Uladzimir Nyaklyayew

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Uladzimir Nyaklyayew

Uladzimir Prakopavich Nyaklyayew (Belarusian: Уладзі́мір Прако́павіч Някля́еў; Belarusian Latin alphabet (Łacinka): Uładzimir Prakopavič Niaklajeŭ) born on July 11, 1946 in Smarhon’) is a Belarusian poet, writer and politician opposing regime of Aliaksandar Lukashenka.


  • Ukraine has managed to preserve their language and culture, and national pride, which made it possible to assemble the force that could stand up to Russia. Belarusians, on the contrary, had been robbed, taking the national history and make sure that by 1917 the country did not exist, and all that it has today — thanks to Russia. People are deprived of their history and national identity, will not go to the square to fight for something that does not feel or understand.
  • You know, there are some people who were also put this decree in a difficult position, but still decided to pay a "tax". They think to themselves: let it be like to be. Let not mistaken, it came to nothing lead. If we do not protect each other, from the regime of the state of the power, to help each other, then no one will help us. It is the law by which our ancestors lived. If your relative is bad — all the relatives came to the rescue. If your neighbour is bad — all quit their job and help bad one. If your friend is bad — all considered it their duty to help. We need to stand behind each other as a wall. Only then we can survive!

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