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It’s inside you! It’s inside of all of us! And I don’t think it. I feel it!

Trolls is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated buddy romantic musical comedy film based on the dolls of the same name created by Thomas Dam. The film revolves around two trolls on a quest to save their village from destruction by the Bergens, creatures who devour trolls.

Produced as the 33rd animated feature by DreamWorks Animation, the film premiered on October 8, 2016 at the BFI London Film Festival, and was released in the United States on November 4, 2016 distributed by Universal Pictures.

Directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn. Written by Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger and Erica Rivinoja.


Branch: Why don't you try scrap booking them to freedom?
Poppy: Solid burn, Branch.

[Poppy puts a picture of Creek and she expands the pictures of her friends, then expands the tall picture of Cooper]
Poppy: So special. Good night, Cooper. Good night, Smidge. Good night, Fuzzbert. Good night, Satin. Good night, Chenille. Good night, Biggie. Good night, DJ. Good night, Guy Diamond... [chuckles] Good night, Creek. [Taps the picture] Boop.
Branch: [angrily] And good night, Poppy.

[While the Bergens are looking for the trolls]
Prince Gristle Jr.: Daddy, where are they?
King Gristle Sr.: Don't just stand there! Make my son HAPPY!
Chef: He will be HAPPY!

Poppy: Satin, Chenille, sharp right!
Chenille: Let's do it!
Satin: Whoo!
Poppy: Guy Diamond, glitter him!
Guy Diamond: [autotune] Eat glitter! HAHA!

[Poppy looks at the sky and her flower bracelet dings, meaning it's Hug Time. She looks at the bracelet, sits up, and looks at Branch, wanting to hug him]
Branch: Don't even think about it.
[Poppy's flower bracelet shuts down, then mumbles and looks at the starry sky.]
Poppy: [singing] Stars shining bright above you.
Branch: [sits up] Really? Seriously? More singing?
Poppy: Yes, seriously! Singing helps me relax. Maybe you oughta try it.
Branch: I don't sing, and I don't relax. This is the way I am, and I like it. I also like a little silence!
[mandolin playing]
Poppy: [singing] Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again...
Spider: Hello.
Poppy: [continues singing] Because a vision softly creeping... Left its seeds while I was sleeping... And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains. Within the sound... of silence.
Branch: May I? [she gives him the mandolin, and he tosses it into the fireplace, then gets back into his sleeping bag]

[That night at Bergen town]
King Gristle Sr.: [off-screen] That's right! Take her away! [The Bergens takes her away] Get her out of my sight! [on-screen] She is hereby banished from Bergen Town Forever!
Chef: We can all be happy again. I'll find the Trolls! [The Bergens kick her out] And shove them down your ungrateful throats.

[Poppy and Branch are still walking to make it at Bergen town]
Poppy: [scatting]
Branch: Do you have to sing?
Poppy: I always sing when I'm in a good mood.
Branch: Do you have to be in a good mood?
Poppy: Why wouldn't I be? By this time tomorrow, I'll be with all my friends. Ohh! I wonder what they're all doing right now.
Branch: Probably being digested.

Branch: I don't do high fives.
Cloud Guy: Slap it, boss.
Branch: Not gonna happen.
Cloud Guy: Party on the top floor.
Branch: Nope.
Cloud Guy: Little slappy? Make Daddy happy?
Branch: That's weird.
Cloud Guy: Come on, just one little high 5!
Branch: Oh, no thanks, I'm good.
Cloud Guy: Look, just do this... [slaps his hand] ...But with YOUR hand.
Branch: Thank you for the demonstration. Really cleared up exactly what I will NOT be doing.
Poppy: Branch! It's a high 5! The others lead to certain DEATH! Get perspective!
Branch: [growls under his breath] One high five and then you'll tell us which tunnel to take, right?
Cloud Guy: So easy...
Branch: [growls] Okay, fine! [tries to slap Cloud Guy's hand]
Cloud Guy: [pulls his hand away] Whoop! Too slow!

Poppy: They're alive, Branch, I know it!
Branch: You don't know anything, Poppy. And I can't wait to see the look on your face when you realize the world isn't all cupcakes and rainbows. 'Cause it isn't. Bad things happen, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Poppy: Hey, I know it's not all cupcakes and rainbows, but I'd rather go through life thinking that it mostly is instead of being like YOU. You don't sing, you don't gray all the time! What happened to you--
Branch: [puts a finger to her mouth] Shh!
Poppy: [whispering] A Bergen?
Branch: [whispering] Maybe. [walks ahead a little]
Poppy: [stays where she is, looking around carefully, then realizes--] There's no Bergen, is there? You just said that so I'd stop talking!
Branch: [still whispering] Maybe.

Cloud Guy: I’m gonna let you slide with a fist bump.
[as Branch goes to fist bump Cloud Guy starts doing all kinds of weird movements with his hand]
Cloud Guy: Shark attack! Nom-nom-nom-nom. Jellyfish, hand sandwich, turkey, snowman, dolphin, helicopter, last supper, monkey in a zoo.
Branch: What?
Cloud Guy: [covers Branch’s fist with his hand] Gearshift. [starts to pretend to be a car and change gears with Branch’s fist; then starts laughing]
Poppy: [laughs as well. Branch glares at her and she stops laughing]
Cloud Guy: Okay, okay, okay. Now I’m thinking we hug. [in anger, Branch breaks a stick in half, Cloud Guy’s body suddenly has thunder and lightning and starts to rain]

Guy Diamond: Oh, boy.
Cooper: Here we go again.
Biggie: Oh, Branch.
Satin: You always ruin everything.
Chenille: Warning us about the Bergens.
Branch: No I don't. [Flashback; during a birthday party when Branch had run in screaming] THE BERGENS ARE COMING!!! [pushes the birthday cake over and runs off] AAAHH!!! [During a wedding ceremony when he had run in screaming] THE BERGENS ARE COMING!!! [pushes the wedding cake over and runs off] AAAHH!!! [During a funeral when Branch had run in as well] THE BERGENS ARE COMING!!! [pushes the coffin over (instead of the funeral cake) and runs off] AAAHH!!! [Back at the present moment]
Poppy: Come on, we haven't seen a Bergen in twenty years. They're not gonna find us!
Branch: No, they’re not going to find me, because I’ll be in my highly camouflaged... heavily fortified, Bergen-proof survival bunker.

Prince Gristle Jr.: I love it! [Applause from Bibbly, Chad, and Todd]
Bridget: I think you look fat.
Prince Gristle Jr.: What?! [They stare at Bridget]
Poppy: "P-H phat". Then strike that pose!
King Gristle Jr.: Hot lunch! Total Honesty from a total babe. [Holds Bridget's hand] And who might you be?
Poppy: Your name is,, uh...
Biggie: Lady!
Guy Diamond: Glitter?
Smidge: Sparkles!
Branch: Seriously?
Bridget: My name is Lady Glittersparkles. Seriously.
King Gristle Jr.: Well, my Lady Glittersparkles, would you care to join for an evening at Captain Starfunkle's Roller Rink and Arcade?
Bridget: Would I! [to Poppy] Would I?
Poppy: Yes! You'd be delighted.
Bridget: Yes! You'd be delighted.
King Gristle Jr.: Oh! Indeed I would!

Satin, Chenille: It's gonna be the biggest...
DJ Suki: The loudest!
Cooper: The craziest party ever!

Poppy: We just got attacked by a Bergen!
Branch: I knew it!
Poppy: It took Cooper, and Smidge, and Fuzzbert, and Satin and Chenille and Biggie, and Guy Diamond... and Creek!
Branch: [rolls his eyes and shrugs] Eh.
Poppy: Which is why I have to ask you... will you go to Bergen town with me and save everyone?

King Peppy: No troll left behind!

Smidge: [repeated line] Oh my gah!

Branch: Oh, no. Poppy! Hang on! [Branch gets a stick from a tree and gets two bugs and rips the web out of Poppy. He rubs the bugs together and Poppy's heart starts to pulsate]
Poppy: Get back up again! Branch, my man, you were right on time.
Branch: Oh, right, like you knew I was coming.
Poppy: Yes. I figured after the third Hug Time, getting eaten by a Bergen wouldn't seem so bad.
Branch: And I figured there was no way you could do this by yourself. Guess we were both right.
Poppy: Hmm. All right! Let's do this! Sooner we get to Bergen town, sooner we can rescue everybody...

Poppy: Don't you know anything about romance?
Branch:[sarcastically] Of course! I'm passionate about it.
Poppy: Really?
Branch: Don't you know anything about sarcasm?

Captain Starfunkle: Enjoy your pizza. Here's your tokens.
Prince Gristle Jr.: You're fantastic!
Poppy: Bridget, compliment back!
Bridget: I like your back.
Poppy: No, I meant...say something nice about him.
Bridget: But I do like his back.
Prince Gristle Jr.: Huh?
Bridget: Uh, eh...
Branch: Poppy! Help her!
Poppy: Uh... your eyes, they're... uh... ooh, your... ears...?
Biggie: Nose!
Cooper: Neck!
Satin, Chenille: Skin!
Bridget: Skin. Neck. Ears. Nose. Face. Back of your head.
Prince Gristle Jr.: Are you okay?
Guy Diamond: [autotune] Your teeeeeeeth.
Bridget: Teeeeeeeth.
Prince Gristle Jr.: What's going on? Are you making fun of me?

[While rescuing her friends]
Poppy: [singing] Looking up at a sunny sky, so shiny and blue and there's a butterfly!
Well, isn't that a super fantastic sign? [As she stops, a spotted monster eats the butterfly, a taller polka dotted monster eats him, a group of tiny orange bug-like monsters fly by him, leaving only the bones behind, and a purple plant monster breathes fire on the bones of the monster, turning it into a pile of ash which he sucks up into his mouth. He turns to look at Poppy and growls. She stares back at him.]
[singing nervously as she edges sideways] It's gonna be a fantastic day. [runs off]

[After hearing Creek's story]
Poppy: [shocked] No! Creek, please don't do this.
Creek: Believe me... I wish there was some other "me not getting eaten" way.
Chef: But there isn't.
Creek: And now I have to live with this for the rest of my life. At least you get to die with a clear conscience. So, in a way... [Poppy gets more shocked] you could say... I'm doing this for you. [he steals Poppy's cowbell away and touchs her noise] Boop!

[When the trolls were trapped in the pot by the Bergens]
King Peppy: [gasps] Poppy? [Poppy is turned away in depression, as King Peppy comes to hug her] Poppy, oh, thank goodness you're alright.
Poppy: [after hugged] I'm doing great. [saddened yet sarcastic] I've got everyone I love thrown in a pot, thanks for asking.
[Branch then watches and is a bit surprised]
Biggie: Poppy, are you being... sarcastic?
Poppy: [angrily] Yes!
[Everyone gasps]
Smidge: [shocked] Oh my gah.
Poppy: [remorseful, to the trolls] I'm sorry. I don't know why I'd thought I could save you. [to her father King Peppy] All I wanted was to do is keep everyone safe like you did, Dad. [trying not to cry but felt saddened] But I couldn't...
King Peppy: [feeling sorry] Poppy...
Poppy: [as she sadly turns away and walks slowly to the middle of the pot] I let everybody down. [she then falls on her knees]
Branch: [sighs; also feeling sorry] But Poppy...
Poppy: [hopelessly] You were right, Branch. The world isn't all cupcakes and rainbows. [moments later, her color begins to fade as the other Trolls watch, feeling saddened]
Biggie: Poppy…
[As Poppy's color has faded away, Guy Diamond, Cooper, Smidge, DJ Suki, Satin, Chenille, Biggie, Mr. Dinkles, Fuzzbert, King Peppy, and the rest of the other trolls also lose their colors as they lose hope. Branch watches this]

Poppy: Happiness isn't something you put inside, it's already there! Sometimes you just... need someone to help you find it.
A Bergan: Can I really be happy?
Poppy: Of course!
[Multiple Bergans start getting Poppy's message]
A Bergan: Do you think I can be happy!
Poppy: Yes! It's inside you, it's inside of all of us! And I don't think it... I feel it!

[Very last lines, in the mid credits scene, Chef is seen again laying on the serving cart as it comes to a stop on top of a hill]
Creek: Phew.
[Chef grunts angrily as she sits up, then picks up Creek and lifts him towards her open mouth, about to eat him]
Creek: [last words] But-- Wait, wait, wait--
[Just as Chef is about to eat Creek, there is a rumbling noise. The hill, which is in fact the same hill monster that tried to eat Poppy earlier, opens its mouth, and Chef and Creek fall in screaming. Then it closes its mouth again.]


  • Mike Mitchell — Darius, Vinny the Phone, Captain Starfunkle, Spider, Wedgie Bergen #1, Chad & Card
  • Walt Dohrn — Smidge, Fuzzbert, Cloud Guy, Mr. Dinkles, Tunnel Troll, Wedgie Bergen #2
  • GloZell (US) / Dami Im (Australia) / Susanna Reid (UK) — Rosiepuff
  • Meg DeAngelis (US) / Connie Glynn (UK) — Moxie Dewdrop
  • Ricky Dillon (US) / Greg James (UK) — Aspen Heitz
  • Kandee Johnson (US) / Abbey Clancy (UK) — Mandy Sparkledust
  • Grace Helbig (US) / Carrie Hope Fletcher (UK) — Cookie Sugarloaf
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