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Unfriended (or Cybernatural) is a 2014 American horror film about a group of chat room friends who find themselves terrorized online by an unknown force using the account of their dead friend.

Directed by Levan Gabriadze. Written by Nelson Greaves.
This April, revenge comes online(taglines)


Ken Smith: It's definitely a hacker. He's spying to get info on farts and boners, ok?
Mitch Roussel: Is that what today's agenda is?
Ken Smith: Well, we haven't hit the farts yet, but thanks to The Ken's Famous Salsa, the gas will be rolling tonight, baby!
Jess Felton: That's so gross.

Laura: Never Have I Ever... got Adam arrested for selling weed.
Adam Sewell: What? No, please tell me he's lying Jess, you fucking bitch!
Jess Felton: Fuck you! I never did that!
Mitch Roussel: Hey stop! It was me, man. It was me.
Adam Sewell: WHAT? Why!?
Mitch Roussel: Does it really matter!?
Adam Sewell: It does to me, Mitch! They put me in handcuffs! I almost had a record! My fucking dad almost disowned me for that!

Mitch Roussel: Okay, you know what? We're not doing this shit here, everybody just stop. Pick up your phones, mute your computers.
Jess Felton: I don't know where my phone is guys please don't do this.
Blaire Lily: Jess it's okay [mutes mic]
Jess Felton: No wait! [gets up from bed and walks to desk chair whilst quickly glancing for phone]
Jess Felton: Fuck guys.
Laura: [via Skype IM] Nice try guys, let me turn those mics on for you.
[Blaire, Mitch, Adam and Ken's mics then suddenly turn on bringing the audio from their phone calls to the convo.]
Jess Felton: Guys, Guys! He can hear you, he can turn your mics on.

Blaire Lily: For a sec I thought this was real
Mitch Roussel: How do you know it's not?
Blaire Lily: Stop trying to freak me out.
Mitch Roussel: Or what?
Blaire Lily: Or... I'll send my dad to fight you. [winky emoji]
Mitch Roussel, Blaire Lily: Your dad's not home...
Blaire Lily: How do you know?
Mitch Roussel: Cause he's out drinking with mine. [sends link of Laura's facebook memorial page revealing the messenger to Laura]

Ken Smith: [upon Laura's webcam displaying a grated image] Hey genius! We can see you.
Jess Felton: What is that? Like a lattice or crate?
[Ken sighs and stands up off his chair.]
Ken Smith: Ken!
Ken Smith: What?
Jess Felton: Uh, stand back for a second.
Ken Smith: Why?
Adam Sewell: Just do it dude. [Ken stands back and begins to wave his right arm indicating Laura's webcam is capturing him from behind.]

[last lines]
Blaire Lily: [sobbing out of control] Laura, I'm sorry that we drifted apart!
Laura: 'Drifted apart'? Is that how you remember it? I think there's more to the story.
[Laura then tags Blaire with the Leaky Laura video on her Facebook page]
Blaire Lily: No...
[the video shows Laura sleeping drunk on the ground, Blaire is then shown laughing in the video]
Blaire Lily: [whisperly] I got her...
[video ends]
Blaire Lily: I'm sorry.
Laura: What you've done will live here forever.
[many of Blaire's Facebook friends post several angry comments on Blaire's page]
Laura: I wish I could forgive you, Blaire.
[Laura signs off Skype as Blaire is left alone consumed in guilt and fear, the door is then heard creaking open, a pair of hands slams the laptop screen shut]
Blaire Lily: NO! Laura?
[Laura's demonic face lunges at the screen until it cuts to black]
Blaire Lily: [screams] NO!


  • This April, revenge comes online
  • Online, your memories last forever. But so do your mistakes.
  • Every. Photo. Comment. Share. Update. Like. Post. Can come back to haunt you.


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