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Trials of Shazam! is comic book published by DC Comics written by Judd Winick and drawn by Howard Porter. The series reimagine the Captain Marvel characters and their roles in the DC Universe. It features Billy Batson taking over the role of the wizard Shazam under the name "Marvel", while a powerless Freddy Freeman attempts to prove himself worthy to take over Captain Marvel's role under the name "Shazam".

Issue #1

  • Cultist: You-- Boy! How old are you? Answer me! How old are you? Tell me now! SPEAK!
    Billy Batson: Shazam.

  • Billy Batson: I bring it down hard. I can do that now. I can summon the lightning and make it tangible. I can make them feel it. And I wanted these guys to feel it...To feel the power of the Gods.

  • Denat: What in God's name are you doing?!
    Rimeen: I do nothing in God's name.

  • Zatanna: For weeks I've been up to my armpits in demonic creatures and empowered evil beings, and they're all--
    Captain Marvel: Completely new to you. And I assume as a student, a scholar and a warrior of magic--
    Zatanna: Yeah! I find it all a bit...Well...
    Captain Marvel: Screwed up.

  • Captain Marvel: The books of magic have been...rewritten.
    Zatanna: Marvel...What does that mean?
    Captain Marvel: It's a new world. And I have a new place in it.

  • Captain Marvel [Standing over a beaten cultist]: Brother, you are messing with the wrong god-power-wielding dude.

  • Captain Marvel: I could get used to this. The world of magic becomes unbalanced, and Ol' Captain Marvel sets it right. I can do this. I can protect this world.
    Captain Marvel: Shazam.
    [A huge bolt of lightning strikes at Captain Marvel]
    Captain Marvel: Whu--? Why am I still...? Oh God .
    [Captain Marvel looks at his hands; his skin and hair has turned white as has his costume]
    Captain Marvel: What's happening...?

Issue #2


Issue #3


Issue #4

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