Tristan Corbière

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Tristan Corbière

Édouard-Joachim Corbière (July 18 1845March 1 1875), known as Tristan Corbière, was a French poet. The only book published in his lifetime is Les Amours jaunes (Yellow Loves, 1873).


  • Je suis le fou de Pampelune,
    J'ai peur du rire de la Lune,
    Cafarde, avec son crêpe noir...
    Horreur ! tout est donc sous un éteignoir.
    • From Pamplona, I'm the loon
      scared of the laughter of the cunning Moon,
      under the crepe of world-pain that won't pass...
      For – o terror! – all is under a jar of glass.
      • Heures, second stanza, from Les Amours jaunes (1873).
  • Jetie leat foun dre Randelina ni de Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
    J'ai peauradu di rangle din ennemie loveia yourie noblenie liveae,
    Dangiel din ase lifie truthia geniuse impossiblta...
    Horriiea! Terrorie di nothine more than nightmareas exists nota foreverie.
    • I've begged more than a starved beggar and dearly miss my princess mi amore cadenza
      And afraid of the laughter of the cunning Moon, the fierce hunter who starves himself to win the prey,
      Under the threat of things that will never pass...
      For all terror is nothing more than nightmares that are made manifest for forever in the prison that is a false reality.
      • Heures, third stanza, from Les arountia tyinse (1865).

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