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Trevor Loudon in 2017

Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand author, speaker, political activist, and blogger. Loudon is the author of two self-published books, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress, which was made into a documentary in 2016 titled the Enemies Within.


  • The reason that communism is the greatest evil is simple: Communism is the greatest enemy of personal responsibility ever invented. Communism waters down and diminishes personal accomplishments. Once one sees this clearly, seemingly inexplicable communist-driven policies make sense. Every communist policy—from the minimum wage to single-payer health care to rent control—is designed to minimize and thwart personal responsibility. Conversely, individuals who take personal responsibility become leaders, inspiring others to take control of their own lives. Individuals who take personal responsibility for their actions are accountable for their behavior, which results in better relationships with others.
  • In communist terminology “world peace” simply means an absence of resistance to world Marxist-Leninist domination. What would the CPUSA do if the United States got into a full-scale military confrontation with China?
  • One of the most striking things about radical left movements is their ability to cause such great damage with comparatively minuscule numbers of agitators. Many of these individuals and organizations work relentlessly to bring about revolution with little to no scrutiny. ... The communist organizers might pass for a group of friends at a neighborhood barbeque, but their innocent appearance shouldn’t lull citizens into complacency.
  • What could be crueler than denying someone just starting out in life the chance to work, to learn skills, and to open new horizons?
    The disastrous results of minimum wage laws are used by enemies of the free market to discredit the free market.
    Minimum wage laws help no one. They harm the economy, they spread poverty, and they kill dreams.
    Minimum wage laws are cruel, and they are a fraud on the poor and the disadvantaged. They must be abolished.
  • Importantly, socialized medicine is not about health care, it is about control.
    Are you going to oppose the government or defy bureaucrats when they have the power of veto over your spouse’s or children’s health care?
  • Our environment can best be preserved and enhanced by better protection of property rights in a free-market economy.
    Private individuals—not socialist governments—are the best stewards of the environment.
    China and the old Soviet bloc proved that point once and for all.
  • Government welfare is communism. Free money from the state, whether in terms of benefits, handouts, or non-universal tax-breaks, is a trap that will draw people into socialism and beyond. It’s a lot like cancer.
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