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Truth or Scare (2001–2003) was an American television series on the Discovery Kids network.

"Castle Ghost of England"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Ancient castles are home to a treacherous past and terrifying modern mysteries, strange sounds, bizarre visions, and nightmares that are said to come back again and again. Truth or Scare is daring to enter the haunted castles of England.


Michelle Trachtenberg: Over a hundred years ago Bram Stoker created a monster that still claims victims to this day. A ravenous hunter with an insatiable appetite for blood, he can transform himself into a bat, a wolf, or even disappear in a cloud of mist, and everyone who meets him falls under his irresistible spell. Count Dracula is coming to Truth or Scare and nothing can stop him.

"Wolfman: The Myth and the Science"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: We'll never know for certain why people thought Gilles Garnier was a werewolf but thanks to modern science we have finally have a few ideas. We may never have all the answers, the Wolfman it seems will always live on in our imaginations.

"The Curse of Tutankhamen"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Tutankhamen: now a household name, that's what all pharaohs wanted most, he has gained immortality.

"Castle Ghost of Ireland"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Ireland's history has secrets to reveal. Its ancient homes recall a mystical past filled with unspeakable tragedy some say the memories of the past still haunt Ireland today. Are there restless spirits trapped in the castles of Ireland? The answers await you on Truth or Scare.


Michelle Trachtenberg': Ghosts and poltergeists, troubled spirits of the dead, or the work of other mysterious forces? Dead people walking through walls, talking to us, throwing things violently about. Do ghosts really exist or are they just the work of our imagination? This is the story of the brave people who search for the answers: the ghosthunters.

"UFOs Over Phoenix"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: UFOs have fascinated human beings for years. We've all seen movies about aliens but could it happen in real life? For some people the answer is clear. In a universe of infinite size to assume we’re the only intelligent life is, well, stupid, but so far there’s no proof or is there?

"America's Haunted Houses"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Knock, knock. Whos' there? After dark, in houses all across the United States things that go bump in the night can strike fear in even the bravest soul. Make yourself at home with Truth or Scare as we go into some of America's most haunted houses.

Michelle Trachtenberg: We may never know for sure if haunted houses are real, the skeptics think that ghosts and haunting are just ways for believers to explain the unknown, but for most people the truth is a total mystery. One day science may find an explanation and we’ll know for sure, but maybe we’re better of not knowing.

Castle Ghost of Scotland"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Scotland is a country with a mystical and ghostly past. Tales of bloody clan battles an family curses still resonate in the stones of its ancient castle walls, ghosts lurking behind secret doors, waiting for just the right moment to reveal themselves, perhaps when we least expect it. These are the stories of Scotland, supernatural tales of fierce loyalty, personal sacrifice and cruelest betrayal.


Michelle Trachtenberg: It is half man half ape, it lives in the shadows. Thousands of people claim they have seen it, from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest to the mountaintops of Tibet, but it remains elusive. Truth or Scare tracks the truth about the creature known as Bigfoot.

"Night Visitors"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Sometimes it’s impossible to get rid of unwanted guests. Has a vampire invited herself to dinner? There’s one way to find out. They say a witch's spirit lives in this cave, but it might be safer not to go searching. Is this an ordinary covered bridge or a way to the next world? The time has come to welcome the night visitors to Truth or Scare.

Michelle Trachtenberg: So who are the night visitors? The inventions of superstition or forces beyond our understanding? Whoever or whatever they are, many people say they are intent on making contact, it seems like they might have something to tell us or maybe they're looking for answers themselves.

"The Bermuda Triangle"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Could the Atlantic Ocean be hiding the doorway to another dimension? East of Florida there are mysterious waters that some claim can trap boats and planes that disappear forever. Is something going on here? Truth or Scare searches for the answer deep in the Bermuda Triangle, but beware, once we go in, there may be no way out.

"Castle Ghosts of Wales"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Wales is a beautiful, peaceful, and inviting country, but beware of accepting an invitation, for just beneath the surface of this seemingly idyllic historic place lies stories cloaked in dark shrouds of mystery, stories of treacherous deeds and deep secrets some believe haunt it to this very day. This is the ghostly story of murder, betrayal, and vengeance in the great castles of Wales.

"The True Story of Halloween"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Every year on one special night, people all over the world find fun in fear. For most of us, Halloween is the night for fright complete with costumes, trick-or-treating, and more candy than you can eat, but did you ever wonder where all these different traditions come from? Find out when Truth or Scare rips the mask off of Halloween.

"Hollywood Haunts"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Years after their untimely deaths do some movie stars refuse to fade away? Is Hollywood haunted? Some say that in this magical town their spirits continue to wander. Historic hotels, mysterious ships, famous movie soundstages, and long forgotten theaters. Are the strange stories true? Today Truth or Scare goes Hollywood and explore Tinseltown's most famous haunts.

"Haunted Hotels[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: say they've seen them, visitors swear they've heard them, some even claim they’ve felt them, they’re ghosts, the mysterious spirits that supposedly haunt some of our most luxuriously spooky hotels. Every story is stranger than the next, but could they actually be true? It's time to find out, we’re checking into haunted hotels on Truth or Scare.

Michelle Trachtenberg: Even with all of the bizarre claims of unexplained sights and sounds these historic hotels still pull in guests from around the world, some of them actually looking for a good scare, and even though there’s no proof that ghosts exist, if you spend the night in one of America's haunted hotels you might want to sleep with a light on.

"Scare Me"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Wanna see something really scary? The worst fears we can imagine live inside our own minds, they give us cold chills and nightmares, but they can also give help us recognize danger and keep outside of harm’s way. Truth or Scare is going on the most dangerous mission of all: challenging fear itself. Do you have the guts to keep watching?

"Real Witches"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Magical spells, mysterious powers, strange rituals, stories about witches have been scaring people for a long time. Is there really anything to be afraid of? Get ready to discover the chilling history of witches, the myths, the legends, the terrifying truth, and meet the witches of today who keep the mysterious ancient traditions alive. Are you prepared to face your fears? Because Truth or Scare is going to face the truth about witches.

"Loch Ness Monster"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Freezing cold waters of Loch Ness are deep, dark, and home to a monstrous mystery. People claim to have spotted it thousands of times, locals, tourists, even a saint, but what are they seeing? Frightening, fascinating, some say it's even been caught on film, but it's never been captured by nets. Is there really a terrifying beast alive deep in this Scottish lake or does it just exist in our imaginations? The Loch Ness Monster is coming for you, next, on Truth or Scare.

"Psychic Science"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Imagine if you had a nightmare and it came true or that drew a perfect picture of something you’d never seen, or could cure the sick just by looking at a photograph. Would you be losing your mind or have you found a strange new way to the truth? It's time to shine a light of the psychic with Truth or Scare.

"Roswell & Area 51"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: Late at night when you can't sleep have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered are we alone in the universe? In 1947 some people thought they’d found out the answer and it told us aliens might be right here. Could flying saucers full of real live aliens have crashed into the Earth? Are they secretly being studied in this top secret location? Have UFO believers lost their minds or have they uncovered the truth? We’re going on a tour of America’s UFO hotspots and who knows what we might find today on Truth or Scare.

"Crop Circles"[edit]

Michelle Trachtenberg: In farmers' fields all over the world everyone wants to know: what on earth is happening? Huge formations are appearing out of nowhere, some people say they’re man-made, others, the work of angels and there are those who believe they carry messages from another world. Could they be signs from above or just an elaborate hoax? To find out, Truth or Scare is going deep within Crop Circles.


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