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Turbo is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated sports comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox respectively. It is based on an original idea by David Soren, who also directed the film. The film features an ordinary garden snail whose dream to become the fastest snail in the world comes true. The film was released on July 17, 2013.

The film will be followed by a television series, titled Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team), which will air on Netflix in December 2013.


Theo / Turbo[edit]

  • [to the Snail Crew] My name... is Turbo.
  • [after reaching the finish line on the table] Yes! 17 minutes! That's a new record
  • [to Chet] Wow... aren't you just a little ray of sunshine?
  • Everybody's got that one thing that makes them happy. For me, it's terrifying blazing speed.
  • And the cars are at the starting line. Gentlemen, start your engines.
  • All of these people, they believe in me.


  • [to Turbo] A snail cannot race in a competition meant for cars!


  • [to Turbo] Little far from home, aren't ya, garden snail?
  • You've clearly got the skills to pay the bills... if snails had to pay bills, that is.
  • Now, I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear what I clearly just heard.
  • We're going to Indianapolis, Chet. Don't you worry your chubby little face about that.
  • All right, team. Snail up!


  • [referring to Chet] I think we got a crier here.
  • Lube. [holding a tube of lip balm] Apply liberally. [applies to Theo's underside]
  • We got a contender, baby!


  • Snailed it!
  • Paid in full, son.
  • I love a man in uniform. For real!

Smoove Move[edit]

  • [referring to Turbo] The name is Smoove Move. I set the tone around here, ya dig?
  • I'm movin' so fast the whole world's going in slow motion, baby!
  • [to Chet] I to the N to the Dizzy to the whizz-Y, ya dig?

White Shadow[edit]

  • Let's do this!
  • White Shadow...
  • You just been White Shadow'd!



  • [referring to Turbo] This little guy's special. I want to enter him in the Indy 500.
  • With my brains and your speed, we should be destined for greatness.
  • When a snail crawls into your life at 200 miles an hour, then you'd have to be crazy not to grab onto that shell, and take a ride of a lifetime.
  • We got a chance to change our lives for the better, to make Starlight Plaza the great place we all know it could be.


  • You want to invest our entire life savings in a snail!
  • Not every dream is meant to come true.


  • Why (don't) you pick on someone your own size, [gets picked up] Hey, let go, I'm just an old lady.
  • You got a plan, taco man?
  • I'm gonna go have heart attack.

Guy Gagne[edit]

  • No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.
  • There comes a time in every race when a driver is forced to make that one, key, split-second decision. Fall behind, or push ahead. Take a chance and risk it all, or play it safe and suffer defeat.
  • I, for one, believe that if the Indy 500 isn't going to put a limit on speed, then it shouldn't put a limit on spirit!
  • Let's just say eventually, they have to wake up.
  • Thank you plucky snail. Because of you, the whole world will be watching this race, and when the checkered flag drops, they'll be watching ME win!
  • Crawl home, garden snail, while you still can!
  • Farwell little snail.
  • I will not lose TO A SNAIL!!!


Chet: Theo, What happens if you wake up tomorrow, and your powers are gone?
Theo: Then I better make the most of today.

Chet: With that TV gone, you can finally get out of the garage and put all that racing nonsense behind you and start living your life.
Theo: [confused] I have a life?

Theo: I thought I could get there.
Chet: When are you gonna wake up?

Narrator: The family business had everything, except business.

White Shadow: I'm fast, like a shadow.
Turbo: But shadows, they're not inherently fast.
White Shadow: [as he moves backwards into a light shadow, remaining visible] White Shadoooww...
Turbo: I can still see you.

Turbo: If you think that's somethin', check this out! [his eyes shine brightly like headlights, blinding Chet]
Burn: Hey, are you a robot?
Smoove Move: Are you radioactive, homie?

Smoove Move: You got fancy magic super-powers?
Theo: Yep.

Paz: Sorry , Tito, but I've got work to do.
Tito: No, you don't. None of you do.

Whiplash: Are you a car?
Turbo: No!
Whiplash: Then stop driving like one! Now get out there. Snail up, baby!

[Chet screams in horror when a fly is crushed on the windscreen of the van. Burn appears on the window wipers.]

Burn: Hi Chet. Ya gonna be my boyfriend? Ima call ya boo.
Chet: [incredulously] Boo? What kind of name is that?

About Turbo (film)[edit]

  • Any film about speed, just trying to capture what it looks like on screen is a challenge. Especially in a car race, as multiple cars are going 200mph, but when you put a camera alongside them, things actually slow down. You have to have relative things going by, and there are lots of tricks you have to learn to create that sensation of speed. And then, on top of that, there's a snail hopping around, and the scale issues that come out of that. That was very complex to figure out, but it's probably what makes the film.


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