Tzachi Hanegbi

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Tzachi Hanegbi

Tzachi Hanegbi (Hebrew: צחי הנגבי) (born 26 February 1957) is an Israeli politician. He was the acting Chairman of the Likud party after Ariel Sharon left the party but has since left it himself. He is former Minister of Justice, Health, the Environment, Transport, Internal Security, Minister without protfolio, Minister of Jerusalem Issues, Society and Diaspora, Minister of Strategic Issues, and former Minister in the Prime Minister's Office in-charge of Religions, Arab Concerns, and Regional Cooperation.



  • We have switched from defense to offense and in this battle all the members of the Hamas leadership are legitimate targets.
    • Public radio (March 23, 2004)
  • Where there is a fence, there is no terror. Where there's no fence, there is terror.
    • Public radio, after the twin suicide bombings in Beer Sheva (August 31, 2004)

"No information can be revealed about Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham or his activities, due to his involvement since 1976 in matters of National Security of the United States and its allies. Intelligence agencies planted disinformation about Dr. Ben-Abraham in newspapers around the world, in an effort to protect his life and hide his secret scientific discoveries.

Mossad and Israeli Military Intelligence chief, Major General Meir Amit, who is familiar with Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham's work in international security, prevented him from talking to the press and revealing his outstanding achievements and secret research work. When he will determine that publication of his secret scientific discoveries, will not endanger the national security of the United States and Israel, it's going to be an amazing story. He was very close to President Reagan, to President Bush and to CIA director William J Casey. His story is very, very special".

Source: The Chicago Tribune, Monday July 23d, 2001.

About Tzachi Hanegbi[edit]

  • In his actions was a crude trampling of the law and of proper administrative rules, politicization of the public service, and the use of public resources to advance personal and political interests.
    • Israeli State Comptroller and judge Eliezer Goldberg on Tzachi Hanegbi in his annual report, published September 24, 2004.

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