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Trial & Error is an American sitcom television series presented in a mockumentary style and spoofing reality legal shows, that aired from 2017 to 2018.

Season 1[edit]

A Big Crime in a Small Town [1.1][edit]

Jeremiah Davis: As my grandpappy said, "You ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you hire yourself a… Northeasterner." They just seem slyer than the rest of us.

Josh Segal: How you holding up?
Larry Henderson: My cell mate is a serial rapist. That said, he keeps an immaculate bunk, keeps to himself, and is gluten free, so he gives me all his pastries. Uh, let me clarify. Terrible human being, terrific roommate.

Larry Henderson: I loved Margaret. She was my best friend. It's just that sexuality is fluid, and sometimes my fluids go towards men.

A Wrench in the Case [1.2][edit]

Carol Anne Keane: He's not from around here, Your Honor. He's a Northeasterner.
Judge Horsedich: Oh.
Josh Segal: I have the ultimate respect for the court, Judge Horsedick… …ch.
Judge Horsedich: It's pronounced "Hi-sen-dike".
Josh Segal: Really?
Judge Horsedich: The "N" is silent.
Josh Segal: (quietly) The "N" is invisible.

Josh Segal: So, Anne, how do you know this forensic pathologist?
Anne Flatch: He's in my OCD group.
Josh Segal: You also have OCD?
Anne Flatch: No. Oh, my God, can you imagine? I volunteer there. There's some people out there with issues.

The Other Man [1.3][edit]

Summer Henderson: Hey, Dad, who put tulips on Margaret's grave?
Larry Henderson: Clearly someone who wants to torture me.
Summer Henderson: Okay, don't be paranoid. I'm sure it's just a simple mistake.
Jeremiah Davis: (in interview) I chose tulips specifically to torture Larry Henderson.

Carol Anne Keane: Small town. People talk. (whispering) People whisper.

Opening Statements [1.9][edit]

Larry Henderson: (to Anne and Dwayne) Okay, but could you try not to burn any bridges with Alfonzo. This trial may be over some day, and you know how hard it is to date when you're a bisexual with a murder trial hanging over your head?
Summer Henderson: Yep.

Larry Henderson: The heart wants what it wants. And it pumps blood right into the penis.

Heidi Baker: (on TV) Only moments after being outed for faking a coma, Rutger Hiss hit his head and is now in a real coma. In a case full of shocking twists, we now have our first ironic one.

Season 2[edit]

The Suitcase [2.1][edit]

Josh Segal: (in interview) Bail was set at $10.
Lavinia Peck-Foster: I actually don't have $10.
Josh Segal: (in interview) And it was paid for by the judge.