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Turbo is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated sports comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox respectively. It is based on an original idea by David Soren, who also directed the film. The film features an ordinary garden snail whose dream to become the fastest snail in the world comes true. The film was released on July 17, 2013.

The film will be followed by a television series, titled Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team), which aired on Netflix in December 2013.


Turbo: Sure beats the view from the garden, huh?
Chet: [sighs then laughs softly] I can't believe you're doing this.
Turbo: We! We are doing this!
Chet: You! I'm just a hostage. Theo, what happens if you wake up tomorrow, and your powers are gone? Hmmm? What then?
Turbo: Then I better make the most of today.

Chet: You know, this is good. Yes, this is good. I dare say we've had a breakthrough here. With that TV gone, you can finally get out of the garage and put all that racing nonsense behind you.
Turbo: And do what?
Chet: Start living your life.
Turbo: [confused] I have a life?

Turbo: I thought I could get there.
Chet: When are you gonna wake up?

Turbo: This is it, Chet! I knew we ended up here for a reason!
Chet: Would you just slow down for a second?
Turbo: Slow down? Are you kidding? I'M NEVER GOING SLOW AGAIN! [dashing off]
Chet: Theo, stop! [as he rolls onto a spicy sauce bottle] What are you trying to say?
Tito: I wanna enter him in the Indy 500.
Angelo: The Indy 500? What are you talking about?
Chet: [referring to Tito] What is he talking about?
Tito: Now, look. I know it may sound a little crazy...
Angelo: No, no, no, Tito. That doesn't sound crazy. Dos Bros Tacos and Sushi. That was crazy.
Tito: What? People love sushi.
Angelo: Dos Bros Tacos and Monkey Petting Zoo. THAT was crazy.
Tito: The babies were cute, the adults were just so mean.
Angelo: Taco Man, and his sidekick, the Churro? OH, THAT WAS OFF-THE-HOOK CRAZY!
Tito: [scoffs] Crazy awesome.
Angelo: But this, Tito? This is in a category all by itself.
Tito: Angelo, please!
Turbo: C'mon, Chet, just hear me out.
Chet: Theo, a snail cannot race in a competition meant for cars! There are rules.
Tito: Actually, I've been doing a lot of research, and there's nothing in the rules that says a snail can't enter the race.
Angelo: There's nothing that says the sponge can't enter the race either, but that doesn't mean it's ever gonna happen. [throws sponge]
Tito: Millions of people watch that race. This could put us on the map, bro!
Angelo: Tryna work here.
Tito: Ah, c'mon, Angelo. All we have to do is raise a $20,000 registration fee.
Angelo: What?
Tito: And I figured once we sell the truck....
Angelo: Sell the tru...?! Are you even listening to yourself, Tito? You want to invest our entire life savings... in a snail!! [closes lid in anger]
Tito: [referring to Turbo] I'm telling you, this snail crawled into our lives for a reason. I think he could be our little shooting star.
Turbo: [referring to Tito] Did you hear that, Chet? This guy believes in me.
Chet: That guy is as crazy as you are.
Angelo: They'll never let you into that race!
Chet: And even if they did, you wouldn't survive one lap!
Turbo: Yeah, but...
Tito: Angelo, listen...
Angelo: TITO!!
Chet: THEO!!
Angelo: Not every dream is meant to come true.
Chet: [referring to Angelo] Yeah, what he said.
[Turbo and Tito both sigh in disappointment at once]
Angelo: A snail in the Indy 500. [laughs]
Chet: [scoffs] What will you think of next?

Turbo: Please say yes. Please say yes.
Chet: Please say no. Please say no.
White Shadow: White Shadow...

White Shadow: I'm fast, like a shadow.
Turbo: But shadows, they're not inherently fast.
White Shadow: [as he moves backwards into a light shadow, remaining visible] White Shadoooowwww...
Turbo: I can still see you.

[from trailer]
Turbo: If you think that's somethin', check this out! [his eyes shine brightly like headlights, blinding Chet]
Burn: Hey, are you a robot?
Smoove Move: Are you radioactive, homie?

Whiplash: Listen, garden snail, you've clearly got the skills to pay the bills... if snails had to pay bills, that is. You would be able to pay them.
Smoove Move: Yeah, bills.
Burn: Paid in full, son.
Whiplash: So, I'm here to invite you to join our crew.
Turbo: [smirks] Join your crew?
Whiplash: Did I say something humorous?
Turbo: Sorry, it's just that you guys are, you know, kind of slow...ish.
The Snail Crew were offended
Skidmark: Really? To our faces?
Chet: [whispering] Theo, what are you doing?
Whiplash: Now, I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear what I clearly just heard.
Chet: Heard what? [laughs nervously] I didn't hear anything. Nothing out of order. Did you, Theo?
Turbo: Oh, I meant what I said.
Whiplash: Well then you better put your money where your mouth is!
Turbo: Snails don't have money. Otherwise you'd be able to pay the bills, remember?
Whiplash: Your trash talk is needlessly complicated!
Turbo: Is it? Or is it that your unpaid bills... are overdue?
Whiplash: Enough talk! It's time... for action.

Smoove Move: Hey, T. You gonna be okay without them fancy magic super-powers?
Turbo: Sure. Never stopped any of you.

Angelo: TITO!
Tito: Um... one second, please.
Angelo: Do you see that sign? What does it say?
Tito: Angelo...
Angelo: [interrupts Tito] It says, "Dos Bros Tacos". Dos Bros, Tito. Not "Uno Bro"! You're supposed to be out there selling tacos, not racing snails!
Tito: [referring to Turbo] I know but this little guy is something special! I'm telling you, Angelo, the customers are gonna be lining up around the block. I can see it already. "Come for the snail racing, stay for the chimichangas!", huh?
Angelo: Get your head out of the clouds, Tito. It's enough with your crazy schemes.
Tito: No! You're a taco genius, Angelo, and it is my mission in life to share your gift with the world!
Angelo: [pauses] Great. Then, first thing in the morning, get in that truck and go sell some tacos! [walks away] Ah, Tito.

Smoove Move: He ain't slow no mo'!
Skidmark: That's for sho'!
Smoove Move: Shut the do'!
Skidmark: Get on the flo'!
White Shadow: Barbecue sauce!
[The Snail Crew were confused]

Paz: Sorry , Tito, but I've got work to do.
Tito: No, you don't. None of you do.

Whiplash: That's it! This pit crew is officially under new management.
White Shadow launches Whiplash, Skidmark, Burn, and Smoove Move to Turbo
Whiplash: Now this is how it's done. Air jack!
Smoove Move: Jactivate! [imitates air jack]
Whiplash: Lube!
Skidmark: [rubs lip balm on Turbo's foot] Apply liberally.
Whiplash: Detailing!
Burn: Wax on, wax off. [rips wax paper]
Turbo: Ow....
Whiplash: Fuel!
White Shadow: Down the hatch! Chug! Chug! Chug!
Whiplash: Foot massage!
Burn: You know it!
Whiplash: Relaxing vibes.
Smoove Move: Own it, brother. [plays "Sailing" by N'SYNC]
Whiplash: Now delax those vibes!
Smoove Move plays loud music on headphones
Turbo: Are you crazy?! OW!
Whiplash: [slaps Turbo] Yeah, I'm crazy! What made you think I was sane?
Turbo: I-I-I-I don't... I don't know how to... OW!
Whiplash: [slaps Turbo again] Are you a car?
Turbo: No?
Whiplash: Are you a car?!
Turbo: No!
Whiplash: Then stop driving like one! Now get out there. Snail up, baby!
[The Snail Crew cheer for Turbo as he dashes off]

[Chet screams in horror when a fly is crushed on the windscreen of the van. Burn appears on the window wipers.]
Burn: Hi Chet. Ya gonna be my boyfriend? Ima call ya boo.
Chet: [incredulously] Boo? What does that even mean?

Guy Gagné: [Turbo is on the lead at the last lap] I will not lose to a snail!

Turbo: Chet?
Chet: Finish this!
Turbo: [looks at his broken shell] But I can't.
Chet: Oh, yes you can. You're right, you know. It is in you! It's always been in you! Now, I did not just face every fear known to snailkind to come down here and watch you hide in your shell. I'm sitting on a crow, for crying out loud!! [crow tries to fly away but Chet slaps it] Don't even think about it! [back to Turbo] And my little brother never gives up. That's the best thing about you. So, you get out there and you win this… Turbo.
[Turbo smiles at his brother]

About Turbo (film)

  • Any film about speed, just trying to capture what it looks like on screen is a challenge. Especially in a car race, as multiple cars are going 200mph, but when you put a camera alongside them, things actually slow down. You have to have relative things going by, and there are lots of tricks you have to learn to create that sensation of speed. And then, on top of that, there's a snail hopping around, and the scale issues that come out of that. That was very complex to figure out, but it's probably what makes the film.


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