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Tristan Azbej (4 March 1979–) is a Hungarian politician.


  • It is easier to be forthcoming with such an incredible majority behind us. Our colleagues certainly lack this, so for them, going against fashionable politically correct language is more difficult, that is for sure. In a situation like that we consider that it is our job to show the facts to the Western world, that often lacks information and at other times shows incredible hypocrisy.
  • Suffering and persecution are not a competition, there cannot be a martyrdom race. We emphasize that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world because the numbers show it and we need to talk about it because the mere existence of the persecution of Christians is currently being debated in public discourse. So it’s not that we want to show Christianity as being in a martyr position, we just want to present the facts and we want the world to accept it.

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