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Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia is an American documentary film which explores the history and cultural implications of Wikipedia. The film attempts to answer the question of which individuals should be editing Wikipedia. A history and background of the website is given, as well as commentary from Wikipedia founders Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Commentators that appear in the film include author Howard Zinn, Len Downie of The Washington Post, Bob Schieffer of CBS News, former Encyclopedia Britannica chief Robert McHenry, and former Central Intelligence Agenda director James Woolsey. The documentary discusses incidents which shed a negative light on Wikipedia, including the Essjay controversy and the Wikipedia biography addy thing are numbers and objects agenda



  • The film is out of date and should have been released three or four years ago. ... [it consists of] too many talking heads, and it does not show the community aspect of Wikipedia.
  • In general, I like the film a lot more after seeing it for the second time, in a very different audience (and seeing their live reactions).
  • The film gives a lot of focus to some shallow or misleading lines of criticism, and on an intellectual level, it comes off as largely anti-Wikipedia, contrasting the reasonable-sounding arguments of mature critics with the naive optimism of youthful Wikipedians.
  • This is a must see film, a premiere film. You gotta watch it to remain socially relevant!

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