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Troy: Fall of a City (2018) is a British-American miniseries, released by Netflix, based on the Trojan War and the love affair between Paris and Helen. The show tells the story of the 10 year siege of Troy, set in the 13th century BC.

Season One[edit]

Black Blood [1.01][edit]

Paris:[to Menelaus and Helen] How did you two get together?’

Conditions [1.02][edit]

Hecuba: Where are they?
Priam: They're resting from their journey, they're coming to see me later.
Hecuba: Is it what I think?
Priam: Tell them.
Pandarus: He stole her away in a chest. We had no idea she was inside until we set sail. I tried to persuade him to return her, he threatened to throw me into the sea.
Priam: He claims to love her.
Hecuba: How could you not notice what was going on?
Pandarus: [sarcastically] I apologize, my lady. I should have foreseen that while the King of Sparta was burying his dead father, your new son would try to sleep with his wife!
Priam: Don't you use that tone with us! We put him in your charge!
Andromache: By now, Menelaus will know they've eloped; he'll have told his brother. Agamemnon needs no excuse for a fight. She must be sent back, before they do something foolish.
Hecuba: Andromache's right. Agamemnon will have rallied all the kings of Greece, we can't waste any time. We'll send a message that we regret the discourtesy, return Helen, and send gifts of our own.
Priam: Why should I bow to him? We made this city prosperous through sweat and blood! This city bows to no one.
Hecuba: And will continue to do so. Your pride can afford to take one hit, if it's to save the city from any future harm. (pause) She must go back, Priam.
Priam: Leave us. [Pandarus and Andromache exit]
Servant: Forgive me, Your Majesty. The Spartan queen requests an audience.
Priam: No, I said later.
[Helen walks in]
Helen: My Lord. My Lady. [Bows] If my fate is to be decided, I would like you to hear me first.
Hecuba: You have a nerve, my lady.
Helen: I hear, my Queen, that you rule Troy alongside your husband. That in this city, man and woman are equal in respect and power. I humbly claim that respect now. I was married at fourteen against my will, to a man I had not met and would never love. Not for one moment, have I been happy with Menelaus. I didn't choose him, and never would have. I do choose... to be with your son. I'm not a possession, I'm a woman. I think, I feel. And I'm here... because I want to be.

Ajax: Tricks of Hermes? Tricks of Penelope, more like.
Odysseus: Ajax, what do you know about women? Stick to fighting, and spitting. Who else is here?
Nestor: We all are. Lovers and defenders of Greece, as I know you are. And the best strategist we have.
Odysseus: You don't need me to return a whore to her marriage-bed.
Nestor: You admire Helen as much as the rest of us! I seem to remember you fought for her hand.
Odysseus: [smiles] We all did. And look who won her. [nods in Menelaus' direction] No war should be fought for such a man.
Nestor: In stealing Helen, the Trojan Prince insulted all of us.
Odysseus: It's not just about the girl, though, is it, Nestor? [glances at a tent on a hilltop] Is that Achilles?
Nestor: Oh, yes. He's here too.
[They stand as Agamemnon and Menelaus approach]
Agamemnon: Odysseus, let's walk.
Menelaus: I know we've shared harsh words in the past. I'd just like to say-
Odysseus: All forgotten, my Lord. We have one enemy now.
[He and Menelaus embrace]
Agamemnon: This war won't take long.
Menelaus: We get the queen back, and we teach them a lesson.
Odysseus: [sarcastically] The Gods will see to it.
Menelaus: They must.
Odysseus: Cruel wind. How long's it been blowing like this?
Agamemnon: It's been gusting on-shore since we came.
Menelaus: It'll change.
Odysseus: If it doesn't? We can't sail in this. Did you make offerings to the Goddess?
Agamemnon: In the haste of anger, rituals may have been neglected.
Odysseus: She's offended.
Menelaus: The offense is against us! The winds will change.
Agamemnon: Get the priests and the seers. Make offerings of birds to the Goddess, now. Surely Artemis will understand.

Agamemnon: What happened?
Seer: She demands...
Menelaus: Speak, man. What is it?
Seer: She demands... a sacrifice, of a dove purer than pure. I tried. I took a white dove in my hand, cut its' throat, but she just laughed. She said, "That is not the dove I mean" [stares at Agamemnon] The dove she wants... is human.
Agamemnon: Human?
Seer: ...Your daughter.
Agamemnon: [after a long pause]... This will be prevented. Try again.
Menelaus: Brother-
Agamemnon: Don't say anything. There must be a way.
Odysseus: The Goddess was clear.
Agamemnon: Why? Why demand that? To kill my own blood, why?!
Odysseus: So you can look a Trojan in the eye as you break into their city, and know that nothing they suffered can compare to what you suffered here.
Agamemnon: What kind of justice is that?
Odysseus: The justice of war, my Lord.
Agamemnon: Then we won't travel to Troy.
Menelaus: You will have us look like cowards!
Agamemnon: Then you give up your child!
Menelaus: Hermione wasn't asked for!
Agamemnon:... What if I offer myself? I'll slit my own throat-
Odyssesus: Then we lose a leader, and gain nothing. [pause] There is no negotiation, sir. You know that.
Menelaus: Brother, we are running out of time.
Odysseus: We must find the best way to expedite-
[Agamemnon strikes him and grabs him by the throat]
Agamemnon: "Expedite?" Expedite?! Do you have a heart?!
Odysseus: Yes, my Lord. But we are here, now. The winds will not change unless you do. Your men will not follow a King the Gods have abandoned.
[Agamemnon releases him]

Odysseus: We have another condition. Such an insult as King Menelaus has suffered... demands retribution.
Priam: We will return all gifts and make reparations.
Odysseus: These are King Agamemnon's demands. The Straits of the Dardanelles; you control them. You tax every cargo, every ship.
[Pandarus passes the terms to Priam]
Priam: Is this a joke?
Odysseus: I assure you, not.
Priam: This will break us!
Odysseus: A few years' hardship, nothing more. A lesson learned.
Priam: Oh, I see: this is why you're here. To destroy our economy.
Menelaus: We are here because you insulted my honor!
Odysseus: Don't be hasty. King Priam, consider the best option for your city.
Hector: I was the loudest voice in advocating Helen's return.
Odysseus: Hector is wise-
Hector: [sharply] Get out. And take your conditions with you.
[He smashes the tablet as Paris enters]
Paris: No one's taking her. [he brandishes his sword at Menelaus as Hector holds him back] No one.
Odysseus: This is a disgrace. A breach of the protocol.
Priam: Alexander! Put down your weapon. Your queen isn't going anywhere. [Paris lowers his sword] Troilus, Deiphobus, see them out.
Menelaus: We will bring the rage of the Gods down on your ASIATIC HEADS! [he storms out]
Odysseus: Think again. No one wants this war. Make a counter-offer-
Hecuba: Leave... and take your smooth tongue with you.
[Odysseus leaves. Achilles stands to leave; he smirks at Hector and Paris, sizing them up]
Achilles: We will be back. [bows and leaves]

Siege [1.03][edit]

Spoils of War [1.04][edit]

Hunted [1.05][edit]

Hecuba: Priam, he's coming. You need to talk to him.
[Hector and Andromache enter their chambers, accompanied by Cassandra]
Hector: [to Hecuba] Tell her, tell her what you did!
Cassandra: I already know-
Hector: I want you to hear it from them.
Priam: What is this? Get her out of here.
Hector: Don't move, Cassandra. Will you speak, or shall I?
Priam: And say what?
Hector: You sent your newborn son to his death. You told your other children that wolves stole him, forced your wife to play along. Luckily, the man you employed for the task disobeyed your command. That is the only reason Alexander's still alive! Because a simple shepherd had a heart you never did.
Priam: I did what I thought was best for the city. I don't have to apologize to you, or anyone for that!
Hector: [Indicates Cassandra] What about her? She had a vision that Alexander would burn the city to the ground, that black blood would flow in the streets! You told her she was mad! [Priam looks guilty] You locked her up! You told me my sister was disturbed, that I couldn't see her, that she needed constant care?! That she shouldn't be allowed out to play, like other children! [pause] She was seven years old.
Cassandra: I don't want to be in here-
Hector: Stay where you are, Cassandra. When Alexander came back, you lied again.
Priam: To save his life.
Hector: You lied, and you lied, and now you hide away in your room like a child!
Priam: To save his life.
Hector: What kind of coward are you?
Cassandra: Please, let me go! [she tries to flee, Andromache stops her]
Hecuba: Let her go, Hector. [Andromache releases Cassandra, who leaves the room] ...Your father didn't force me. What we did, we did together.
Hector: Are you saying you gave away your son voluntarily? [Hecuba looks tearful] You lied to your children!
Priam: Well, you lied, too. You met Litos in Cilicia. He warned you to stop Alexander from returning.
[Hector glances quickly at Andromache]
Hector: Yes. I did meet Litos. Perhaps, I should have obeyed him. I had the chance, and I failed. [pause] I'm telling Pandarus to call off the search for Alexander.
Hecuba: What? But the Greeks will find him; you know what they'll do to him-
Hector: The Gods have been clear. He cannot be in Troy.
Hecuba: He's your blood.
Hector: The risk is too great. I'm sorry. [to Priam] I'm taking over the running of the city now. I think it's for the best, don't you?

Odysseus: They won't hand her over.
Nestor: But the boy's gone. Why keep her now?
Odysseus: Afraid we'll humiliate them, financially... and politically.
Menelaus: I won that duel. The terms were specific: immediate surrender... and the return of my wife.
Odysseus: Trickery got you the advantage, Menelaus. I'm not sure you can claim the moral high ground.
Menelaus: It was your idea to use the priest.
Odysseus: To weaken the prince's resolve. But you missed your chance.
Menelaus: [shakes his head] ... I didn't miss my chance.
Odysseus: You didn't kill him.
Menelaus: [enraged] You say that again.
Odysseus: You didn't kill him.
Menelaus: FUCK! [He grabs a knife and lunges at Odysseus; Ajax, Diomedes and Nestor draw their swords.]
Agamemnon: NO! [Menelaus stops inches from Odysseus, who gazes coolly back at him] Put your swords away.

[The Greek kings sheath their swords. Menelaus slowly walks away from Odysseus]

Agamemnon: They have reneged on the conditions of the duel. Alexander fled, lost all rights to her, and to his life. And I want that coward found.
Odysseus: [nods] I have men roaming the hills.
Agamemnon: Then double the numbers. I want him brought here for my brother's satisfaction... and for my own.

Helen: Who are you?
Xanthius: I'm a friend.
Helen: I don't need a friend.
Xanthius: You needed someone to clear up after you. That servant was about to betray you.
Helen: What did you do to him?
Xanthius: I fulfilled Achilles' command. I have been charged with your care while you remain in the city.
Helen: You're lying. What do you want from me? Money?
Xanthius: Merely to protect you... for your return.
Helen: I'll never return. Everything I have done, I have done for my love.
Xanthius: And now you are alone. Your lover has gone. You have secrets that need protection.
[Helen steps around the corner and looks him in the eye]
Helen: Listen. I never asked for your help, and I never will. Go back to your Greeks and tell them I don't want to see them or you again.
Xanthius: Your beauty is different, close-up.
Helen: Just go. [she turns to leave]
Xanthius: Lord Pandarus is making inquiries into your servant's disappearance. Be careful.

[Paris and Agelaus eat at a campfire, while Zeus and Aphrodite watch them unseen]
Paris: It's good. Tastier than anything in Troy.
Agelaus: What happened to that woman you stole?
Paris: It's over.
Agelaus: Don't you love her?
Paris: More than ever. But I lost. So they have to give Helen back to Menelaus, it's the code of war. They probably already have. [pause] What if I'd never left here?
Agelaus: But you did. Paris... I'm an old man. I can't protect you.
Aphrodite: The boy's suffered enough.
Zeus: Priam should have killed the baby himself. Then none of this need have happened.
Aphrodite: You set the whole thing up. The competition, Helen... all just to satisfy the Omens.
Zeus: No... I gave the boy a chance to seize his own destiny. And he took it.
Aphrodite: [strokes his arm] ...Forgive him. For me.
[Zeus turns to kiss her as she nuzzles him, but abruptly stops]
Zeus: Thing is... forgiveness isn't our way, is it?

Achilles: I thought you might come.
Odysseus: When does this stop? When we're all dead?
Achilles: When the King feels in his soul the wrong he's done me, and gives me back my girl. That probably won't happen tonight.
Odysseus: They have twice the numbers. They have dozens of horses; you could have Trojan riders in your tent within hours.
Achilles: Well, we'll be sure to welcome them. Won't we? [he glances at Patroclus, who chuckles]
Odysseus: Patroclus... help me.
Achilles: See, I'm not like you, Odysseus. You like to win, regardless of the cause. If I feel the cause is wrong, I can't move. [Odysseus scoffs] My sword won't rise in my hand-
Nestor: Stop this. We don't have time!
Achilles: There's always time for thinking, Nestor.
Nestor: We need your men, even if you won't fight.
Achilles: Give me a reason, and I'll fight. One that isn't rape or pillage. You show me a higher calling that demands my power. Give me a cause, and I'll give you war. Can you? [pause] Thought not. So, in the absence of glory... you'll have to rely on your ways, Odysseus: the wiles of man. They've served you well up 'till now.
Odysseus: You'll regret this. I swear, by the Gods. [He and Nestor turn to leave]
Achilles: What do you know of Gods?

Battle on the Beach [1.06][edit]

Hector: [visiting a dying teenage soldier] Are you all right, son?
Astyanax: I saw you... as a boy. At the city games. [smiles] You wrestled your brother.
Hector: [nods] It was a good fight.
Astyanax: Did I fight well?
Hector: [nods] ... What did you do before you became a soldier?
Astyanax: Blacksmith's apprentice.
Hector: For your father?
Astyanax: I am an orphan.
Hector: [shakes his head]... No. No, you are a Son of Troy. [puts his hand on the boy's shoulder]
Astyanax: I'm ready to give my life for her. [he clasps Hector's hand]
Hector: What's your name?
Astyanax: Astyanax.
[He dies, and Hector closes his eyes]

Penthesilea: We found this. [hands Paris his dagger] Do Troy's common soldiers carry weapons like this?
Paris: I am Alexander. Son of Priam, Prince of Troy. My fate and that of the city are entwined.
Penthesilea: So it was nobility that led you to jump?
Paris: There is a prophecy-
Penthesilea: There always is with boys like you.
Paris: So long as I live, Troy is doomed.
Penthesilea: So if I killed you now, I'd be doing Troy a service?
Paris: I'm not afraid to die.
Penthesilea: Just not very good at it. [smirks]
Paris: So, you say you come to fight for Troy?
Penthesilea: I come to fight for whoever wants to kill Greeks.
Paris: What did the Greeks do to you?
Penthesilea: Most of them, nothing. I'll kill them anyway. I'll kill any man that fights under the banner of the Myrmidons.
Paris: So, you wish to kill Achilles.
Penthesilea: I wish to try. We ride for the city tomorrow. Come with us, and fight for your people. If it makes you feel any better, you'll almost certainly die in the process.

Patroclus: The Trojans are burning our supplies!
Achilles: And with us so close to victory. How inconsiderate of them.
Patroclus: If we run out of food, we will starve with everyone else.
Achilles: Well, I'm sure Menelaus has it under control-
Patroclus: He doesn't have it under control; he doesn't have anything under control! The time has come, Achilles! [Achilles walks away, Patroclus follows him] You've lost a prize, and you've been sitting around like sour milk ever since. You're no better than Agamemnon. [Achilles glares at him] He knows he's an arrogant bastard; he doesn't try to hide it behind some lofty ideals!
Achilles: Are you done?
Patroclus: I'm done sitting around, waiting for you to remember that you have a pair of balls and a sword. I would like to go home now, and I cannot until this war is finished!
Achilles: [coldly] Well, perhaps you should leave, before I forget that I once held affection for you.
Patroclus: [steps closer, puts his hand on Achilles' shoulder] It's not affection, it's love. And I'm not afraid of it.
Achilles:... When my mother dipped me in the river as a child, she did so with a mother's love. She gripped me tightly. Even as she looked to make me invincible... she feared she'd drown me. [caresses Patroclus' cheek] Love is weakness.
Patroclus: ... It doesn't have to be. [squeezes Achilles' hand] Fight with me. If not, then fight for me.

Cassandra: Their army's gone back to the beach.
Andromache: Yes.
Cassandra: I liked it when they were outside the walls. I liked being able to see them. I think the things that you can't see are much scarier than the things that you can.
Andromache: My husband... Tell me. What do you see of Hector? Does Achilles come for him?
Cassandra: I don't know.
Andromache: What do you see?
Cassandra: I don't see anything. Just blackness.
Andromache: Then the curse has been lifted?

[As Achilles kills several of his prisoners outside the gates of Troy while calling for Hector to face him]
Ainia: I saw your man die on the beach. He begged for mercy like a raped servant girl. I've never seen a soldier die with less dignity.
[Achilles walks over to her and holds his knife to her throat]
Ainia: [sneering] My Queen will open your heart and drink your blood, you son of a whore.
Achilles: Son of a goddess, actually. [he slits her throat] HECTOR!!
Andromache: Please, don't go out there. Not today! Don't fight that man.
Hector: I have no choice.
Andromache: Stay here with me, with our son! Please-
Hector: I would chose a short life as your husband, over a long life alone. [kisses her, their newborn son begins crying] I fight for you both. :[walks on]
Andromache: Please...
[The gate opens and he comes out to face Achilles, as his family watch from the walls. Achilles and Hector fight, with each of them taking wounds to the left shoulder]
Hector: You bleed like the rest of us!
[Enraged, Achilles charges Hector and they clash again. As Hector makes a counterattack, he over-extends his thrust and Achilles slashes across his sword hand, cutting off four fingers and causing Hector to scream in pain. Priam, Andromache and Hecuba begin to weep]
Achilles: [pointing his sword at the helpless Hector] On your knees.
Hector: I'll die on my feet.
[Achilles stalks around Hector and slashes both his hamstrings, causing him to collapse in agony]
Achilles: You will die on your knees.
[Andromache begins to sob; Paris stares at Achilles with murder in his eyes. Achilles glances up at them as he circles around Hector, then stabs him through the chest]
Achilles: [leans close to Hector] When you get to the riverman, pause a while. Your wife and your son will be there shortly.

Twelve Days [1.07][edit]

[Priam has entered Achilles' camp]
Achilles: If you don't leave before it's light, I can't protect you from what might happen.
Priam: I told you, I'm not going back alone. I'd rather die here, with my son.
Achilles: [to his men]... Bring him in. [They escort Priam into Achilles' tent] Hector brought this on himself, on the beach. He showed no mercy.
Priam: We know what he did. His mother wants to bury him, like you buried Patroclus.
Achilles: Your son is not worthy of burial.
Priam: Why was Patroclus in your armor?
Achilles: I refused to fight.
Priam: And the reason?
Achilles: The king. Agamemnon took my spoils. A girl from Cilicia. He took her for his own, when he'd done nothing to win her.
Priam: So you took offense?
Achilles: Yes.
Priam: So... why did Patroclus disobey you? Hmm? [they both sit]
Achilles: Patroclus insisted we did our duty. Defend... what was ours. I told him not to do it, and he wouldn't listen.
Priam: Well, not everyone has your strength, Achilles. It takes a mighty pride to do nothing, when the world is falling around you.
Achilles: Patroclus was reckless!
Priam: He was human.
Achilles: Say it. If I had been, he would still be here, right?
Priam: [nods] And so would my son.
Achilles: Tell me about him.
Priam: What do you mean?
Achilles: Hector.
Priam: What?
Achilles What was he like, as a child?
Priam: He was a terror, what do you expect?
Achilles: [nods] Me, too.
Priam: His mother spoiled him, but he grew up, and... well, he became a better man than me. [struggling to contain his grief] Hector had his mothers'... calm. He always knew what was needed. He... he really was the best of men. [Weeps]
Achilles: [to his men] Get him some water. [The Myrmidons obey]
Priam: (sobbing) His mother... She will die without his body. Brother, help me. Please.

[The Gods watch the Trojan funeral procession after Achilles and Priam agreed to a truce]
Aphrodite: I don't trust the Greeks will hold to their side of this agreement-
Zeus: No meddling from any of you. Let the truce happen, clear?
Hera: She's the one who interfered, telling them the curse was lifted-
Aphrodite: Alexander's heart stopped in that river. He died.
Zeus: You don't decide fate, Aphrodite. None of us do.
Aphrodite: But, it's not-
Zeus: Just... let be.

Briseis: You're attacking during the mourning period-
[Agamemnon grabs her by the throat]
Agamemnon: You want to object? Because I'll give you something to object about. [He reaches for her breast, she pulls herself out of his grasp] When I get back.
[As he finishes putting his armor on, Briseis grabs a knife from his table. As she prepares to stab him from behind, Odysseus enters the tent; she hastily puts the knife behind her back]
Odysseus: Achilles is ready.
Agamemnon: [to Menelaus] My brother, many years ago, I said I'd avenge your shame. Now I shall.
[they embrace and exit the tent]
Odysseus: That was foolish.
Briseis: [throws the knife to the ground]... Just kill me. Let me join my brother.
[Odysseus picks up the knife, then hands it back to her]
Odysseus: Flee tonight, when the battle begins. My men won't stop you.

Helen: [about Andromache] Why didn't you send her out of the room?
Paris: She lost her husband!
Helen: Do you believe what she said? That I lured you, that I'm Menelaus' vassal?
Paris: Of course not!
Helen: I fell in love with you. That's what happened.
Paris: This war will end. Things will return to normal.
Helen: No, they won't. They'll never return.
Paris: What?
Helen: I can't stay here. Let's leave... together. We could escape tonight. What do we need but each other? They'll never accept me, Paris. If we don't go now, we never will.
Paris: [shakes his head] I can't leave.
Helen: Why not?
Paris: The city needs me.
Helen: I need you. Doesn't that mean anything?
Paris: Of course it does. (squeezes her hand) But they took me in. They suffered for me. Hector died for me!
Helen: I have a daughter. I haven't seen her in years; I left her for you. Not for anything else, Paris.
Paris: My name is not Paris! (shoves her hand away) That's a shepherd's name. I'm Alexander, the name given to me by my family.
Helen: But I didn't choose to run away with Alexander. I ran away with Paris.
Paris: Well, I'm not him anymore. And Troy is my home.
Helen: It's not mine.
Trojan soldier: The Greeks! They're coming!

Achilles: Priam!! Where are you?! [the gates open and Priam emerges with several guards] You broke the truce.
Priam: You broke it! [draws his sword]
Achilles: Lies! [two of Priam's guards attack him, but he easily cuts them down] You killed one of my men in cold blood!
Priam: Greek trickery, not ours!
Achilles: No. NO! [he kills the other three guards and advances on Priam] Odysseus wouldn't do that.
[As Paris rides up behind them, Achilles knocks Priam to the ground]
Achilles: May the Gods forgive you.
[ As he raises his sword for the kill, Paris fires an arrow and pierces his heel. Achilles staggers to his knees, and Priam stabs him in the side with a dagger. Achilles tries to kill Priam again, but before he can drive his sword home Paris pierces his throat with a second arrow. Achilles falls as Paris helps Priam up.]
Achilles: [weakly]... Lies. Treachery.
Paris: We didn't lie. You Greeks broke the truce.
Achilles: You killed one of my men.
Paris: We never left the city during the truce!
Achilles: Swear that on your brother's grave.
Paris: [kneels over him] I swear it. You were betrayed by your own side.
[Achilles stares at him for a moment, then laughs weakly]
Achilles: Tell Odysseus... to him the glory. This was always a shabby war.
[Achilles dies]

Offering [1.08][edit]


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