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Ultraviolet (1998) was a British television serial produced by World Productions, written and directed by Joe Ahearne, and starring Jack Davenport, Susannah Harker, Idris Elba and Philip Quast. The show, which ran for six episodes, served as a modernized version of the vampire mythos and followed Detective Sergeant Mike Colefield (Davenport) as he joins a secret organization dedicated to hunting the undead. Among the show's critically-praised elements were its characters' scientific approach to their work and its realistic atmosphere, such that the word "vampire" was never actually spoken (vampires are referred to as "Code Fives" or "leeches").

Season 1[edit]

Habeas Corpus [1.01][edit]

[Mike discusses an informant's mysterious murder with a mortician]
Mortician: No, it was close range. No question about it. See the burns?
Detective Sergeant Mike Colefield: There was no one near him.
Mortician: Then he must have been shot outside.
Mike: What, delayed reaction?

[After vanishing before his wedding to Kirsty, Jack asks Mike to meet him at night]
Jack Beresford: Now, before you say anything-
[Mike punches him]
Jack: Was that from Kirsty?
Mike: No. Me.

[Mike is forced to go to his ex-girlfriend for information]
Mike: Believe it or not, crawling on my hands and knees to you is not my idea of fun.
Frances Pembroke: Might be mine, though.

Father Pearse J. Harman: Do you know where Jack is?
Mike: Yeah, like I'm gonna tell you.
Father Pearse: You should. We're all on the same side. You must know by now what we're dealing with.
Mike: No, I know what you think you're dealing with. I can't help that.
Father Pearse: You believe Jack is still your friend.
Mike: Well, whatever he's done, he doesn't deserve a death sentence.
Father Pearse: I'm afraid that was carried out three nights ago. Before you last met.

[A handcuffed Mike is guarded by ex-soldier Vaughan]
Mike: Hey. (indicates his cuffs) Why don't you take 'em off? I'll give you an excuse. (stands) Oh, yeah... how's your new job? Far safer than Desert Storm, yeah? Oh, it must be. (Vaughan starts to react, but catches himself) You know, from where I was standing, there was, what? Six of you? For one unarmed man? (Vaughan glances at a monitoring surveillance camera, considering) Nice odds if you can get 'em.
Vaughan Rice: You sit down.
Mike: Come on. What have you got to lose? I doubt very much they do court-martials here.
(Vaughan starts forward just as the door opens)

[Mike uses a gun's special mirror attachment to see that Jack no longer has a reflection]
Jack: Wooden ammo?
Mike: Carbon.
Jack: State of the art. But then, so are we.

Mike: Did you have a choice?
Jack: Absolutely. I could stick around, do ten to fifteen for corruption. I could go on the run. Or I could go all the way.
Mike: Did you know what they were into when you were taking their money?
Jack: Well, they don't exactly advertise it, and I can see why now. People go a bit funny. People you thought you knew.
Mike: Why do they need money? I thought you lot were only after one thing.
Jack: We are. And we don't have to kill to get it.
Mike: Then what's the money for?
Jack: They want to wipe us out. So we had to get organized. That takes money.

Jack: We know it's got Vatican money. "The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith," I think they call it now. They changed the name. Used to be "The Inquisition"

Jack: Did they tell you I was evil? It's what the church always says, Mike. Women. Black. Disabled. Gay. Now us. Do you like living in the Middle Ages? (sees that Mike is aiming the gun at his head) That won't do it. You want the heart. (Mike takes aim at his chest) We're part of nature.
Mike: So's smallpox.
Jack: Oh, charming. I'm a virus, am I? (advancing toward Mike)
Mike: Stop.
Jack: Is that what I am, vermin?

[Mike's bite is treated by Angie]
Mike: Where's all the crosses?
Dr. Angie March: And holy water? Jury's out on that. It's a bit like homeopothy. It's a question of faith, on both sides. They can be superstitious, too. In my opinion, religion is a placebo, which isn't to say placebos can't work.
Mike: How is all this kept quiet? I mean, a body turns up drained-
Angie: Doesn't happen. Successful parasites don't kill their host. They don't drain their prey unless they want to recruit, and they're very careful about who they recruit. Like we are.

[Mike sees the vault where neutralized Code Fives are kept]
Mike: Who knows about this? Who's paying? The Pope?
Father Pearse: (wryly) The Church doesn't like to talk about evil these days. No, you're paying. We're all paying.
Mike: You've got full government backing for this?
Father Pearse: Why not? It's a public health issue. A defense issue.

Father Pearse: It's called a vocation.
Mike: 'Vendetta', more like it.
Father Pearse: These aren't isolated cases. They're organizing. For a reason.
Mike: What for? They don't want to wipe us out. They need us.
Father Pearse: Exactly.
Mike: So what's changed?
Father Pearse: Our capacity for self-destruction. It grows at an exponential rate. You're right, of course; they don't mean us any harm. They want to save us.
Mike: Doesn't sound so bad.
Father Pearse: ...and the only way they can save us is by controlling us. If people like you don't take a stand now, do you know where your loved ones are going to be in fifty years' time? Battery farms. Believe me. Our free-range days are over.

In Nomine Patris [1.02][edit]

[After saying goodbye to her ailing mother, Danni Ashford gets into a car with a mysterious man]
Danni: I didn't think you'd wait.
Man: You don't get rid of me that easily. There's no rush. (pauses) Did she answer your question?
Danni: I think so. Sorry, I'm letting you down. Letting myself down.
Man: It's all right. You want to be sure, I can respect that. It's not as if you can get your money back. You keep asking, as long as you like.
Danni: Do you dream?
Man: I don't remember.
Danni: I'm ready.
Man: Good.

[Mike and Vaughan practice at the shooting range]
Mike: So why hasn't anyone tried taking one of them alive? (Vaughan gives him a look) All right. Dead, then. Undead. Whatever you call it.
Vaughan: They don't take prisoners.
Mike: What, so we're no better?
Vaughan: No. They're better. Stronger. Faster. Surprise is about the only thing we've got going for us, so forget about fair warning.

[After Mike refuses to shoot at an image of Kirsty]
Mike: The point?
Vaughan: If you don't like the idea, then keep away from her. She's had contact.
Mike: Yeah, and he's been put away, so what's the issue?
Vaughan: They know about her, they know about you, and they want to know about us. Now just think if the leeches got hold of her. Sucked her empty. That wouldn't be the end of it. They'd use her to get at you, then us.
Mike: So no friends then?
Vaughan: You've got me.

Mike: Has Angie got kids?
Vaughan: One. They left her with one.

[A cell phone is found in a Code Five's abandoned car]
Mike: So how do we know it's not Lester's?
Vaughan: Leeches don't use phones.
Mike: How come?
Vaughan: Look, the only machine that can see or hear a leech is us. You can only see them face to face. No mirrors, no photos, no videos. Audio's the same. He can make a call, but his voice won't go down the line. Surveillance is a bitch.

[After discovering that Danni Ashford handled a Code Five's investments]
Mike: How much do you think Danni knows? Do you think she knows what he is?
Vaughan: What does she care? His money's good. She's a banker, he's a leech; they're probably related.

[Mike and Angie realize that Danni may have been ready to be transformed and wonder about why]
Mike: (looking at Danni's incoherent mother) Is Alzheimer's hereditary?
Angie: It depends. There are two genetic markers; the risk goes up thirtyfold if you have both.
Mike: Well, could Danni have got herself scanned?
Angie: Doesn't mean much. About one in twenty of us have both genes. You look far enough into the future, you're bound to see something you don't like. People forget: we're all programmed to die.

[Father Pearse looks at a painting of a man, taken from Gideon Hammond's wall]
Father Pearse: Waldomar Hammerwitz. Gideon, Senior. Born nineteen hundred and nine, died nineteen forty-three, at age thirty four. Only he didn't die and he's still thirty-four. (Vaughan comes to stand beside him) They can't get enough of these. Drives them crazy, all that eternal youth and no mirrors.

'[After learning that the original Gideon Hammond, after becoming a Code Five, eventually began posing as the son of his own aging son]
Father Pearse: What happened to your own son? I can't believe he was that much of a disappointment to you. Is he dead?
Gideon Hammond: Natural causes. He took an overdose three years ago. He's buried in the grounds.
Father Pearse: And your father just took over. A convenient way to re-enter society. How long has he been running your life?
Hammond: Always.
Father Pearse: Did you never want to be your own man?
Hammond: (chuckles bitterly) Easy to say. He was always stronger, he was always more experienced... There were a few years when we were in our prime together, then he had passed. He promised he'd take me one day.
Father Pearse: You were too useful where you were. Couldn't you see he was letting you die?

[Mike and Angie interrogate Danni]
Mike: Your mother had an affair with him. She took care of his investments and then he moved on to you. Have you got a thing about him as well? Can't see why you'd protect him otherwise. I mean, it's not like he's family or anything. Maybe he feels like family. He's been around so long. Is that what you want? Are you terrified you'd end up like your mother? Because it seems to me, she wasn't good enough for him.
Danni: They only take those who want to go.
Angie: That is a lie.
Danni: He begged my mother to go with him. She refused.
Mike: You think she made the wrong decision?
Danni: You'd have to ask her.
Angie: My five-year-old daughter didn't choose to go. They don't just recruit. They kill.
Dannie: You're the ones running the extermination program. You're like Nazis! Just because they're different... They're entitled to fight back. It's war.

Father Pearse: I hope none of us thinks this interest in blood disorders is down to philanthropy. What they're researching is pollution. Contamination of their food supply.
Mike: Yeah, well, good. Maybe they'll find a cure. Looks like we've got some common interests.
Father Pearse: About as common as humans and cattle. What did we do when we discovered BSE was a threat? Did we go looking for a vaccine? No, we went for the most direct, short term solution.
Vaughan: A cull.
Father Pearse: They've done it before. The fire of London. Or did you really think that was a happy coincidence in the middle of a plague?

Gideon Hammond, Sr.: (to the man who caused him to suffer agonizing sunlight burns) This is how it looks. Let me show you how it feels.
[Later, Mike and Vaughan examine the man's mutilated corpse]
Mike: Right, so you say they haven't got any feelings. Well, if that's not a grudge, I don't know what is. (Vaughan grunts) Why all the secrecy? Why not just go public, let people protect themselves?
Vaughan: Listen. Every week there's a panic about some puny little bug. Now how do you think it would be if this got out? Hm? You'll have paranoia, you'll have vigilantes, you'll have people running back to religion in droves. The next thing you know, you'll have the Archbishop up for Prime Minister. I don't fancy living in Iran, do you?

[After being crippled in a car accident, Sal visits Mike in his home to reveal that she has been turned]
Sal: I'm not going to hurt you. Look at me. (stands, reveals to the camera that her broken spine is visible beneath the skin) I'm better. He put me right. Would you rather I was a cripple? Look, he didn't make me. No one can make you do anything you don't want to do. No one can make you change sides. But you're on the wrong side. These people that you're with... you think we're evil. Can I tell you a few things about your fri-
[Vaughan stabs her from behind with a stake; Sal screams and explodes into ash]
Vaughan: Time to move.

Sub Judice [1.03][edit]

[Father Pearse is given a brief check-up by Angie]
Angie: I get night terrors occasionally.
Father Pearse: You've had it worse. Typical doctor. And I'm not talking about nightmares, just night sweats. This is not psychological.
Angie: You sure? (ironically) Any stress at work?
Father Pearse: (with equal irony) It's just a desk job.

[After discovering that Marion Wainwright may have been impregnated by her Code Five husband, who may have also murdered an interested co-worker]
Mike: Poor old Dominic. I suppose it's not unreasonable to think he was in with a shout with Mr. Wainwright dead eighteen months. Gave it a decent wait before he moved in. He must've had his eye on her. She's pretty good-looking, same line of work, good at her job... (chuckles) Suppose that's a turn-on as well. And she's a widow, far as he knew. Suppose it wasn't his fault; he didn't know she was into necrophilia.
Vaughan: Whether she is or not, (referring to the possible pregnancy) it's not his.
Mike: Why?
Vaughan: Sex is something the leeches use to get what they want. It's not how they make other leeches, is it? The females don't menstruate. It's a waste of good blood. And as far as your male leech is concerned, he can get it up all right, but they're sterile.
Mike: Then how is she pregnant?

[Angie shares her findings on Marion's possibly half-Code Five fetus with Father Pearse]
Father Pearse: You're not, I hope, suggesting they have any desire or need for offspring, are you?
Angie: IVF doesn't let anyone off the hook, however old you are, however dead you are. Like us. They don't have to accept what nature gave them anymore.
[A pause]
Father Pearse: Have you ever performed a termination?
Angie: No. Have you ever sanctioned one?
Father Pearse: This isn't human.
Angie: It may be half-human.
Father Pearse: I believe that's what I said.

Mike: How long has her husband been dead? Angie?
Vaughan: Six years.
Mike: You said they took one of her daughters. Why was that?
Vaughan: They wanted Angie, but she wouldn't go. They say they only take those who want to go. They don't tell you what they do to make you want to go.
Mike: What happened?
Vaughan: Guess.
Mike: What, you did them both?
Vaughan: Didn't bat an eye. At least, that's how the story goes. Little girl was five years old at the time.

[Marion has escaped from the team's custody]
Vaughan: It wasn't your fault. One of us should've been there. I'll take responsibility for thies.
Angie: I doubt Pearse is going to be particularly interested in just who let her go.
Vaughan: She won't get far on her own steam.
Angie: Exactly.
Vaughan: Wainwright won't try and take her, not if he wants to keep what she's carrying.
Angie: There are worse things than being taken.

Mike: What do you think they were gonna do when it was born? Take it away from her?
Vaughan: Well, I doubt that it would've had much use for the breast. All they wanted was a womb.
Mike: You think he'd do that to his own wife?
Vaughan: Look what he's done already.

[After phoning the police, Marion's call is transferred to Father Pearse]
Father Pearse: Mrs. Wainwright? Please don't hang up. I know you're traumatized and I'm sorry you haven't been given all the facts. I'm here to correct that. Are you there? [Marion does not answer, but her breathing can be heard] You are pregnant. It's not your husband's. I know how much you wanted his child and I'm sorry. But you are in danger and I have to be brutally honest. The samples he left at the clinic have been tampered with. The symptoms you are experiencing are not part of a normal pregnancy, you must have realized that. The pain, the blackouts... it's an experiment, an illegal experiment conducted by friends of your husband. For your own safety, you have to terminate it. If you don't trust me, go to a hospital or an abortion clinic. Go soon. The people who did this to you will be looking for you.

[Mike and Vaughan find the nursery/prison where the Code Fives planned to deliver and keep Marion's baby]
Vaughan: (looking at the walls) Acoustic shielding. They must've been expecting a screamer. Wonder where the blood bags are.
Mike: (examining a small life-support chamber) If it was in here now, you'd pull the plug, wouldn't you?
Vaughan: Nope. Angie'd kill me. [Mike looks relieved] She'd want it for the lab. [Mike's relief fades]

[Angie reviews the midwife's notes]
Angie: You're very big on Vitamin D.
Jaqueline Seabrook: I certainly am. Very essential. You need it to absorb calcium.
Angie: Yes, I know. You think she might be deficient.
Jacqueline: Not if she follows this diet.
Angie: You haven't mentioned the best source of Vitamin D. Sunlight.
[Jacqueline looks momentarily confused and disoriented; Angie subtly checks her neck for signs of having been bitten]
Jacqueline: (uncertain) I... think she has an allergy.

[Marion is at a crisis pregnancy center]
Counselor: I just want you to appreciate the psychological effects of any medical decision you make.
[Marion looks at the surrounding posters, sees that the counselor is wearing a crucifix on her neck, and comes to a realization]
Marion: You're pro-life.
Counselor: Amazing how people can make 'pro-life' sound like an insult.
Marion: That's not how you advertised yourselves. I wanted independent advice!
Counselor: You want people who know what they're talking about. I've assisted on dozens of abortions, but it was only when I had one myself that I found out what it does to women. It's not a solution. You don't have to believe in God.
Marion: (bitterly) But it helps.
Counselor: It did, as a matter of fact. But I'm not trying to-
Marion: Goodbye. [stands]
Counselor: [stands and walks over beside Marion] This is the most important decision you'll ever make. Don't make the mistake I did. It ruined my life. Religion doesn't come into it. You can leave here and walk into any number of abortion clinics and not need trauma counseling... [voice becomes indistinct as Marion stares at the crucifix and suddenly collapses]

[Having been abducted from the ambulance taking her to the hospital after her miscarriage, Marion lies half-conscious in her husband's arms]
Anthony Wainwright: (tenderly stroking his wife's face) Shhh. It's over. They can't hurt you anymore.
[A gun is cocked off-screen; Anthony looks up to see Angie aiming at him]
Angie: Step away. You're not taking her.
Anthony: Then she'll die.
Angie: She's going to live. Step away.
Anthony: (sadly) She doesn't want to live. Not like this. Empty.
Angie: You made sure of that. If there was any chance of happiness with another man, you killed it.
Anthony: I died to give her what she wants. She would've been so happy. You killed that, not me.
Marion: (delirious) Please... my husband...
[Though crying herself, Angie does not lower the gun. At the street, Vaughan and his team arrive in time to see Anthony exploding in the distance]

[Angie examines Marion Wainwright's blood]
Angie: There's embryonic tissue in this one. She miscarried in the pro-life office.
Father Pearse: Thank God. So why do you think they wanted her?
Angie: She'd still be carrying some remains, which I expect they wanted to look at post mortem.
Father Pearse: She couldn't have survived?
Angie: Not with that degree of hemorrhaging.
Mike: Maybe he wanted to cross her over.
Angie: She didn't have anything else they wanted. She's not a scientist.
Mike: So it couldn't be that her husband just wanted her back?
Vaughan: (sarcastically) Life after death. Just an old romantic, aren't you? (seriously) We'll fix that.

[Anthony Wainwright's suicide not to his wife Marion, found by Angie in Marion's purse]
Anthony: When you read this, Marion, I'll be gone. I'm sorry. I'm just not as strong as you. Life's got the better of me. This'll be hard for you to understand, I know. But where I'm going, I'll be able to help you more than I can now. And believe me, I'm never going to be far away. I'll always be watching over you. One day, you're going to get what you want, I promise. And one day, the three of us will be together. I know you'll forgive me. So be patient and keep strong. I'll be waiting. This isn't the end.


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