Treatment of women by the Taliban

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During its 1996–2001 rule in Afghanistan, the Taliban was considered notorious internationally for its misogyny and violence against women.


  • Maybe they [women who were executed by the Taliban] were guilty of the worst of all crimes: to laugh. Yes. Laughing. I said laughter. Didn't you know that with the Taliban in Afghanistan women can't laugh, that they are even forbidden to laugh?.
  • What will now happen to the women of Afghanistan? When asked if women’s rights will be respected, the Taliban governor of the Andar district in Ghazni province, Mawlavey Kamiil, said: “We assure this to people all over the world, especially the people of Afghanistan: Islam has given rights to everyone equally. Women have their own rights. How much Islam has given rights to women, we will give them that much.” Similarly, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, Enamullah Samangani, has promised that women “should be in the government structure according to Sharia law”. This caveat is important: women will only have the rights afforded to them by Islam. ....
    Over the last several days, I’ve wept bitter tears for the women and girls whose futures are now blighted through no fault of their own. I have felt an overwhelming sense of impotence, even as I have personally tried to help get vulnerable people out of Kabul. But this sense of impotence is now giving way to a feeling of anger and of renewed purpose.
    • Ayaan Hirsi Ali , Biden’s most heartless betrayal Aug 2021
  • "In the eyes of Taliban, women are not living, breathing human beings, but merely some meat and flesh to be battered," ..."They first torture us and then discard our bodies to show as a specimen of punishment," Khatera said. "Sometimes our bodies are fed to dogs. I was lucky that I survived it."
    • Khatera, a female victim, quoted in [1][2]

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