Turgut Özal

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Turgut Özal in 1989

Halil Turgut Özal (October 13, 1927April 17, 1993) was the twentieth prime minister (December 13, 1983 to October 31, 1989) and the eighth president (November 9, 1989 to April 17, 1993) of the Turkish Republic. Özal founded the Motherland Party and was its leader from May 20, 1983 to October 31, 1989.


  • Turkey must show its teeth to Armenia. What harm would it do if a few bombs were dropped on the Armenian side by Turkish troops holding maneuvers on the border?
  • Now, we changed it, here you are!
    • In the Motherland Party's congress. Seconds before assassination attempt by Kartal Demirağ (1988)

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