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Tru Calling (2003–2005) is an American television show starring Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies, a medical-school graduate and morgue worker who finds herself periodically reliving the previous day whenever one of her "clients" asks her to save them from their fate.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Davis: It's called the crypt. It's where every unnatural death in the city comes to rest, waiting for an autopsy.
Tru: You said "unnatural death"?
Davis: Most of them. Because if there's even a hint that a death might be unnatural, murder, suicide, they come here.
Tru: So every crypt...
Davis: Has a body. That's right. Can you imagine the pain of losing someone before their time? Bottom line: most of these people shouldn't be dead yet.

Davis: You ever been to a morgue before?
Tru: Just once, when I was 12.
Davis: Well, that sounds like a story. Are you sure you're interested in wor... in working here? Because, I'll be honest, uh most girls as pretty as you that come here...well they're...they're dead.

Davis: Tru, why do I think you're not telling me the truth?
Tru: I know I shouldn't have looked through the files. I just have a few questions.
Davis: Oh what? About unsolved murders?
Tru: Exactly.
Davis: So let me get this straight. In the eight hours since you've started working here, you've decided to solve old cases? It's very ambitious. You know what I did today? I bought socks.

Harrison: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you okay? Is everything okay?
Tru: I'm having a day, Harrison. A day I would gladly explain to you if I thought I could but I can't, so I'm not even gonna try. And I heard another voice.
Harrison: Wait. I don't understand. You mean like, you mean like Mom?
Tru: No, not her. Someone else.
Harrison: Dead?
[Tru nods]
Harrison: Oh, boy.
Tru: And that's not even the half of it. Believe it or not, that's the half that makes sense. I-I just don't get it. Me of all people, why do they come to me?
Harrison: Maybe because they know that you'll listen.
Tru: Do you think I'm crazy?
Harrison: I never thought you were crazy.

Tru: [at her mother's grave] It's been the strangest day. An understatement, I know. Did you have anything to do with it? I don't know. I only know... I wish this day had come 10 years earlier. Then maybe I could've saved you too. Instead I'll wait... for others. Some who have needed me longer than most. So maybe I couldn't save you. Maybe, just maybe... this is your way of saving me.

Putting Out Fires [1.02]

Tru: You like being a firefighter?
Nick: Yeah, I like helping people.
Tru: You don't worry about how dangerous it is? You see it on the news all the time, a firefighter goes into the building...
Nick: I don't really think about it. Sometimes a job just chooses you, you know what I mean?
Tru: Yeah, I do.

Harrison: Hey, you okay?
Tru: Yeah. What could be wrong?
Harrison: Let's see, uh, last time we talked you told me that dead people were talking to you so, I thought I might be remiss if I didn't follow up.

Davis: Look, Tru, I know that the..the morgue is not exactly Party Central but don't worry, things will pick up.
Tru: Actually, that's what I'm afraid of.

Tru: I thought when you asked for help, it was for you. Now I know it was for Samantha. You saved her. Everyone's calling you a hero. I don't want to sound selfish...but I wanted both of you. You said your job was a chance to help people. All they have to do is ask. So is mine. So ask me, Nick. Please? I'm not leaving till you ask. So please ask me, Nick. Please, just ask.

Tru: I don't know if I can take this.
Gardez: Well, believe it or not, it actually gets easier. Besides I like to think they're going to a better place.
Tru: You believe that?
Gardez: Well, if you're gonna work here, you gotta believe it. Of course, the dead get off easy. It's the ones left behind that gotta deal with all the pain.

Brother's Keeper [1.03]

Tru: I don't work for your wife. I'm here to help you.
Andrew: Help me with what?
Tru: Live to see tomorrow.
Andrew: Is that a threat?
Tru: No, it's not. But if I'm gonna help you I need you to be honest with me.

Tru: I don't work for your wife. I'm here to help you.
Andrew: Help me with what?
Tru: Live to see tomorrow.
Andrew: Is that a threat?
Tru: No, it's not. But if I'm gonna help you I need you to be honest with me.

Harrison: She needs me, I love her, and she needs me.
Tru: You can't save her it's not your responsibility. You go there tonight you're gonna kill him.
Harrison: Fine, he deserves what he gets.
Tru: And then what, you end up where, in jail for life or worse?
Harrison: Well what, do want me to be like dad, stand by helplessly and watch the woman I love get murdered, is that what you want?
Tru: No, don't make her into mom either. Don't make this about saving mom. Harrison, look at me, would you look at me? 22 years old and one way or another I've lost everyone I've ever loved. Our mother to a bullet, our father to lack of interest, Meredith to coke and ambition; don't you see? I can't lose you too, otherwise I'll have no one left. I'm cursed because I can see the future. If you go there right now, I'll have no one. Without you I'm all alone.
Harrison: You will never lose me Tru... But I have to go. I gotta go.

Davis: We're all someplace for a reason, just sometimes we need to accept what that reason is.

Harrison: [to Tru when meeting Sarah] For the future, two topics are off-limits when meeting my new girlfriends: my exes and their exes.

Past Tense [1.04]

Tru: Why does everyone think I look like a stripper?

Harrison: What if tomorrow is just today, all over again?
Tru: Bite me, Harrison.

Harrison: Hey I took a semester of psych in high school. It's always about someone's mom.

Tru: Harrison, I came here to talk
Harrison: OK someone dies asked for help and you repeat a day, there we talked.
Tru: Not quite what I meant by talking.

Haunted [1.05]

Tru: You ever have one of the greatest days of your life, I mean a really, truly great day, and then just feel like the whole thing got erased?
Davis: You're assuming I've ever had a great day?

Davis: It's not easy is it, bearing the burden you do.
Tru: 'Scuse me?
Davis: Some call it a blessing others a curse some see it as more of a calling.
Tru: Davis.
Davis: I know more than you think I know Tru, about what you can do, about how you can help the dead, give them a chance at life. Have a seat Tru, it's time I told you what I know.

Harrison: Don't take this the wrong way, but you look like crap.
Tru: Thanks Harrison. I told you I've been up studying all night. Because in 45 minutes I'm going to be taking the biggest test of my life.
Harrison: Right! The Top Cats.
Tru: M-Cat.

Tru: The moon & the stars, it's the neighbor.
Bitchy neighbor: You don't know what you're saying.
Paige: For the first time in years I know exactly what I'm saying.
Bitchy Neighbor: Paige, Paige, you've always been a smart girl. Be smart now.
Paige: I'm a child, you son of a bitch, I was 9.

Star-Crossed [1.06]

Davis: So you're saying yesterday a guy and a girl went over a cliff in a car accident?
Tru: Yeah
Davis: Was I wearing this shirt?
Tru: Unfortunately, yes...

Luc: Are you okay?
Tru: No really, I'm insane because I'm about to walk out on a date that's actually working, but there's just somewhere I have to be.
Luc: Right now.
Tru: There are times when I do this, take off. I really wish I could explain it, but I guess I'm not your average 22 year old girl, whether you believe me or not. I'm gonna call you later. If you're willing to give it another try, that's great. If not, I'll understand. No I won't. I'll be completely crushed, but I'll get it. Thanks. Really, I had a good time.

Lindsay: Tru, love is never like it is in the movies. I mean, when was the last time you kissed and music swelled? You're lucky if you can find a guy who can tell time.

Tru: [on the phone] Davis, remember when I said this was Romeo and Juliet? I was wrong it was Juliet and Juliet.

Morning After [1.07]

Davis: I finished running the numbers through the simulator.
Tru: And?
Davis: Well, based on the victim's own height and weight, as well as the location and moderate depth of the wounds, I believe that the killer was approximately 5'4", right-handed, and lacking upper body strength. Most likely a female. What do you think?
Tru: I think... you just described me.

Tru: So I turned him over, there was a single wound. Right below the heart. I called 911, then he asked for help, and the day restarted and here I am.
Davis: Mmm. So if I'm to understand you correctly, you had a party and you didn't invite me?

Lindsay: Why didn't you invite your next-door neighbor?
Tru: Are you kidding me? That guy's a creep.
Lindsay: All the more reason to invite him. If he's helping make the noise, he can't complain about it, right?
Tru: Well, it's too late now.

Tru: Call you a cab Sam?
Scott: [Drunk] No, but it'd be great if you knew of a good place to throw up.
Tru: Down the steps, to the right, and anywhere in the alley is fine.
Scott: You rock!

Lindsey: I can't believe you had a stalker moment and I missed it.
Tru: It wasn't a stalker moment. Mark and I just happen to be in the same place at the same time.
Lindsey: That's what stalkers do. They just happen to be in your market, then they just happen to follow you home, then they just happen to chop your head off and seal it in a baggy.
Tru: Lindsey!
Lindsey: I'm just saying first the phone call now this.

Closure [1.08]

Jake: I mean, does your dad like the guys you bring home?
Tru: He never met them.
Jake: Oh, I'm sorry. He's dead?
Tru: Just by choice.

Meredith: Is there anything else that we could talk about beside autopsies?
Davis: Sure.
Meredith: Great.
Davis: So, you a Lord of the Rings fan?
Meredith: No, sorry.
Davis: Would you like me to finish the autopsy story 'cause it really does contain a lot of interesting things.
Meredith: No, thank you.

Jake: [about Tru] Guardian angel, stalker, you decide.

Gardez: What are you, writing his biography?
Davis: Maybe rewriting it.

Davis: Well, Wonder Woman has got nothing on you.
Tru: Except for the pointy bras and the invisible plane, no.

Murder in the Morgue [1.09]


Reunion [1.10]

Davis: Cool, high school reunion. You going?
Tru: Yes, I am. Again.

Harrison: [To Tru] Do you know how annoying it is to have a sibling with your powers?

Tru: High school was a time that pretty much sucked for most of us. Um, lets face it. It was all about being picked on and left out. It's about time we let bygones be bygones.

Judy: How come girls like Candice always win and girls like me always lose?

Luc: Look, I didn't know you back then, I'm not even sure i know you now, but you've got a lot to be proud of, good friends, a cool yet slightly morbid job, med school's not that far away.
Tru: Oh I know, it's just...
Luc: Plus you've got a cool new boyfriend you can take to the reunion and show off.
Tru: Really?
Luc: Yeah.

The Longest Day [1.11]

Tru: [on the phone] Hey Harrison, it's me. I've got some bad news.
Harrison: Give it to me.
Tru: You're gonna be evicted today.
Harrison: Yeah, tell me something I don't know.
Tru: Meredith's still in rehab, why don't you just crash at her place?
Harrison: Or what about yours?
Tru: Been there. Hated that.
Harrison: Ah, a dreaded rewind day. So what did I do?
Tru: Poker with the boys, food on my couch, flood in my kitchen.
Harrison: Tru, I am shocked. Shocked! I would never do anything... whoa... wait, was I winning?
Tru: Bye, Harr.

Davis: You can change events, but you can't change fate, Tru.

Luc: ... and she's off.
Tru: I'm meeting Lindsay for breakfast.
Luc: On a weekday.
Tru: Um.
Luc: Doesn't she work?
Tru: She's taking a sick day.
Luc: How do you know that? You just woke up.
Tru: Coz, it's a girl thing.
Luc: Ahaaa.

Valentine [1.12]

[Lindsay has just broken up with Harrison]
Lindsay: Look, I'm just gonna go for a walk, so if you want the bed...
Harrison: No, no, no, I'll take the couch... Bed smells funny.

Luc: You're awake, thank god. I was about to check for a pulse.
Tru: Hmm.
Luc: When I picked you up, you said you'd close your eyes for 5 minutes. That was 4 hours ago.

Davis: Valentines Day is a shame perpetuated by the floral and greeting-card industries to move product.
Tru: You'll have to excuse Davis, he's very very single.
Lindsay: Shocker.

Drop Dead Gorgeous [1.13]

Tru: Hey.
Davis: You're here early.
Tru: Oh, I'm not staying. I just wanted to get this back to County Records.
Davis: Your mom's autopsy report?
Tru: Yeah.
Davis: Anything new?
Tru: No. Standard B and E gone bad. Single bullet, massive blood loss. Of course, I only read it fifteen times and still think there's something I must have missed.
Davis: Tru, if I may, sometimes there is just a single bullet. A lone gunman, a tragic death. Sometimes the truth is exactly what it appears to be.
Tru: What makes you say that?
Davis: Eight years of working here.
Tru: Just wish I thought so, too.

Tru: Just once. Just once I'd like to go somewhere and have everyone stay alive. Is that too much to ask?
Davis: You really want me to answer that?
Tru: No, actually I don't.

Daddy's Girl [1.14]

Davis: [about Jack] That guy's going places.
Tru: Yeah. Let's just hope somewhere far, far away from here.

Harrison: Hey kids. What's cracking?
[He sits down beside Tru]
Meredith: Well, Jordan came by and told us she's having a party for Dad tonight, and Tru…
Harrison: Told her off?
Meredith: Actually, Tru said she'd be there.

Tru: The dream has nothing to do with Dad.
Harrison: Mmm. Right.
Tru: Besides, Meredith says he's only in town for a conference so odds are we won't even hear from him. But there's something else.
Harrison: And that is?
Tru: What I do…going back, trying to save these people from dying…I think Mom could do it too.
Harrison: Where you getting this from?
Tru: Davis. He was an assistant the night they brought Mom in.
Harrison: How does this freak-fest from a morgue become such an expert on our mother?

Jack: Hey Jack.
Tru: Hey Tru.
Jack: You had to write it down.
Tru: Just so the functionally literate wouldn't drink my soda.
Jack: Right... Can't be too careful, what with the big soda shortage I've been reading so much about.
Tru: Ha... and here I was thinking you couldn't read.

Jordan: Isn't showing up the least you can do?
Tru: Funny, I thought the same thing about my dad my last 10 birthdays.

Getaway [1.15]

Davis: Oh, thank God.
Tru: Its okay, Davis. I'm in one piece. And Michelle lives to see another day.
Davis: I'll reserve judgement whether that's a good thing or not. So did the medallion…? Did it keep you safe?
Tru: No, Davis. It was you who kept me safe. You called the police.
Davis: Well what about the hostage?
Tru: Well that's just it, there isn't one. This guy isn't taking a different hostage each time, it's the same girl at every location. They're a team.
Davis: Just like Bonnie and Clyde.
Tru: Kind of, except in this case, Clyde uses Bonnie as a fake hostage.
Davis: Well that's an interesting twist.

Tru: Listen, Harrison, I think it's sweet that you remembered your three-month anniversary, but I'm not giving you any money
Harrison: Why would you think that? Why...? Why do reliving days suck for me? Hmm? So, what did I do?
Tru: You went to the track and lost everything I gave you, so I'm sorry but you're gonna have to be more creative.
Harrison: Yeah, but...
Tru: And I'm gonna do you an even bigger favor today. I'm gonna borrow your car, so you can't go to the track at all.
Harrison: No, wait…
Tru: I gotta go
Harrison: Wait, but...go on! Save everybody but me. [to himself] I gotta get a job! ...Nah.

Jack: Do you like working here? The reason I ask is, you don't look like your average morgue attendant.
Tru: Oh yeah and what do I look like then?
Jack: You look like a girl who takes things way to seriously, someone who should be enjoying life but probably spends Friday nights home alone, watching TV, eating a microwave dinner.

Tru: What do you do on Friday nights?
Jack: Why don't you tell me?
Tru: Well you don't stay in, that's for sure. Coz that'd mean you'd be alone and you're not a guy who's all that keen on being alone. So you go out, to a bar, a club and after a few hours you return home. Sometimes solo but usually with some nameless, faceless, shameless girl who just doesn't understand you. But either way, by the end of the night your alone, in front of the TV, eating a microwave dinner.
Jack: I don't own a microwave.

Jack: You still haven't answered my question? Do you like it here?
Tru: Actually I do.
Jack: I understand.
Tru: You do? 'Cause not everyone does.
Jack: Well that's because most people believe that only the living need help.

Two Pair [1.16]

Davis: We were married. For a year.
Harrison: You're married?
Davis: And, er…I was supposed to meet Haley at her mother's. We were going to a restaurant for our anniversary dinner. And I'd been working late here, and I was going out to my car and the gas had all been drained from the tank, and the tyres were flat. There was this crazy woman there, telling me that I had to call my wife, and prevent her from getting in her car, and getting on the freeway
Harrison: Crazy woman? What?
Tru: Our mother.

Tru: I need to borrow your car.
Harrison: That is so weird. I was just coming to…
Tru: No, you weren't gonna come and get me. And if I were you, I'd stay away from the trifecta too.
Harrison: That is so not fair! You know what I did and I don't.
Tru: Look, you let me down, Harrison. Again. Nothing you haven't done 1000 times before. And you know what? Lindsay says the same exact thing about you too.
Harrison: Well excuse me, I made a mistake. I'm not lucky like you: you screw up, and it's "Oh what am I gonna do? You know what, I'll just redo it!"

Jack: Wow, Davis is a dedicated employee isn't he?
Tru: He really takes his work home with him.
Jack: I'm trying to imagine a First Date scenario…"Why don't you come back to my apartment, I'll show you all my books on death"
Tru: Kind of a mood killer.
Jack: Unless you're dating a serial killer.

Davis: I've got this thing tomorrow at my apartment, and I haven't unpacked.
Tru: When did you move in?
[Davis looks as through he counting back]
Davis: Three years ago.

Jack: How do you get so banged up on this job? It's not like the dead fight back.
Tru: Yeah, you'd be surprised.

Death Becomes Her [1.17]

Jack: Death is inevitable. Death is part of life. And as soon as you understand that, you’re free.

Jack: Why do I get the feeling that you don't want me hanging around your brother?
Tru: Probably because you're very perceptive.

Harrison: She's like me. She's, like, loyal…but she's…she's smart as hell. And she works her tail off.
Jack: Tell me about it. She comes in off-shift, practically memorizes the stats of all the corpses. That job…it's like she lives for it, you know?
Harrison: Understatement of the year.

Tru: It's not just that. This whole superhero thing, all the running around I do…it's hard enough to keep the friends I have, let alone make new ones.
Davis: Well traditionally, superheroes don't have many friends. Just a close-knit group of allies and confidants.
Tru: Well I'm 22 years old Davis. I need more than allies and confidants.

Harrison: Hey, at least you got a set of wheels now. So you can do your girly stuff and go save dead people. All the things that you like to do.

Rear Window [1.18]

Jack: [on intercom] Hello?
Tru: Jack, it's Tru. I need to get in
Jack: Hey Tru. What are you doing on this side of the street?
Tru: Please Jack, I need to get into Cathy's apartment right away
Jack: Cathy? Who's Cathy?
Tru: Chris! Chris is Cathy! The girl that you followed. Please, Jack, hurry!
Jack: Okay, um, let me just try and figure this thing out… [He starts to press buttons randomly] Huh. It's trickier than I thought. [He presses a few more buttons] Did that do it?
[An old lady comes out of the door, and Tru seizes the opportunity]
Tru: Thanks, excuse me
Jack: Tru? Did that do it? Tru? Tru?

Davis: He's a hell of a guy. Great Dungeon Master. [Tru pokes her head back into the room] Oh God, did I just say that out loud?

Harrison: So the meet's at noon. High noon.
Tru: Don't be so dramatic.
Harrison: It's the first time me and Lindsay have seen each other since the breakup. We're exchanging stuff. How is that not dramatic?

Davis: Hey Tru, for what it's worth, I happen to think that you have a pretty exciting life, you know? Time travel, saving lives, pretty cool boss…

Tru: So what are you doing tonight?
Davis: Oh you know, the usual
Tru: Nothing?

D.O.A [1.19]

Harrison: [about Lindsay's boyfriend] What, he's foreign? He's from another country? And he just lives here, and all of a sudden he just pops the question and asks some chick to marry him? Hello? What does that say to you?
Davis: That he's impulsive and likes to travel?

Harrison: Hi.
Lindsay: What are you...?
Harrison: I never returned your key.
Lindsay: Harrison, tonight isn't...
Harrison: I heard about the proposal.
Lindsay: And?
Harrison: And I checked this guy out. I know it pisses you off.
Lindsay: Harrison.
Harrison: You need to know something... before you make a mistake that you'll regret for the rest of your life.
Lindsay: You should go. You shouldn't be here.
Harrison: Say yes. Say yes. He is the real deal. He's the better guy. A better guy than I could be for you. At least, right now. And he really loves you. Say Yes.
[Lindsay hugs Harrison as she starts to cry]
Lindsay: Thank you.

Davis: Look, it's not just supernatural theory, it's scientific fact. From eastern philosophy to Newton's Third Law of Motion. They all say the same thing: every force has an equal and opposite force. I should have said something sooner, but I didn't have any real proof until today. You're right about Jack. He is not like you, he is the opposite of you. You save lives and he..
Tru: ..takes them.

Two Weddings and a Funeral [1.20]

Tru: Today isn't gonna be your day, Harrison.
Harrison: Nah, today's the day that I'm gonna be a better man. Today's the day that I'm gonna...
Tru: Die.

Davis: I just wanted to let you know that, uh, Harrison won't be showing up today.
Jack: Ah, good old Tru. At least she's gonna make this sporting. [laughs] So, why don't you tell me what you really want.
Davis: I just wanted to hear it for myself.
Jack: What's that?
Davis: Who you are. What you can do. How you can live with yourself.
Jack: I respect you, Davis. You're a man of science. You want answers, conclusions. So how's this? I preserve the order of the universe by ensuring the cycle of life.
Davis: Well, fate already has a representative, Jack, and it is not you.
Jack: Tru? Now this is where we're gonna have to agree to disagree. Because if Tru was serving fate, why does fate need me?
Davis: She helps people live.
Jack: Who were supposed to die! Don't you see? She can't win.
Davis: You're wrong. I've seen her save people. She can win.
Jack: Yes. You've seen her outfox killers, talk people off ledges, and quite capably, I might add. But if you think that's the end of the story, you're missing the best part.
Davis: Oh, what's that?
Jack: I think that we'll save that for another time. Wouldn't want to blow all my best material at once, but it's good to see you, boss. Tell Harrison I'll catch him later.

Tru: My mother had the calling and she passed it on to me. If you think for one minute that I'm ever gonna stop, you're wrong. So you'd better watch your back, because it's on.
Jack: You should know one thing. This is bigger than you think.
Tru: And you should know one thing. You have no idea what you've begun.

Davis: I'm so sorry. Please, accept my condolences. You were so... young.
Harrison: Dude, I'm still alive. I died yesterday.

Jack: I just dropped by to give my two weeks notice.
Tru: Don't bother. Davis took you off payroll once we realized you were Death.

Season 2


Perfect Storm [2.01]

Jack: Good people die, Tru. You know that as well as I.
Tru: You say you're not a murderer, what do you call what you're doing now?
Jack: My job.

Grace [2.02]

Davis: Enjoy the sugar! 'Enjoy the sugar'? God, my complete ineptitude!

Harrison: [Punches Jack] That's for yesterday... I think.

In the Dark [2.03]

Jack: Harrison! Look at you, man! You look great! Robust! Like a man who's been taking care of himself.
Harrison: So, my continuing to be alive isn't bothering you?
Jack: Oh. You mean because it runs counter to the plan of the universe and every day you're setting in motion consequences that can only be damaging to the entire human race? Now why would that bother me?

Tru: Don't settle in, Harry. I'm heading out. Something happened and I don't have a clue who it happened to.
Harrison: Wait, I thought your birthday was supposed to be all about giggles and love for the people of the Earth.
Tru: Yeah. I had that birthday yesterday.
Harrison: Whoa. You had a replay on your birthday? Huh. Wait, is there anything I should do, or not do? Uh, did I-did I screw up?

Last Good Day [2.04]

Tru: [after Jack let Megan slip off the building] I wish it was you.
Jack: That makes two of us.

Tru: I figured out how you do it [know who is going to die].
Jack: Whoa, good job, Tru. It only took you six months?

Enough [2.05]

Harrison: We both know what they call a guy like me wearing a suit like that – the defendant.

Travis: You know, you are an extremely weird kid.
Harrison: I get that a lot.

Twas the Night Before Christmas...Again [2.06]

Jack: I don't even get a thanks? I was brilliant back there.
Tru: Does the fourth horseman at the Apocalypse need a pat on the back?
Jack: Whatever. The fact that I'm still here means that you need me and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Tru: Be careful. You wouldn't want the ice around your heart to melt.

Jack: I gotta tell you, it was kind of cool to wear the white hat for a change.
Tru: Oh, so you're admitting that I'm the good guy?
Jack: Do you know why they gave the white hat to the hero in the Old West movies? It made them easier to light for the camera. The color of the hat is not about right or wrong, it's about what you choose to see.

Jack: I'm sorry, Tru, I'd love to help you, I really would. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to hear you say those two magic words.
Tru: Please, Jack.
Jack: Oooh sorry, those weren't the magic words we were looking for.
Tru: I knew this was a bad idea.
Jack: Oh come on, Tru, I just wanna hear you say it one time... Help me.
Tru: Would you settle for "bite me"?

Jack: I don't see why we couldn't carpool. For someone who's dedicated to saving lives you should really take better care of the environment, Tru.
Tru: Well, I've got this thing about not getting into a car with a guy who kills people for a living.

Jack: Looks like I got the day off, 'cause you're good, Davies, but you're not that good. Stale corpse, no clues. Hey. What if I was to offer to help you with your job today?
Tru: What if I was to offer to help you kiss my a**?
Jack: That's funny. No, but really, think of it as a holiday truce. What harm could I do? There was only fatality in the city yesterday and that one already ho-ho happened, am I right? Come on, there's no one to save, there's no one to fight over. I might even be helpful.
Tru: Jack, there is no way I would ever accept your help.
Jack: You try and be a nice guy. Merry Christmas to all, and to all good luck.
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