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Tuca & Bertie (2019–2022) is an American adult animated sitcom created by cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt. The series follows "the friendship between two 30-year-old bird-women who live in the same apartment building, Tuca, a cocky, care-free toucan, and Bertie, an anxious, daydreaming songbird."

Season 1[edit]

The Sugar Bowl[edit]

Speckle: "Gamby Robin was very sweet, so we mixed her with sugar. My Gumbo was mixed with sage because he was wise.

The Promotion[edit]

Tuca: "So you're just gonna hope your boss remembers you exist, reads your mind and gives you what you what you want?"
Bertie: "That's been my life approach so far, and it's worked [little bongo sting as she thinks about it]... never times."

Client: What are you doing??
Tuca: Just trimmin' the bush.

The Deli Guy[edit]

Speckle: [as he spanks her] You've been a very bad bird and I'm very disappointed in you! Bad bird!
Bertie: [solemnly] But I'm a good bird...
Speckle: [still role playing] Oh, you want me to think you're good, but you're a filthy little bird, aren't you?
Bertie: [starts crying] No I'm not!

Speckle: So, you want me to ignore you for fifteen years and then give you a small peck on the beak?

Yeast Week[edit]

Ultra Sam S-380: Nothing to worry about. The doctor is just going to confer with some colleagues and- [the doctor exists. Ultra Sam immediately leans in close to Tuca, his sound wave voice changing from green to red] Okay, let's cut the shit. I need you to plug in my wife. She's right over there.
[pan over to a lamp sitting in the corner]
Tuca: She's a lamp?
Ultra Sam S-380: She's so more. You're not seeing her in the best... light. [pan back over to the lamp, still sitting there motionless. Ultra Sam looks down in despair] Oh, she would have laughed at that.


Jeremy: Hello, I'm Saint Oriole, and I love to sit in my house, surrounded by all my crap!
Pastor: Ugh, Jeremy, stick to the script!

Pastry Pete: Bird town needs another bakery like I need a giant hawk to shit in my mouth.


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