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Tru Calling (2003–2005) is an American television show starring Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies, a medical-school graduate and morgue worker who finds herself periodically reliving the previous day whenever one of her "clients" asks her to save them from their fate.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Professor...: I meant what I said Tru, now that you graduated we can go public.
Davis: Um, most girls as pretty as you that come here, well, they're dead.
Tru: I'll be applying to medical school in the Fall & my advisor thought it might be a good idea.

Putting Out Fires [1.2][edit]

Nick Kelly: See, I knew we'd have that kiss before the day was over.
Tru: She's hiding under her bed, but send someone else please.
Nick: It's my job Tru, I'm as stubborn as you are.
Tru: I thought when you asked me for help, it was for you, now I know it was for Samantha... You saved her, everyone's calling you a hero. I don't wanna I sound selfish but I wanted both of you. You said your job was to help people, all they have to do is ask So is mine, so ask me, please. I'm not leaving till you ask, so please ask me Nick, please just ask.

Brother's Keeper [1.3][edit]

Harrison: She needs me, I love her, & she needs me.
Tru: You can't save her it's not your responsiblity, you go there tonight you're gonna kill him.
Harry: Fine, he deserves what he gets.

Tru: And then what, you end up where in jail for life or worse.

Harry: Well what, do want me to be like dad, stand by helplessly & watch the woman I love get murdered, is that what you want?
Tru: No, don't make her into mom either. Don't make this about saving mom. Harrison, look at me would you look at me, I'm 22 years old & one way or another I've lost everyone I've ever loved, our mother to a bullet, Father to lack of interest, Meredith to coke & ambition, don't you see I can't lose you to. Otherwise, I'll have no one left... I'm cursed, because I can see the future and if you go there right now, I'll have no one. Without you, I am all alone.
Harry: You will never lose me Tru... But I have to go I gotta go.

Past Tense [1.4][edit]

Tru: ................................

Haunted [1.5][edit]

Paige: I'm not your baby, & I'm not your girl, Don't touch me.
Davis: Okay, hotshot; bonus question you ready?
Tru: Hit me.
Tru: the moon & the stars, it's the neighbor.
Bitchy neighbor: You don't know what your saying
Paige: For the first time in years I know exactly what I'm saying.
Bitchy Neighbor: Paige, Paige, you've aways been a smart girl be smart now.
Paige: I'm a child, you son of a bitch, I was 9.

Star-Crossed [1.6][edit]

Tru: I have no idea what your talking about...

Morning After [1.7][edit]

Tru: I worked eight days this week... literally!

Lindsay: That's what stalkers do! They just happen to be at your market and then they just happen to follow you home and then they just happen to chop your head off and seal it in a baggie!

Closure [1.8][edit]

Luc: It's me, 1 is feeling better & the other is way 2 far away from u.
Tru: That's what u came here 2 tell me?
Meridith: Um, no actually, I came 2 find out what dad said 2 u.
Tru: Don't know haven't called back.

Murder in the Morgue [1.09][edit]

Reunion [1.10][edit]

The Longest Day [1.11][edit]

Valentine [1.12][edit]

Drop Dead Gorgeous [1.13][edit]

Daddy's Girl [1.14][edit]

Getaway [1.15][edit]

Two Pair [1.16][edit]

Death Becomes Her [1.17][edit]

Jack:Death is inevitable. Death is part of life. And as soon as you understand that, you’re free.

Rear Window [1.18][edit]

D.O.A [1.19][edit]

Two Weddings and a Funeral [1.20][edit]

Jack: Don’t get your hopes up, I just came in to give my two weeks’ notice.
Tru: Don’t bother. Davis took you off the payroll when we realized you were Death.
Harrison: Dude i'm still alive. I died yesterday.

Season 2[edit]

Perfect Storm [2.21][edit]

Jack: Good people die, Tru. You know that as well as I.
Tru: You say you're not a murderer, what do you call what you're doing now?
Jack: My job.

Grace [2.22][edit]

Davis: Enjoy the sugar! 'Enjoy the sugar'? God, my complete ineptitude!

In the Dark [2.23][edit]

Jack: Harrison! Look at you, man! You look great! Robust! Like a man who's been taking care of himself.

Harrison: So, my continuing to be alive isn't bothering you?

Jack: Oh. You mean because it runs counter to the plan of the universe and every day you're setting in motion consequences that can only be damaging to the entire human race? Now why would that bother me?

Tru: Don't settle in, Harry. I'm heading out. Something happened and I don't have a clue who it happened to.
Harrison: Wait, I thought your birthday was supposed to be all about giggles and love for the people of the Earth.
Tru: Yeah. I had that birthday yesterday.

Harrison: Whoa. You had a replay on your birthday? Huh. Wait, is there anything I should do, or not do? Uh, did I-did I screw up?

Enough [2.24][edit]

Harrison: We both know what they call a guy like me wearing a suit like that – the defendant.

Twas the Night Before Christmas...Again [2.25][edit]

Jack: I don't see why we couldn't carpool. For someone who's dedicated to saving lives you should really take better care of the environment, Tru. Tru: Well, I've got this thing about not getting into a car with a guy who kills people for a living.

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