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Tweenies is a British live action children's sitcom created by Will Brenton and Iain Lauchlan. The programme is centred on four pre-school aged characters, known as the "Tweenies", playing, singing, dancing and learning in a fictional nursery in England. They are cared for by two adult Tweenies and two dogs.

Series 1 (1999)[edit]

Colours [1.18][edit]

Max: Hey, that was great! Can I try now?
Milo: Uh-oh...

Series 3 (2000)[edit]

Practical Jokes [3.19][edit]

Dirty Hands [3.21][edit]

[After Milo left Jake with Fizz's special cushion, which he got his dirty, muddy handprints on, Fizz herself, along with Bella, entered the room]
Fizz: [laughing] Stop tickling me, Bella...!
Bella: Please stop tickling me...!
[They both laugh.]
Jake: Oh, dear...
[Just then, Fizz she sees her special cushion all dirty. Horrifed, she gives out a series of gasps, which get more intense by the second]
Fizz: Oh... Oh... Oh...
Jake: [worried] Fizz?
Fizz: OHH... OHH....
[Here's where Fizz goes berserk]
Bella: What's the matter, Fizz?!
Fizz: My... special... cushion!!!
Jake: Oh, no!
Fizz: Jake! What have you done??
Jake: Uhhh, but it wasn't me! Honest!
Bella: [angrily] Well, who was it, then?!
[Jake sputters, then hangs his head in sadness]

I Don't Like That [3.26][edit]

Series 7 (2001–02)[edit]

Blaming the Wrong Person [7.16][edit]

Clock Shock! [7.54][edit]

Voice cast[edit]

Original UK version[edit]

  • Sally Preisig as Bella. (1999-2000)
  • Emma Weaver as Bella. (2000-2002)
  • Bob Golding as Milo and Max.
  • Colleen Daley as Fizz and Izzles.
  • Justin Fletcher as Jake and Doodles.
  • Sinead Rushe as Judy.

US version[edit]

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