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Tru Confessions is a 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Paul Hoen and is based on the book of the same name by Janet Tashjian. Tru Walker (Clara Bryant) aspires to be a famous filmmaker. She has a twin brother Eddie (Shia LaBeouf), who has autism (though like the book, the movie never explicitly referred it by name) due to oxygen deprivation at birth. Eddie becomes the subject of Tru's documentary for a film contest she enters.


Eddie: [crying] It's not fair.
Tru: What's not fair, Eddie?
Eddie: I wanna be done being different.
Tru: Everybody's different, Eddie. Not just you.
Eddie: I'm REAL different! I wanna be the same as everybody else.
Tru: But... if you were just the same as everybody else, you wouldn't get all that special help in school... and you wouldn't be allowed to rollerblade in the house, and... and you wouldn't be the... amazing... brother... that I love.

Ginny: It's okay, everybody makes mistakes.
Eddie: Except for God, right, Mom? If God made mistakes, the world would look like a kid did it.

Eddie: Wow! Look at that!
Tru: Eew! It's a gross, disgusting spider web.
Eddie: No. It's perfect and beautiful and strong.

Tru: If athletes get athlete's foot, what do astronauts get?
Eddie: I don't know.
Tru: Missile-toe.

Eddie: Tru, are you mad at me?
Tru: No. Of course not. Why?
Eddie: You never play with me anymore.
Tru: Sorry, Eddie.
Eddie: It makes me sad.


  • Clara Bryant - Trudy "Tru" Walker
  • Shia LaBeouf - Edward "Eddie" Walker
  • Mare Winningham - Ginny Walker
  • William Francis McGuire - Dr. Robert "Bob" Walker
  • Nicole Dicker - Denise Palumbo
  • Kevin Duhaney - Jake
  • Yani Gellman - William "Billy" Meyer
  • Craig Eldridge - Mr. Taylor
  • Jennifer Foster - Judy "Deedee" Walker
  • Rahnuma Panthaky - Ms. Hinchey
  • Colm Magner - Coach Rice
  • Arnold Pinnock - Dr. Dean Cutler

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