begins stomping and kicking Hot Shot]
Cyclonus: "I'd be glad to lend a hand!"
Megatron: "[laughs evilly] Give the Autobot some special Decepticon attention."

—The Decepticons, after taking Hot Shot's sword away

Megatron: "...Do me a little favor: I need you to put that punk out of his misery!"
Starscream: "Yes, sir."
Scavenger: "Stop right there. There's no need to finish him off."

—Scavenger hints at his true nature.


"What an arrogant cretin. I bet he's going to be the one that causes the downfall of the Decepticons..."

Scavenger does not hold a high opinion of Starscream.

"Would you get with the program, Starscream? You're really starting to bug my system."
"Process this: You're finished!"

Demolishor is tired of hearing about Starscream's sword.

"How you made it this far I'll never know, but I think you owe Optimus a lot of gratitude."

Scavenger belittles Hot Shot again.

"You dented my armor, you creep! I don't have to hang around here and take this! Smash you later!"

Cyclonus after getting a smackdown from Optimus

"You saved me?"
"Don't flatter yourself. It was the Star Saber that I saved. Now let's blast these Autobots!"

—As unlikely as it seems, Starscream was just saved by Demolishor.

"I'm gonna hack you into the Matrix!"

Starscream to Red Alert

"Let's not jump the firewall here."


"I'm fine, that is, long as I know that you are all right. I did it for you."
"Oh, Megatron, sir."

Megatron feigns concern for Demolishor.

"Oooooh, somebody grab it! I'm getting nervous with him standing right behind me!"

Cyclonus on Starscream

"If you want me to, I will take the Star Saber. I only want what's best for the Decepticons. I promise I'll keep well hidden until my wounds heal."

—A mock-subservient Megatron offers to take the Star Saber from Starscream for the good of the Decepticons. Right.

"Sideways, this time you won't get away from me."
"You're spinning your wheels if you think you can keep up with me. I'm ready whenever you are, turbo-nerd!"
"Transform! (Takes off in vehicle mode with Hot Shot in pursuit) Like I told ya, you should quit while I'm ahead!"
"Not a chance, two-wheeler!"
"Go park yourself, Hot Shot! The open road is no place for a revved-up scrapheap like you!"

Hot Shot and Sideways trade banter.

"You must first know yourself. Only then will you have a chance at defeating your opponent."

Scavenger goes Obi-Wan on Hot Shot.

"Scavenger, where will you go?"
"Does your wound still cause you pain?"
"It's amazing how fast you've healed..."

Megatron and Scavenger, who's wise to the whole plan.


"Looks like you two have something in common, Carlos! Scavenger must like taking naps as much as you. He even snores like you do."

Alexis razzing her friends

"Starscream, watch yourself! If you keep running your processor in overdrive, pretty soon you won't be able to transform properly!"

Cyclonus on Starscream's paranoia

Megatron: "Optimus Prime! Today is the day the Decepticons destroy the Autobots!"
Optimus: "You're wrong again, Megatron, and we're going to prove it!"
Smokescreen: "And today you'll feel the power of the Autobot team!"
Hot Shot: "Let's do this!"
Megatron: "Keep talking, you underdogs. Victory will be mine today."
Scavenger: (yawns hugely)

—Fight banter makes Scavenger sleepy.

"I don't like showing off, but I think you'll agree that that high-flying wacko needed to be grounded permanently."

Scavenger, after shooting down Cyclonus

"Oh, my aching motherboard!"

Cyclonus, after being shot

"It's boring talking about things that are in the past. It never does any good."

Scavenger accepts apologies from Smokescreen and Hot Shot.


"I brought along my inhaler!"

Fred informing Alexis that he's prepared for the trip.

"OK, fine, go ahead and have your boy's only adventure. I'll stay here and watch the Decepticons take over the Universe while you roast marshmellows, and don't think I'm jealous of you either. In your dreams!"
"Boy, she sounds really mad, Carlos"

Alexis and Rad.

"Ah, humans."

Optimus Prime

"Camping! Gimmie a break. No hot showers, no electricity, and besides I heard it's going to rain all weekend."

Alexis gets a case of sour grapes.


Shaun gets overenthusiastic.

Red Alert: "Alexis, we really missed you out there."
Smokescreen: "I agree!"
Optimus: "Well, it's nice to see everyone back together again."
Alexis: (manages weak smile)
Optimus: "Thatta girl."

—The Autobots need more practice at human interaction.

"Well, my dad says when mom gets angry—"
"Shut up, Carlos!"
"—he tries to give her a compliment and hopes she gets all warm and fuzzy again."
"Hey, she can hear you!"

Carlos, who also needs more practice, and Rad.

"Hey! Run for your lives! Alexis is on the loose!"

Carlos finds out hell hath no fury...


"I hate when she's right, but this is one of those times."

Rad re: Alexis

"I found my very own Mini-Con! Megatron will love me for this!"

Demolishor, head of the Megatron/Demolishor slash club

"Sorry to break up the party."

Red Alert, about to take a shot on Demolisher

"Arrogance and pride, a tragic combination, may cause a bot to make mistakes—like this."

Blurr, also about to take a shot on Demolisher

"Hey, do you happen to have a website I could check out?"

Fred, on meeting Blurr

Fred: "Oh, you're hard as steel. I still have some work to do on this bad boy."
Billy: "Geez, sometimes I'm sure the guy leaves his brains at home."
Carlos: "You know you're not gonna shape up until you stop scarfing up all that junk."
Billy: "Yeah, like that will ever happen."
Alexis: "He's an eating machine."

—The kids discuss Fred's stomach.

"You idiot! You almost trashed that Mini-Con!"
"I hardly think so."
"You hardly think!"

Hot Shot and Blurr

Decisive Battle[edit]

"He kinda reminds me of myself when I was working out more."
"Somehow I find that a little hard to believe, Fred."

Fred pays Blurr a dubious compliment.

"Hahaha! In your face. Hahahaha!"
"Sorry, Hot Shot, but it looks like Smokescreen smoked you, but good."

Smokescreen and Blurr, after Smokescreen successfully runs the obstacle course

"Aw, man, that creep really gives me the creeps."

Carlos needs a thesaurus.

"We've been expecting you, Optimus."
"Didn't think we'd show, did ya, ya overgrown motherboard?"

Megatron and Hot Shot, who should really have his audio receptors checked

"Hey, where are you going?"
"For a Sunday drive! What do you think, you moron?"
"He's such a kidder!"

Starscream and Cyclonus

"Lock onto shield."

Sparkplug gives us the first words spoken by a Mini-Con.


"But we should do something. I really don't like sitting on the sidelines like this. After all, I am a man of action, you know."

Carlos, man of action.

"I say this calls for a sandwich!"

Fred, man of food.

"No, wait, Fred's right!"

Rad says the unthinkable.

"Ah! They're shooting at us!"
"I know that! Promise you won't leave me!"

Rad being hugged in panic by Fred.


"Open your eyes, Starscream. You think a rational leader would send his troops into battle, and then when he loses, he takes out his frustrations on his own men? Heh, yeah right. If you ask me, I think he's gone over the deep end."
"That's what I think, too!"
"Maybe I'm just talkin' out loud here, but I get the feeling there's someone more capable to lead the Decepticons to victory. Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I think you do. And I think you know who I'm talking about, as well, even though you don't want to admit it."
"I'm not sure I follow you."
"I've probably said too much already. Starscream, Megatron is afraid of you."

Sideways manipulates the clueless Starscream. (And isn't most talking done out loud?)

"There's gotta be a reason we fight. Because there's no point in continuing unless there is. This war is over ten million years old. In fact I've been a warrior ever since my spark left the Iacon chamber, and I was merged into the army of Megatron. The only difference between me and an Autobot is the way we do battle, and the code of the Decepticons. I guess I'm starting to get a little... confused. But you shouldn't be. We are soldiers sworn to obey Megatron; capture the Mini-Cons and return to Cybertron triumphant."

Starscream, in Dinobot rambling speech mode.

Demolishor: What is going on with everyone here? Ever since we lost that battle, everyone's gone loopy.
(glances at Cyclonus, who's still sleeping and snoring)
Well, at least some things never change around here. But Cyclonus is starting to look like the only sane one.

-You know the Decepticons are in deep doo-doo when the nutty guy's considered the 'only sane one'.

"You idiot, we have to stop him now, or else we can just forget about morale around here!"
"You're kidding? Morale? We've never had morale around here."

Demolishor and Cyclonus discussing Starscream's challenge to Megatron.

"This time, it's a fight to the finish, and I won't accept any of your lame excuses. Do you understand me, you worthless grunt? I hope to realize what is at stake here. The Star Saber and supreme command of the Decepticons go to the winner. Why, you could rule the universe if you were victorious. There is no greater prize, and this is your one chance to attain it, so don't blow it, dolt. But just remember this, Starscream, I won't show you mercy. You will be an example to my men, to prevent any further insubordination."

Megatron, simultaneously insulting Starscream's pride and giving him incentive to fight harder.

"You win Megatron. Now... just get it over with."
"You're giving up? I expected more of you. At least beg me to spare your worthless life, or is your foolish pride getting in the way of even that, Starscream? Well, is it? Your problem is you have a conscience. You don't have the stomach to finish a fight, because you play by the rules. Well then, you'll never come out on top, Starscream. I understand your weaknesses and that's why I'm the victor and you lay there like a whimpering dog.
(begins to walk away, then stops)
"I'm always open to a challenge, soldier, and one day you might defeat me."

Starscream and Megatron at the aftermath of their fight (with awesome delivery by David Kaye)

"Ha, you had the upper hand, Megatron, and then you walked away before it was over. A true leader would never leave a fight half-fought. I see weakness and one day, it will come back to haunt you. And it will be your ruin.

Sideways observing Megatron's refusal to finish off Starscream (with awesome delivery by Paul Dobson)


Fred: I guess this means I'm gonna miss lunch. My blood sugar is getting dangerously low, Billy!


Starscream:Oh, great, time to get shot at again. Why couldn't I have just been a normal 'bot working in a factory?

Megatron: I'm quite sure your plans are impeccable, Thrust, but my main concern is that my men aren't capable of following them.


Demolishor:I am Demolishor, the fierce Decepticon warrior!

Hot ShotLIn your dreams! If you want it, why don't you come and get it? That is, unless you're a little bit of a wimp. Well, are ya?

Optiumus Prime: They don't call him Starscream for nothing.


Demolishor: I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. I'd love to crush that arrogant mainframe into a pile of titanium shavings!"

Sideways: This is one virus you'll never be able to eliminate, Megatron! You see, I can change my appearance any time I please, and I can fight at any power level, so you'll never destroy me! Never! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


Hot Shot:All right, who's our next victim? How about conehead there?

Carlos:Hey, Fred, are you sure you didn't land on your head?


Megatron: Ha ha ha! The power is mine!"

Hot Shot:I ran into some trouble with Cyclonus back there. Boy, that is one disturbed Decepticon.


Thrust: Look! Your guardian star is very bright tonight, sir. I believe it might actually swallow up every other star around it! This must surely be a sign you'll crush the Autobots, conquer the universe and lead the Decepticons back to planet Cybertron!"

Demolishor:Huh, so humans are good for something after all. That's news to me!"

Fred: Dear Mom, I just wanna thank you for all the great foods you've made me over the years. I especially enjoyed your spaghetti and meatballs; the sauce was a haunting blend of herbs and spices—and the things you can do with a pot roast are truly inspirational. Yours truly, your son, Fred.

Past, Part 1[edit]

Carlos: Enthusiasm will get you nowhere, buddy, take a chill pill!

Wheeljack: Prepare yourself, Hot Shot. You're about to get a little surprise from your past. You may have forgotten what you did to me but I will never forget."

Past, Part 2[edit]

Wheeljack: I've come to get my revenge.

Thrust: I wonder what's clogging up his tailpipe. Boy, those Autobots sure are a moody bunch.


Demolishor: I'm not talking to you, Eraserhead, I'm talking to Megatron. So butt out, will ya?

Sideways: "There shall never be peace in this universe, there must always be war."

Hot Shot: Sorry for the interruption, Starscream, but we were in the neighbourhood and thought we'd drop by.
Starscream: "But... where's... my guys?
Side Swipe: "You're not gonna believe this, Starscream, but you're the only Decepticon around here. I guess all your buddies decided to pack up and go home.
Blurr: "Oh well, I suppose that means it's you against us.
Starscream: "I don't believe a word of this. You're just messing with my head. Aren't you?


Megatron: Well, Starscream, you're still alive. I suppose congratulations are in order.

Hot Shot: Yea, great, let's go kick some Decepti-butts."

Hot Shot: Hey, would ya back off? I'm trying to avenge my friend here! I won't be long!"


Hot Shot: It's time to put that old locomotive out of his misery.

Alexis: This is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life.


Cyclonus: Megatron looks a little testy today, huh?

Jetfire: Let me tell you my personal motto: VICTORY IS MINE!


Red Alert: "Hey, enough chit-chat ladies, we got a job to do."
Hot Shot: "Ah- sorry Red Alert, but what about Starscream?"
Blurr, the jerk: "You mean Star-traitor, don't you?"

Starscream muses over the chamois the children have given him
Alexis: "Oh, don't you like it?"
Starscream: "Uh... no-no! I wouldn't say that. I mean it's very... colourful. It's just that I've never had anyone give me a present before."
Carlos: "You can't be serious! What about on your birthday? You never got nothing?"
Starscream: "Uh, so what does one do in a situation like this?"
Alexis: "Why don't you just try saying "thank you"?"
Starscream: "Thank you. Thank you... right?"

"Why now? Why... am I doubting myself?"

Starscream broods while training.

Fred: "Guys! We just saw a cone-headed Decepticon!"
Blurr: "You mean Thrust?"
Billy: "He was just outside our base."
Hot Shot: "What are we waiting for? C'mon, let's go get him!"
Side Swipe: "Yeah, baby!"
Fred: "Hang on a sec, Hot Shot. Starscream chased the creep away, already! Starscream is my hero."
Hot Shot: "You are one twisted kid."

"Hold your horses men! C'mon, let's not jump to any conclusions here. Starscream is on our side, don't you remember? And don't you forget, he's innocent unless he's proven guilty! Okay Starscream, help me out and explain what's up here, because if you don't... let's put it this way, you are so up the creek, and right now, you look pretty guilty."
"Guilty huh? I don't think it matters what I say, because you've already convicted me. But thanks for trying, Hot Shot."
"That is not true!"
"Please, let's face facts: I am much different than you. I was programmed as a Decepticon and I don't apologize for that. I've tried my best to understand the way you and the others think, but I must admit it was a failed experiment."
"No one said you did it, we just want to know the truth."
"But you can't handle the truth!"

Hot Shot, the world's worst defense attorney tries to get the truth out of Starscream, who pulls a Jack Nicholson.

"The decision is yours: You can either become soft and forget your glorious heritage, or you can join me and should you decide the latter, it is only a matter of time until we drink from the cup of victory! You must choose... but I suggest you choose wisely."
Starscream angsts over his choices
"You childish blathering annoys me, Starscream. You are a Decepticon, now act like one!"

Thrust pulls Starscream further back into the dark side.

Starscream symbolically leaves behind the chamois the children made for him.
Starscream: (thinking) "I don't know if this is the right choice, but I have made my decision."
Thrust: "Well? What is it?"
Starscream: "I must do everything there is in my power to bring Megatron down, and I swear I will crush him personally.... Goodbye kids. And thanks, I'll never forget you."

Hot Shot: "I can't believe this... Starscream... why, Starscream, WHY?!?"


Thrust: I've always been your ally, Starscream. I just had to hide it from the others so they wouldn't get suspicious."

Optimus Prime: Hot Shot has been more than a handful lately. Besides, don't give up on Starscream just yet. There's no doubt he's a hardened Decepticon, but he's still a Transformer. He still could come around, and I'm hoping that all Transformers will make peace with each other someday."

Thrust:Throughout Human history, they believed a comet was a sign of bad luck, but good luck for us when we blow it to pieces!"

Starscream: I know Megatron wants to get the Autobots, but why does he have to destroy the whole planet? I can't let this happen—there are too many innocent people down there. My friends are down there. But if I refuse, Megatron will surely cut me down. We're almost in position. I don't have much time. What should I do? What should I do?


Carlos:But Rad, we can't stand around and not say anything while the whole stinkin' planet blows up to smithereens."


Scavenger:That complete lack of fear has served you well, Hot Shot.

Hot Shot:Yo, Autobots! Saddle up! We're going back to Cybertron!


Hot Shot: I think I'm going to leave it up to you to decide your own stations. And, uh, if any of you decide to join us and defeat the Decepticons once and for all, that's up to you. Oh, and if you decide to stay back here on Earth, that's okay, too."


Alexis: Hey, guys, would you put a lid on it? We're having a moment over here!

Megatron: I'd never thought I'd say this, but it's good to have you back, Prime.


Red Alert: I got kinda banged up and it looks like I sustained some collateral damage.
Nemesis Prime: Nemesis Prime will... destroy!"

Longarm: This fighting must end.


Thrust:This is where the battle begins and ends, gentlemen.

Galvatron:Optimus Prime is marching right into the palm of my hand, where I will crush him."

Galvatron: Welcome to Cybertron! It's so nice of you to join us. At least now we'll be able to bury you on your home planet, Optimus Prime.

Optimus:This war transcends far beyond us, Galvatron. A force is coming, and you and I alone cannot stop it."


Hot Shot:This is a message to the great Galvatron, general of the Decepticon army. The Autobots and Decepticons have fought against one another... for a long time. But there is another enemy that we both must be concerned about. The Mini-Cons have shown us that we all share a common foe: the one called Unicron."
Thrust:Ah, not more of that Unicron nonsense!
Galvatron (to Thrust):I'm growing tired of listening to your drivel.
Galvatron (to Hot Shot): "You may go ahead and finish what you were saying. Now you won't be interrupted again. So just who is this Unicron?
Hot Shot: "He's the one who's responsible for creating the black hole. Somehow the Mini-Cons learned about the existence of Unicron, and began to prepare for an attack a long time ago.

Thrust: Galvatron, you were never worthy of controlling the Transformers. I've got news for you: You're nothing compared to my true master, Unicron!

Starscream: Get ready, Thrust. I'm coming for you.


Past Hot shot:Who would have thought the Mini-Cons were created by Unicron's cells?

'Past Hot shot: So much for evolution, but one time we were told we could use them. But instead, we were the ones who were being used.


Blurr: At any cost, Unicron must be stopped, or the result will be devastating. The fate of all Transformers in the universe lie in the balance."

Sideways: You were wondering what kind of place this is. Well, for you it's a graveyard. Goodbye, Starscream!"

Sideways: Unicron will awaken and both the Autobots and Decepticons will be destroyed. They will become a distant memory. The Mini-Cons' true destiny will be revealed. Those who helped will be rewarded and all others will suffer Unicron's wrath.


Galvatron:How long have we been adversaries, Optimus? It seems like since the beginning of time. And I suppose I do have a certain respect for you but I digress, you might have fooled Starscream with your little Truce ploy, but I am nobody's fool. Now let's end this charade, shall we?

Galvatron: May I suggest that you have lost your mind?!

Starscream: It's time to finish this once and for all! Activate Proton Cannon! You're all mine, Unicron!


Galvatron: Right now, all I can think about is the comrade we lost. Sure, he challenged my authority in a failed coup attempt, and even though Starscream was a traitor, he never lost sight of his oath to the Decepticons. He was a true soldier, unlike most of you!

Galvatron: I can't believe I just saved Prime!


Optimus Prime:: Once we get inside Unicron, we're going to rescue all the Mini-Cons.
Fred: Ahh, you're the greatest!
Galvatron:: ...what?
Fred::'re really the greatest too, Galvatron.
Galvatron: "HA HA HA! Now that's what I like to hear!"

Fred:Unicron is going to blast us! I don't want to get blasted on an empty stomach!"
Galvatron: You'll pay for this betrayal, Thrust. I'm angry. And do you remember how I get when I'm angry?
Thrust: You don't scare me anymore, Galvatron. Unlike you, I've learned to choose my allies wisely. You're nothing but a bad joke! What were you thinking, joining forces with Optimus Prime and the Autobots? He's your enemy, remember? Did you expect me to grovel in front of you? Nah, not likely. I have no need for you. All we did was fight one meaningless battle after another! What was the point? You wanted to control the Mini-Cons and the universe, but we know that will never happen now. You lost control of the Decepticons, so what kind of a leader does that make you if you can't manage your own kind? A pretty poor one, if you ask me. Unicron is completely different. He's enormous, and totally invincible! And with someone like me to advise him on issues of importance - like which planets to devour and whose solar system to enslave - I see no reason why we shouldn't have a successful partnership!
Galvatron: You always did like the sound of your own voice.
Thrust: I can't wait until Unicron blasts you to pieces, and I scatter your dust all over the universe! Ahahah!
(Thrust attempts to jump but hits a moving part of Unicron and is caught between Unicron's joints)
Thrust: "Galvatron, I didn't mean what I said! Please, save me, please!
Galvatron: "I have to go meet Optimus Prime. We're going inside Unicron. I'll give you two choices: Either I shoot you here and now, or you free yourself and get out on your own. And if you do, there will be nowhere to hide.
'(Thrust continues to be slowly crushed)
Thrust: "Galvatron! You can't just leave me here, please...
Galvatron:Thrust, if you dare to have dreams of power, you will be consumed by them.


Galvatron: What happened?
Optimus Prime: "The children awoke the Mini-Cons who were under Unicron's spell.
Alexis: EXACTLY. Now don't you think a simple 'Thank you' would be kind of nice, huh, Galvatron?
Galvatron:...ah, thank you.

Mortal Combat[edit]

Optimus Prime: Your mindless ambitions are fueled only by your greed. You'll stop at nothing to get what you want. I should have let Unicron destroy you!

Optimus Prime:Don't be surprised, Galvatron. This is exactly what you wanted. And I fight you not as the leader of the Autobots, but as the leader of all Transformers!"

Galvatron: Farewell, Optimus Prime. Victory is all yours. Now go look after your men, they need you!"