Tuhafat Ul Mujahideen

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'Tuhfat al-Mujahidin fi ba‘d Akhbar al-Burtughaliyin' (often shortened as 'Tuhfat al-Mujahidin') is a historical work by Zainuddin Makhdoom on the struggle between the Mappila Muslims of Malabar and Portuguese colonial forces in the 16th century. It is the first historical work of Kerala to be authored by a keralite. The book describes the resistance put up by the navy of Kunjali Marakkar alongside the Zamorin of Calicut from 1498 to 1583 against Portuguese attempts to colonize the Malabar coast.


  • ‘Further, the Imam-Ahmud (on whom be peace!) has related on the authority of Al-Mikdad that he heard the Prophet (for ever blessed) to exclaim: “There shall not remain a dwelling in the city, or on the plain, on which Allah shall not cause to descend the word of Islamism, which shall dignify him [who is] already righteous, and condemn him who lives in sin, to the salvation of the one, and the everlasting ruin of the other.” For those whom “Allah would exalt, will he make of the number of true believers, whilst, those whose destruction has been predetermined, shall seal it by rejecting this holy faith, which indeed,” said I, “has Allah for its author and its end.” Now be it known, that Allah most high bath willed, that the faith of Islamism should flourish throughout the chief of the inhabited regions of the earth; in some countries making the sword and compulsion the means of its dissemination, in others preaching and exhortation…’
    • Introduction, Tuhfat-ul-Mujahideen translated from Arabic by M.J. Rowlandson, London, 1933, pp. 3-5. Quoted from S. R. Goel, The Calcutta Quran Petition (1999) Chapter 5 ISBN 9788185990583 [1]

About Tuhafat Ul Mujahideen[edit]

  • The book was written by Shykh Zeenu’d-Din, a Muslim theologian who lived in the reign of Ali I Adil Shah (1557-1580 CE) of Bijapur. His aim was “the arousing of the faithful to engage in holy warfare against the worshippers of crucifixes [Portuguese Christians]” who were engaged in “infamous machinations against the religion of Islamism” in Malabar.

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