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U.S. Marshals is a 1998 film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes. It is about Samuel Gerard (Jones) and Special Agent John Royce (Downey) must track down and capture Mark Sheridan (Snipes).

Samuel Gerard[edit]

  • OK, Michael. Regular or extra crispy?
  • You play any tricks, I gotta shoot you!
  • These things are so cool. They can shoot underwater, pour sand in them and they'll shoot. They shoot every time.
  • Remember, Sheridan could be anywhere people, stay alive.
  • Welcome home, Mark. You want to start running again?

Mark Sheridan[edit]

John Royce[edit]

  • You are really on my very last nerve. You are a mind-boggling pain in my ass.
  • I guess you'll just have to slap the cuffs on me, and take me in...


  • Cosmo Renfro: 27 stitches my ass.


Catherine Walsh: Never one to be afraid of the obvious. I admire that in a man, Sam.
Samuel Gerard: Have I done something?
Catherine Walsh: Yeah. You hit your prisoner while he was in handcuffs; that's against the rules. If he had any brains, he'd sue us.
Samuel Gerard: He bit one of my kids; he got smacked on the head! So what?
Catherine Walsh: So what?
Samuel Gerard: Yeah. So what?
Catherine Walsh: 27 stitches is "so what."
Samuel Gerard: He needed a smack on the head. That's what he got.

Samuel Gerard: Who's got my clothes?
Cosmo Renfro: I do. [Cosmo pulls a purple jacket out of a bag; Gerard looks down in disgust]
Bobby Biggs: I told you.
Cosmo Renfro: What?
Bobby Biggs: Told you he wouldn't like it.
Cosmo Renfro: I got the same thing last Christmas!

John Royce: [showing Marie pictures of the dead agents] This is Sam Harmon, one of my friends, Sheridan killed him with his own bare hands. So was Neil Kozinsky. Kozinsky had three little kids.
Marie Bineaux: Stop doing this to me. Even if I knew this man. It's not a crime, he's done nothing wrong. I haven't heard from him.
Noah Newman: So, you do know him.
John Royce: You just lied to us.
Noah Newman: That's a federal offense.

Samuel Gerard: Cosmo, where are you?
Cosmo Renfro: [shouting over the New York traffic] I'm in traffic! I'm in New York City! Where the hell do you think I am? We're on our way!

[Gerard is at the cemetary and calls Cosmo]
Cosmo Renfro: Sam.
Samuel Gerard: Cosmo.
Cosmo Renfro: We're still at the Chinese Consulate. No sign of Chen since he went in.
Samuel Gerard: Get the N.Y.P.D. on him. I want you and Royce here at Queens Hills Cemetery.
Cosmo Renfro: Where the hell is Queens Hills Cemetery?
Samuel Gerard: Ask a cop.

John Royce: Know what? You look like hell.
Samuel Gerard: I'm tired. I'm beat up.
John Royce: Get some rest, I'll wake you.
Samuel Gerard: I'll be all right. [eyes the gun in Royce's hand] That must be the gun that shot Newman.

Cosmo Renfro: What the hell is the matter with you? Sam, you can't do this. I know how you feel. Look, I feel the same way. I loved that kid, too, but this is wrong. I'm telling you this as your friend.
Samuel Gerard: You're not my friend.

[Royce tries killing Sheridan in his hospital bed]
John Royce: You are really on my very last nerve. You are a mind-boggling pain in my ass. Why couldn't you just die at the cemetery? Or on the plane? Cut yourself out of the rest if you want. Sit up. [Sheridan complies] You know the job. You had the same training. We eliminate threats. You are the threat. Guess what? I'm down to my last option here.
Mark J. Sheridan: It was you. You set me up. You were the traitor!
John Royce: Yeah. I'm the man, Mark. You're the delivery boy. I needed a fall guy to make the bag drop in case things went south. Like the two DDS agents you gunned down at the U.N.
Mark J. Sheridan: Their blood is on your hands.
John Royce: If it's any consolation, I chose you because you're the best. That was my mistake. But I'm going to fix it now. You'll put that knife down like a good boy and... [Sheridan falls from his bed] Good night, Sheridan. [Gerard suddenly walks in]
Samuel Gerard: What are you doing?
John Royce: He tried to escape.
Samuel Gerard: Better shoot him, then. [holds up Royce's nickel-plated pistol] Wanna use your old gun?
John Royce: That's Sheridan's.
Samuel Gerard: No, it's yours. You just filed off the serial number. It's the gun he took away from you in the swamp, it's the gun he shot me with, and it's the one you've been carryin' since that day. Whaddaya wanna bet the bullets we pulled from my vest matched those that killed Newman? Why did you shoot that boy?
John Royce: Didn't have a choice, really, Sam. He interrupted while I tried to put two into Sheridan. [flashback to Royce shooting Newman; in present, Royce points his gun at Gerard) Kind of like you.
Samuel Gerard: Go ahead and shoot me. What'll your story be? You caught me turning him loose?
John Royce: I'll think of something. [pulls the trigger, but the gun clicks empty; Gerard presents the unloaded magazine]
Samuel Gerard: I've got yours. You've got mine.

[after killing Royce]
Sam Gerard: Welcome home, Mark, wanna start running again?
Mark J. Sheridan: I think I'm going back to bed.

Cosmo Renfro: You know, you owe me an apology.
Sam Gerard: Yeah, I know, Cosmo, I know. But uh...
Cosmo Renfro: But what?
Sam Gerard: [exhales] But I don't even like you, man.
[everyone laughs]
Sam Gerard: Come on, let's go drink a toast to a good deputy named Noah Woodrow Newman.
Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: If we're going to drink to Newman, we better use milk.


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