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Ugly Betty (2006–2010) is an American comedy-drama television series, based on the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, which follows the life of Betty Suarez, a young Latino woman who lands a job as an executive assistant at Mode fashion magazine.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Justin: I don't want flan. I'll get fat!

Daniel: Thank you; but it is Daniel, not Danny.
Wilhelmina: [deadpan] What? I'm hellaciously upset, Marc.
Marc: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
Wilhelmina: Shh. Purge this from memory.

Amanda: She's so fabulously douchey.

Amanda: They don't call him "the Tripod" because he's a photographer, if you catch my drift.

Daniel: [seeing Betty's braces and wide smile while introducing himself to his staff] I realize I have some awful big teeth — shoes — to fill.

The Box and the Bunny [1.02][edit]

Betty: How do you know what "the book" is?
Justin: Please, I've seen The Devil Wears Prada like, seven times.

Gina: But remember, Betty, I'm a bad seed. I did a year in Juvi!

Hilda: Bitch! Out my house!

[Hilda and Gina engage in a catfight. Hilda pulls out Gina's weave.]
Gina: You're payin' for this!
Hilda: I guess we owe you $4000... and 50 cents.

Fashion TV presenter: Remember, we only make others feel bad to make you feel good.

Betty: That's it! Who put the bunny in the toilet? This is not funny! Who thinks this is funny? [people raise their hands] Oh, really? Well, whoever is doing this, if you think you can break me that easily, you're wrong! You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!

Queens for a Day [1.03][edit]

Marc: Did you see her facelift? Lawsuit!

Betty: You broke up with me.
Walter: For, like, two days. It takes longer than that to digest corn.

Daniel: Do we really need another editorial on eating disorders?
Very skinny woman: It's a lifestyle choice!

Betty: [to Marc] Marc, Give it to me! I can't hit your boss, but I can hit you; and everybody knows I'm from Queens, so I will do it!

[Amanda pretends to be Betty.]
Vincent Bianchi: No kidding. C'mon, gimmie some credit. This girl's never been within ten feet of a sausage n' pepper hero in her life.

Fey's Sleigh Ride [1.04][edit]

Marc: [talking about Betty] The poor cow has no idea we only invited her so people could see she really exists. She's like a real-life Snuffleupagus, only hairier.

Walter: You had a mango margarita? You used to get dizzy from your astringent.

Betty: They can't fire us all!
Amanda: Can't they? Photo department, 2003... got axed for mentioning the words "sepia tones" at a party!

Marc: [to Justin] Be who you are. Dress how you want... Just learn how to run really fast.

[Hilda grounds Justin for skipping school.]
Hilda: And no Fashion TV for a month!

The Lyin, the Watch and the Wardrobe [1.05][edit]

Wilhelmina: [seeing Marc dressed as Betty for Halloween] That is the absolute cruelest thing I've ever seen. Someone's getting a raise.

Daniel: I can sleep with a different woman every night of the week. Why not?
Betty: The Romans had a nine-day week. You would have been a really tired centurion.

Christina: [referring to Betty's butterfly costume] Flit!
Betty: What?
Christina: Flit! It's what butterflies do!
Betty: Oh... I thought you were cursing me in Scottish!

[Daniel, having lunch with Claire, takes away her glass of wine. Claire orders Veal Marsala.]
Daniel The alcohol burns off.
Claire: So give me back the glass and set fire to me when I'm done.

Betty: [to Henry] It's so stupid. You know, I come into Manhattan every single day for work, and it's at times like these I feel like the E train dropped me off at Mars or something.

Trust, Lust, and Must [1.06][edit]

Wilhelmina: [on the phone] Nico, I said you can only call for emergencies. What do you want? No, you can't submit my apartment for Pimp Yo House!

Betty: He could be deported?
Immigration Lawyer: Very strong possibility, yes.
Betty: But he has a family. He pays taxes. He's a Mets fan…
Hilda: He's in Oprah's book club!

Wilhelmina: I hate it when she's smiles. It's so... metallic.

Betty: Are you tired of sticking you finger down your throat? Now you can lose weight the easy way! Ask me how!

Wilhelmina: Animal rights versus fashion rights: just who is right?

After Hours [1.07][edit]

Amanda: The human piñata look may be all the rage in Queens, but in Soho they'll arrest you for crimes against humanity.

Betty: [to Walter] You're not a rock star. You play flute in a Jethro Tull tribute band.

Sofia: [to Daniel] You might forget which emaciated, half-naked woman to put on your cover. Oh, and your cover story, "10 Ways to Lose Thighs and Get Guys"? So empowering!

Marc: You must've had some weekend. A straight man bought you shoes. I peeked, and maybe tried them on.

Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral [1.08][edit]

Gina: I see I'm not the only one who's doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping.
Betty: A carton of cigarettes and vodka?
Gina: You have your tradition and I have mine.

Daniel: Thanksgiving without family would be... Thursday.

Marc: I have to haul my well-toned ass to Schenectady, eat cranberry sauce in the shape of a can and tell my family all about my girlfriend who lives up in Canada.

Claire: This is the first time I've been to one of these parties sober. I used to always think there were twice as many people.

Marc: Trust me. If she had hidden cameras in here, I'd have been fired a long time ago.

Lose the Boss [1.09][edit]

[Daniel wakes up in Betty's bed.]
Daniel: And... where did you sleep?
Betty: In your arms!
Daniel: What?
Betty: Just kidding! On the couch, downstairs.
Daniel: Ah... good. I mean... uh... thanks.

Wilhelmina: Poor people are so cheap.

Wilhemina: [to a taxi driver] What'd you drive in the old country—a goat?
Taxi driver: I do not have to drive nasty person.
Wilhelmina: Fine, leave him [Marc] here.
Taxi driver: No, you. Out!

Wilhelmina Do you have any money?
Marc: I only have $17 in my account. We could go to the bank, but it would just be a social call.

Betty And for your information, that cover you shot with Courtney Love coming out of rehab in a wheelbarrow full of pills was our lowest-selling issue in 17 years!

Fake Plastic Snow [1.10][edit]

[Betty will be leaving Mode.]
Marc: Would it be okay to have a goodbye party and not invite her?

Henry: [to Betty] Guess I'll be on top of you the next couple of days... party-wise.

Christina: [telling Santa what she wants for Christmas] A heart for Wilhelmina, courage for Marc and a brain for Amanda.

Justin: You did run over her tree. And Christmas is a time of love and forgiveness.
Hilda: Grow up, Tiny Tim.

Daniel: [leaving a voicemail for Sofia] I have something to tell you... you do take my breath away. You make my heart beat faster. You make my palms sweat... but that doesn't mean I don't love you: it means I do. Sometimes your heart knows things your mind can't explain, and my heart doesn't race for anyone else. I love you, Sofia... This is Daniel, by the way.

Swag [1.11][edit]

Daniel: Apparently my credit rating is lower than that of most convicted felons.

[Walter, caught stalking Betty at the drugstore, takes something from a shelf.]
Walter: What? I'm shopping.
Betty: Walter, you do not have a feminine itch!

Wilhemina: [about Daniel] For his 28th birthday, he tried to buy an island. And Jennifer Lopez.

Amanda: [looking at Betty's handbag] Does it come with a mule?

Marc: [looking at Betty with a Gucci handbag] Eww... it's touching polyester!

Sofia's Choice [1.12][edit]

Wilhemina: Ted took me to a mall. I shopped next to fat people!

Betty: Hunter, do you have a girlfriend?
Hunter I have girlfriends, boyfriends, all sorts of things!
Betty: Um, so you mean you're bisexual?
Hunter: That's right, babe. If you buy, I'm sexual.

Constance: My name is Constance, not "lady."
Ignacio: I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Betty It's great to work with people who actually eat.

Christina: [about a patron at a strip club] That woman is about to marry some fat, bald, pasty-looking dentist. This is her last supper. She is cashing out!

In or Out [1.13][edit]

Marc: By the way, when we move into Daniels office I'm not sitting on Betty's old chair... 'cause this bum don't slum.
Wilhelmina: Um, that's not what I've heard.

Betty: Where's my desk, Amanda? Did you put it back in the men's room again?

Fashion TV reporter: "And speaking of disasters... it's time for our daily dose of Daniel. There's been no sign of the recently dumped boytoy, but rumor has it that he's in Brazil licking his wounds... and anything else that walks by.

Marc: [about Betty] Let's hit her with a stick and watch how much candy falls out.

Wilhelmina: It looks like that skiing accident has done you a world of good... Alex Meade.
Alexis Meade: Alexis, darling. It's Alexis now.

I'm Coming Out [1.14][edit]

Becks: There weren't any hotties in Africa. I mean, they're thin—but it's sick thin, not hot thin.

Fabia I love your assistant. I have the same one in beige.

Amanda: [to Marc] You booking a cruise? You can't afford to book a cruise to the bathroom on the 17th floor.

Daniel Betty's a great girl.
Becks: Maybe after a half dozen shots.

Wilhelmina: Marc! I need your eyes! You must be my seeing-eye gay!

Brothers [1.15][edit]

Henry: When the paparazzi are stalking accountants, you know it's bad.
Betty: I know. They were following me, too. And one of them thought my glasses and nose were a disguise.

Claire: It's ridiculous. One DUI, you OD a couple of times, show up naked at a garden party, and suddenly everyone treats you like a child.
Betty: Daniel just wanted to make sure you wouldn't hurt yourself.
Claire: [takes a perfume bottle from Betty] If I wanted to drink this, what could you do to stop me? [Betty knocks the bottle from Claire's hand] Not bad.

Evelyn: [watching a telenovela] So you see that stripper? She used to be a nun, and she's pregnant with the butcher's baby, but she doesn't know that the butcher is her second cousin.
Wilhelmina: A story as old as time.

Betty: Daniel, The Times called wanting a quote, Dr. Phil called offering his services, and E! called wanting to do a reality show about your family.

Justin: [to Hilda] I'm not crazy about the animal prints and you're a little over-accessorized, but you have your own style. It's cool.

Derailed [1.16][edit]

Grace: Julie now has a husband, two kids and a dog.
Daniel: Oh, that's nice.
Grace: In her mind. She's in a mental institution.

Alexis: It's complicated coming back from the dead.
Wilhelmina: Oh, please. Donna Karan does it every three years.

Grace: Maybe I should stand out in the snow for three hours and cry icicle tears.
Daniel: Worked on that one for a while?
Grace: Twelve years.

Joel: Have we met?
Wilhelmina: We're not even meeting now.

Marc: You do not say no to Sarah Jessica Parker! She's the Holy Grail of Fashion!
Christina: I know!
Marc: And this is your big chance! And my big chance: to meet her husband, Ferris Bueller Parker.

Icing on the Cake [1.17][edit]

Claire: Oh, my. What a cute little house. I can put it right in my pocket.

Constance: So you're the one.
Claire: I beg your pardon?
Constance: You're the ho that's been stealing my man.
Claire: It's unlikely that we will have the same man in common. We certainly don't have the same hairdresser.

Daniel [to Grace] A woman who likes sex three times a night and doesn't like to cuddle? Where have you been all my life?

Wilhelmina: A Hermes scarf. How pretty. I'm sure my cleaning lady will love it.

Gabe: I should probably know better than to date my patients anyway. Especially the cute ones.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell [1.18][edit]

Ignacio: I'm starting not to remember the feel of rain, the smell of freshly mowed grass.
Hilda: Papi, we live in Jackson Heights. The grass smells like fried onions.

Marc This is our new office? It has fluorescent lighting! I will not be looked at under this merciless glare!

Marc: We shall overcome, girlfriend.
Wilhelmina: You did not just say that.

Marc: [to Wilhelmina] You are evil. I'm SO going as you for Halloween.

Claire: [to Wilhelmina] I'm not fooled by your collagen smile and your plastic ass.

Punch Out [1.19][edit]

Amanda Nick left. He said something about cheerleading finals and cocaine.

Quincy Combs: Just admiring the inner sanctum of the feckless prince. As the empire dissolves even the cushions on the bone white chaise sags with defeat. Oh my, you are feisty!
Betty: And I bite, too!
Quincy Combs: Do not underestimate me. You may be the beast that guards the gates, but I've taken down kings, presidents, the electric car. Daniel Meade does not stand a chance against me!

Wilhelmina: [about her hemline] Higher... I said higher!
Christina: Any higher and I'll be giving you a pelvic exam!
Marc: Ow! Well, fill my bucket with nothing but thighs!
Wilhelmina: Relax, Colonel. We all know you prefer nuggets.

Constance: Honey, you must think you the only chip in the bag!

Alexis: Let's put it this way. If my father were drowning, I would pull up a lawn chair and watch.

Petra-Gate [1.20][edit]

Hilda: A job isn't about friends. It's about making money... and stealing office supplies. By the way, we're out of coffee filters.

Justin: That's great. We need a party. We'll have a theme: crossing the border. We'll have a big fence in the door and make everyone climb over it.

Rodrigo: [to Alexis] You're international, like the House of Pancakes.

Alexis: He asked me to dinner.
Wilhelmina: And you said?
Alexis: No.
Wilhelmina: Alexis, why?
Alexis: Because it's dinner and that means sex. I know that. I used to be a guy.
Wilhelmina: And what's wrong with sex?
Alexis: Well I haven't... it's... I haven't exactly... ever since I... I haven't...
Wilhelmina: Taken the new car out for a test drive?
Alexis: That's one way to put it.
Wilhelmina: Alexis, what are you waiting for? Sooner or later someone is going to have to put the key in the ignition.

Henry: I can't believe Alexis is doing this to Daniel. They're family. Even Erica Kane forgave her daughter Kendall when she slept with her fourth husband... All My Children. It's just something I know.

Secretaries' Day [1.21][edit]

Betty: When I was a little girl, I hated getting my allergy shot. So I used to grab onto this tree outside my house and wrap my legs around it so tight no one could pull me off. These are thighs of steel!

Claire: Please, this is cake. How many rehabs have I been through? At least here you can score a decent glass of toilet wine.

Wilhelmina: [to Marc] Who do you think denied you a raise for the past two years? Cut your vacation time? Who do you think hacked into your computer and canceled your subscription to DudeCruise?

Amanda: Sure, today I'm the eye candy, but tomorrow I'll be old candy. Old, hard, wrinkly candy, covered in lint.
Marc: Are you having a stroke?
Amanda: Maybe. I'm old enough!

Amanda: Oh it's about to get nerd-nasty.

A Tree Grows in Guadalajara [1.22][edit]

Betty: We get to meet all of our family members and practice our Spanish. Hola comi a tu sobrina.
Ignacio: You just said "I ate your niece."

Wilhelmina: She swam the English Channel in a leather bikini. We already have the title: The Daredevil Wears Prada.

Justin: Doesn't anyone care that I am understudying the lead in West Side Story? God forbid Joey Colano takes ill and I don't know my finger snaps for the rumble.

Wilhelmina: Your boyfriend fakes his death and comes back as a very big girl. There really isn't a card for that.

Amanda: Yesterday you told me my head was too big for my neck.
Marc: That was constructive criticism.
Amanda: Well, what am I supposed to do about it?
Marc: I don't know. As a friend, my job is only to point things out.

East Side Story [1.23][edit]

[Betty brings Daniel a rock from Mexico.]
Betty: It's supposed to be mystical. The old man who sold it to me said it would help you on your journey to enlightenment. Or with cramps. My Spanish really sucks.

Wilhelmina: Fabia? That little Euro-Wench is getting married?
Marc: And she got Elton John to sing for the wedding. He's re-written "Candle In the Wind" just for her.
Wilhelmina: What? He was re-writing "Candle in the Wind" for me!
Marc: Ugh. Give that queen twenty-bucks and she'll re-write it for anybody.
Wilhelmina: Get Fabia over here. Wedding Summit '07 is on!

Fabia: You must come to the ceremony. I won't be able to get married without my "something old."
Wilhelmina: Oh, with the veins in your legs, you already have your "something blue."

Diane: Oh, my God! That is so romantic. It's like Julia Roberts flossing before whoring herself in "Pretty Woman."

Christina: Back in Scotland I have a husband.
Amanda: Ooh, you just got 10% more interesting.
Christina: He's an insurance auditor.
Amanda: Okay, 5%.

Season 2[edit]

How Betty Got Her Grieve Back [2.01][edit]

[At a natural disasters shoot.]
Betty: There is no one here who cares about changing the inside. They only care about fixing the outside.
Wilhelmina: What's stumpy up to now?
Betty: This concealer here, this isn't gonna change the fact that she doesn't have a house. And this, this eyeliner isn't going to bring back the people you loved. These women have lost everything and there is not enough styling gel in here to change that! [walks off]
Sheila: You know what, she's right. There's not enough styling gel.

Amanda: Hey, what's different about you? You get your hair cut?
Betty: I'm wearing an eyepatch.
Amanda: You didn't always have that?

Amanda: I haven't gained that much weight. You can't even notice. [leans over the desk to answer the phone as Wilhelmina walks in]
Wilhelmina: Morning, Marc, Betty.

Family/Affair [2.02][edit]

Amanda: [about Fey] I just stare at her picture all day and then I stare at myself in the mirror.
Marc: More than usual?
Amanda: Yeah.

[Amanda has been given Fey's dog.]
Amanda: Suddenly I'm a caregiver. That is so not who I am.
Marc: It's true. You're a bit of a monster on the inside.

Betty's Wait Problem [2.03][edit]

Marc: [to Amanda] Okay, can we forget about your father and focus on your mother and what being Fey Sommers' daughter will get us, and by us I mean you, and by you I mean me.

Amanda: Those are the DNA results.
Daniel: So... um, how many times you think we...
Amanda: A lot... But just remember: if your dad’s DNA does match mine, we’re only half brother and sister, which means if we did it like twenty times, it was only wrong ten.
Daniel: Okay, that actually made sense to me... Oh, my God. You are so my sister!

Gio: [to a model] Okay, chicken and cheese special on a baguette, no cheese, no chicken, no baguette. I just sold her a plate of lettuce for seven bucks!
Betty: Yes, but that's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so really it's a bargain!

Betty: So, you're new. What happened to Robert?
Gio: I think he inherited money. Or got arrested. I don't know what happened. There was a lawyer and cash involved.

Grin and Bear It [2.04][edit]

Wilhelmina: Even if I wanted to express sympathy, I physically can't.

Wilhelmina: [to Amanda] When Fey started puking up her breakfast, she was thrilled—until she found out she was pregnant.

Prof. Bennett: If you have nothing to write, try killing yourself. If you fail, you'll have something to write about. If you succeed, your troubles will be over!

Marc: What year were you born?
Amanda: 1991.
Marc: You're 16?
Amanda: 1992.
Marc: Other way.

Amanda: Friends do not let friends wear glitter before noon!

A League of Their Own [2.05][edit]

Christina: I'm going to put your profile on
Betty: Internet dating? Why don't you just chop me into pieces yourself and cut out the middleman?

Amanda: You and him?
Marc: Why not? He's a 9, I'm an 8.
Amanda: He's a 10, you're a 6.
Marc: You're a bitch, I'm a 7!

Betty: Henry, please. Stop... stop being so nice. You're not making this any easier.
Henry: Well, what am I supposed to do?
Betty: I don't know. Kick a puppy, or knock over a midget.
Henry: I think the more considerate term is "little person."

Betty: It's not like I'm writing "Betty loves Henry" all over my notebook.
Daniel: [pointing to her notebook] Um...
Betty: Shut up.

Daniel: [to Betty] You've met my family. My mother was arrested for murder, and she's the nice one.

Something Wicked This Way Comes [2.05][edit]

A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding [2.07][edit]

Marc: Have you seen Cliff yet?
Amanda: Don't worry. Your wide-load lover will be here any minute.
Marc: Amanda, don't joke. I'm freaking out! I am debuting him today as my boyfriend and I have no idea what's gonna walk through that door.
Amanda: Sweetie, relax. He can't fit through those doors.

Marc: [to Amanda] Your 15 minutes are almost up. Quincy Jones is on the 4th row. Now sing, bitch!

[Wilhelmina comes out in her wedding gown.]
Vera Wang: Damn, I'm good!
Wilhelmina: I have a little problem with the train.
Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham: Now this is MAJOR! [comes out in her dress]

Marc: I'm sorry Wili, but... she makes me feel tingly where no other girl has ever made me feel tingly!

I See Me, I.C.U. [2.08][edit]

Wilhelmina: If I ate lunch, now would be the time to lose it.

Marc: Is there water underneath you, because I think I smell a plan brewing?

Henry: Pretend you're a hero in an action film.
Betty: Mexicans don't have action heroes, Henry. We have a speedy little mouse.

Giving Up the Ghost [2.09][edit]

Christina: [referring to a model] She won't come out of her dressing room unless she gets some booze or drugs.
Daniel: Did she mention anything about God?
Christina: Yeah, she spoke about Him. She said "God, I need some booze or drugs!"

[Claire knocks Wilheimina into an open grave.]
Claire: All those in favour of removing Wilhelmina Slater as Creative Director at Mode, say "aye."
Daniel and Alexis: "Aye."
Claire: Motion passed. Rest in peace, bitch.

Bananas for Betty [2.10][edit]

Wilhelmina: I'm Wilhelmina Slater and I don't get wet.

Zero Worship [2.11][edit]

Marc: Aw, are you playing "Papa Can You Hear Me" again?
Amanda: I'm just spending some quality time with my dads. Today I'm feeling particularly close to Jimmy "Jay Jay" Walker. Dynamite.

Betty's Baby Bump [2.16][edit]

'Amanda at Charlie's Baby Shower' Amanda: Why's everyone so fat at this party?

Wilhelmina:You're right. I've been hormotional.

The Kids Are Alright [2.17][edit]

Gio: I don't wanna be the rebound guy. I wanna be the guy.

Gio: You frenched me Suarez. You frenched me good.
Betty: I did not french you!
[Betty walks away. Gio follows her, pretending to chaperone the dance.]
Betty: Gio, I have an article that I need to write. So please stop distracting me.
Gio: What? I'm chaperoning here.
Betty: And who calls it "frenching"?

Season 3[edit]

Filing for the Enemy [3.02][edit]

Wilhelmina: Look at us—two women of color out for a fancy lunch on the town. Isn't this fun, girlfriend?
Betty: [chuckles nervously] I guess.
Wilhelmina: And that blouse is heaven. Where did you get it? I love it.
Betty: Okay, no, you don't.
Wilhelmina: No, I don't. It's hideous, like driving through Ohio.

Amanda: [singing to Marc] Hush, little homo, don't you cry. Mandy's gonna steal you a Prada tie.

Granny Pants [3.05][edit]

Daniel: I can't believe Wilhelmina Slater uses a dating service.
Wilhelmina: Well, Marc doesn't fulfill all of my needs. God knows he's given it the old college try.
Daniel: Well, I guess it just shows you everyone gets lonely.
Wilhelmina: I'm not lonely. I'm horny!
Harmony: Your first course is oysters on the half shell. They're an aphrodisiac... not that you need one.

Crush'd [3.07][edit]

Marc: [about Connor] Oh, my God, you like him!
Wilhelmina: Don't be ridiculous!
Marc: Willie, you saluted him! You haven't saluted anyone since Cheney. You have fallen for him like everyone else here!
Wilhelmina: I don't fall for anyone, Marc! I am not like those other women out there, ruled by their emotions.
Marc: Willie, it's okay to feel something.
Wilhelmina: No, it's not. Not when it gets in the way of ambition. How do you think I got this far? Now, I've had my momentary lapse of judgment, but that is over now.

Tornado Girl [3.08][edit]

Amanda: Marc, are you punishing me because I said I don't approve of gay marriage? I only meant that for unattractive gays, and Cliff is really growing on me.

Kissed Off [3.13][edit]

Wilhelmina: I know you're still hung up on Molly. Don't bother denying it.
Connor: I learned that Molly is seeing someone, and, yes, it bothered me. But I've moved on.
Wilhelmina: Have you?
Connor: It's over.
Wilhelmina: You can say that. You might even believe it. But deep down, I know you're just like me. You don't want to lose.
Connor: Willie—
Wilhelmina: Connor, I want you—all of you or nothing. Wilhelmina Slater does not play second fiddle to anyone. And she doesn't beg, for anyone.

There's No Place Like Mode [3.15][edit]

Wilhelmina: [after learning she has been seated in the second row at Fashion Week] How could this happen? Have I changed? Have I gone soft?
Marc: No. You're still as horrible and evil as the day that Satan himself placed you in your mother's arms.
Wilhelmina: Oh, darling, that's sweet.

Sugar Daddy [3.17][edit]

Marc: Willie, as much as I love watching fired employees scamper off sad and barefoot... are you okay?
Wilhelmina: What mood do you think I should be in, Marc? The company's on the brink of collapse. Connor ran off with all the money!
Marc: Yeah... Hey, Willie, he did break your heart a little bit, right?
Wilhelmina: Don't be ridiculous. Connor Owens is a thief. Nothing more than that to me. Just another disappointing, useless male.

Rabbit Test [3.20][edit]

Amanda: My sex IQ is crazy high. I'm like the Einstein of sex.

Amanda: I have a pornographic memory.

The Born Identity [3.21][edit]

[Wilhelmina walks in carrying William, who starts crying when Betty says hi to him]
Wilhelmina: Thank you, Betty. That'll be worth at least ten years of therapy.

Wilhelmina: Time to get serious. Marc, put on your game face.
[Marc pouts]
Wilhelmina: Not your gay face—your game face.
Marc: They're the same face.

Season 4[edit]

Chica and the Man [4.13][edit]

Amanda: [to Marc] I wanna get promoted. I'm sick of being a receptionist—always being at everyone's Beck and Victoria.

Wilhelmina: [reading from a website announcing an upcoming drag show] "Mean queens of fashion in New York City's finest drag bar. Double bill featuring Manna Wintour and Wilheldiva Hater"?!
Marc: That is so fun— offensive!
Wilhelmina: I will not be mocked by some low-rent drag queen! It's insulting.
Marc: It's inexcusable!
Claire: It's delicious. What's that web address?
Marc: Uh, yeah, I'll write it down—
Wilhelmina: Don't even bother. I'll have my lawyers draw up a cease and desist order immediately. As if I didn't have enough queens to shut down right here at Mode. [glances at Marc]

Amanda: [to Betty] You must be so excited to be honored by the Big Lesbian Order of Bloggers.
Marc: Amanda, I already told you. That's not what BLOB stands for. It stands for Big, Lumpy, Obese Bloggers.

Wilheldiva Hater: You're meaner than any version of you I could ever do.
Wilhelmina: Well, I could make an effort to be liked, but I'd rather be hated than inconvenienced. However, if you stick around and shave again, seems I could have it all.

Marc: Mandy, why did I just see Helen in the closet reading a four-year-old Marie Claire and wiping Cheeto dust off of her fingers with a vintage Prada shift?!
Amanda: Marc, I tried to fire her, but I couldn't. And I knew if Willie saw her—
Marc: What happens when she asks about a paycheck?
Amanda: Oh, I give her Meade money. [pulls out fake bills with Daniel's face on them]
Marc: Mandy, a fake job and a fake paycheck aren't helping Helen any. And trust me, no good ever came from keeping someone in the closet.
Amanda: Okay, you just got really deep.
Marc: I know, and now I have a headache.

All the World's a Stage [4.16][edit]

Austin: [to Justin] Hey, what are you doing, I thought we were gonna hang out?
Justin: You guys go without me.
Austin: Justin, I know you saw us! Come on, she didn't pick me over you or anything. You got to kiss her, and I wanted my shot.
Justin: You guys seemed pretty into it.
Austin: I guess...
Justin: You weren't?
Austin: Well, it wasn't like you two on stage. That seemed intense.
Justin: Well... I guess that's because I'm a good actor.
Austin: Really?
Justin: Yeah. It was better in my head.
Austin: [chuckles] This is messed up, alright? Oh, and by the way, you weren't that good on stage, okay? 'Cause you were totally blocking me when you kissed her! [playfully shoves Justin]
Justin: You just have to have everyone seeing you all the time.
Austin: Trust me, they were looking at me anyways.
Justin: [laughing] You are so in love with yourself!
Austin: Wouldn't you be?
[The two freeze for a moment and look at each other. Austin then kisses Justin]

London Calling [4.18][edit]

Tyler: I was conceived at a rehab facility. I, uh, guess I was destined to be an alcoholic. [chuckles]
Claire: I don't think we should joke about that.

Betty: I could take Hilda horseback riding for her bachelorette party.
Amanda: Or better yet, naked horseback riding. You're welcome.
Betty: Gross. And, ow!
Amanda: Well, I'm out of ideas then.
Betty: Well, all of your ideas involve nudity.
Amanda: You're welcome.
Betty: Stop saying that.

Marc: Oh, my God, I totally forgot I have that boyfriend, Trey.
Amanda: Troy.
Marc: I like Trey better. Or Trevor. We'll talk about it. I'm sure he'll want to weigh in.

Wilhelmina: [on the phone with Tyler] Slip-ups are inevitable. And it's okay. I certainly know how tempting a perfectly mixed cocktail can be. I can almost taste it right now. [sips martini] It's like a warm hug going down my throat.

Amanda: Christina, you know what's really weird? You're, like, a big, fancy designer in London, and I'm a big-shot stylist in New York.
Christina: You're a stylist now?
Amanda: Well, not in the sense that I have any clients, but I do get to combine all of my favorite interests: criticizing people, shopping, and promoting world thinness.

The Past Presents the Future [4.19][edit]

Amanda: Here are the earrings that I promised Hilda for her wedding. And here are the diet pills. I want her skinny as a beautiful corpse when your Papi helps her down the aisle.
Betty: Thank you. And since you've been so helpful, Hilda says you should bring a plus one. Some of our family can't come.
Amanda: They got deported?

Hilda: Why is everything with Austin always such a big secret?
Bobby: No secret. Austin's a good kid. They're both good kids. Everything's cool, you know.
Hilda': What's going on? Do you know something?
Bobby: [nervously] No! I don't know anything. What— What would I know?
Hilda: You do know something! I swear to God, Bobby, you better tell me.
Bobby: No, I can't. I promised I wouldn't say anything. I'm not gonna break that promise.
Hilda: He's on drugs. Oh, my God! That Austin kid has got my baby hooked on drugs!
Bobby: It's not drugs.
Hilda: Well, then, what is it, Bobby? Because I cannot think of another reason why my son is always spending time with Austin. Oh, suddenly he's sneaking off all the time, or he's up in the room with the door— [pauses as Bobby stares at her] Ohhh.

Amanda: Marc, just give Spencer a chance. You will love him. He's like me, but with junk!
Marc: I can't, Mandy. I am still grieving over Troy. I don't think I'll ever be able to be in a relationship again.
Amanda: He's like me with big junk!

Claire: I don't know how, and I don't know why, but I know you got to Tyler. This has your stink all over it.
Wilhelmina: Oh, Claire, have you escaped from your handlers again? Or have they allowed you a senior outing?
Claire: This boy is an alcoholic. He is troubled.
Wilhelmina: Isn't that the pickled lush calling the kettle black?

Hilda: [before going in to get married] This is the happiest day of my life. Alright, let's do this bitch!

Hello Goodbye [4.20][edit]

Justin: B, how can you move to London? Won't you miss all the kidnapping, shooting, and murder at Mode?
Betty: Mm, no, not really.

Wilhelmina: If those idiots want me to save Tyler, they're gonna have to hand over the whole damn company!
Marc: Oh, Willie, don't say that. That's wrong.
Wilhelmina: Oh, you're one to be judging me, Marc. After all these years, whenever I needed something that was morally questionable, you were right there with me.
Marc: You're right. I was willing to do anything for you. You were like my mother, my goddess, my diva. Y-you know, you were— you were my life. I thought that if you had everything you wanted, you'd be happy, but... You'll never be happy. There's always something more.

Betty: If I go to London, am I being selfish? I feel like I'm letting everyone down—Papi, Daniel, Hilda. Not to mention, it's such a risk—
Justin: Aunt Betty, you're all about risk. You took a job at Mode magazine. You showed up to your first day of work in a poncho. That reeked of disaster.

Wilhelmina: I never thought I'd say this, but... you've got big balls, Betty Suarez.
Betty: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

[After Betty runs into Daniel in London]
Betty: Hey, if you want something to do, I am looking for a new assistant.
Daniel: Well, maybe I'll submit my résumé.


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