Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is an action-adventure Third Person shooter platform game, the third game in the Uncharted series, developed by Naughty Dog, with a story written by script-writer Amy Hening. It was followed by the fourth and final game in the series, titled Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, in 2016.


Nate: [Quoting from a book] "All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. This, I did"
Sully: Uh-huh. That's all real pretty but, what the hell's it mean in English?
Nate: It means, be careful what you wish for. It might just get you.

Charlie: Oh, great– Next thing I know you'll be putting that gun to the back of my head telling me about the rabbits.

Charlie: Where's my notebook?
Sully: You gave it to Talbot, don't you remember?
Charlie: Wha? No, I didn't.
Sully: Yeah, your gun too.

[Nate makes his way into the gazebo. He looks around when he hears Sully's voice.]
Sully: That you, kid? Oh, thank God. [Throws aside the rifle] You all right? Man, I had a hell of a time– [Nate points the gun at him] What's the matter with you?
Nate: How do I know you're real?
[Sully holds up his hands and steps towards Nate. He takes the gun from him and flicks him in the eye.]
Nate: Ow!
Sully: That real enough for you? [Puts the gun in Nate's holster] Don't ever point a gun at me again.
Nate: I saw them shoot you, right after the eclipse.
Sully: [Confused] What? What eclipse? Look, kid, you went nuts right after you drank from that fountain. It's the water. That's what destroyed the city– [Nate sits down] –not "the Wrath of God." The whole water supply is tainted with some sort of hallucinogenic agent. Must've drove everyone mad.
Nate: That's what Marlowe and Talbot are after.
Sully: Oh, man, yeah. Remember Cutter said, they controlled their enemies through fear. Oh, this'd do it, in spades. But wait, it doesn't make any sense. How do they think they're getting the water outta here?
Nate: No, no, it's not the water, it's what's in the water.
Sully: [Confused] Come again?
Nate: All right, listen, just bear with me for a second. Salim told me that Iram was cursed when Solomon imprisoned the evil spirits of the Djinn inside a vessel of brass, and then cast it into the depths of the city.
Sully: A genie in a bottle.
Nate: I know it sounds pretty crazy.
Sully: So you reckon that's why Elizabeth and Dee sent Francis Drake out here in the first place.
Nate: Yeah. It wasn't treasure they were after, it was power. Only once Drake realized what he’d been sent for, he abandoned the mission. He lied to the Queen, told her he didn't find anything, and then hid all the traces of his voyage. Rewrote history.
Sully: Well– who are we to argue with Sir Francis? [Helps Nate up] Whaddya say we head down there and end this thing– once and for all?

[Nate and Sully are making their way towards the plane.]
Sully: [Stops walking] Hold up a minute, Nate. [Puts down his bag]
Nate: [Stops walking] You okay?
Sully: Yeah. Yeah, I just got something needs saying, that's all.
Nate: All right. [Puts down his bag] What is it?
Sully: Look, I, um– I had a lousy father. Lousy childhood. I hit forty, I figured I was never gonna have a son of my own. Hell, I never wanted one. What the hell do I know about raising a kid? Then you came barreling into my life.
Nate: Look, you don’t have to–
Sully: No, listen, I do. I have made a lot of mistakes, kid. A lot. [Pulls out a ring] And, ah– well, I am not a perfect man. [Shows Nate the ring]
Nate: You're not proposing, are you, Sully? I mean, I love you, but–
Sully: All right. Stop. Just stop being a wise-ass for one second.
Nate: How long you been carrying that around?
Sully: [Gives Nate the ring] Too long.
[Nate takes the ring from Sully and looks at it.]
Nate: Thought I'd lost it.
Sully: Here's the thing, kid. We don't get to choose how we start in this life. Real 'greatness' is what you do with the hand you're dealt.
[Sully nods to Nate to turn around. Nate turns around to see Elena coming out of the building. He smiles at Sully and goes over to Elena.]
Elena: Hey.
Nate: Hey. Going somewhere?
Elena: Maybe. [Puts her hand on Nate's chest] I'm really sorry about your ring.
Nathan: It's all right. [Puts his hand over Elena's hand] I swapped it for something better.
[Elena notices the ring on Nate's finger, making her realize that Nate is ready to retire from the treasure hunting life to be with her. Elena drops her bag and she and Nate hug. Nate and Elena pull away.]
Nate: Let's get outta here, huh?
Elena: Yeah.
[Elena picks up her bag. She and Nate go over to Sully, who gives Nate his bag. Nate takes it.]
Sully: Come on, we're this way.
Nate: [Confused] But–
Sully: Come on. Trust me.
[Nate, Elena, and Sully make their way towards the hangar.]
Nate: What are you up to?
[Sully gestures his hand towards a light-gray turquoise seaplane that is sitting outside a hangar.]
Nate: [Amazed] No way.
Sully: Eh, it's not as nice as the one you two wrecked four years ago, but it'll do.
[Nate and Elena put their arms around each other. They and Sully make their way towards the plane.]
Sully: C'mon, let's see if I can remember how to fly the goddamn thing.
Elena: Hey, this has parachutes, right?
Sully: Oh, yeah.
Nate: Three?
Sully: Eh, more or less.