Universal Soldier: The Return

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Universal Soldier: The Return is 1999 action film directed by Mic Rodgers. It was the third sequel of the movie, Universal Soldier.

Prepare to become obselete.


  • This is not your lucky day.


  • Hello, Dr. Cotner. I'm ready when you are. But on the other hand... fuck you.
  • Give it up, Luc. You know you can't win.
  • The time of man has ended. In his arrogance, he has sealed his own destruction by creating his superior. We will bring order to the chaos. We will act without emotion. Spread from this place. Secure raw materials to increase our numbers geometrically. We will then utilize their own weapon system to defeat them. Their fear and mortality will be their weakness. They cannot defeat us. When I was a machine, I yearned to be a man. Νow I'm better than both. The created, has become the creator. Bring me Luc Devereaux.


  • Next stop intensive care!
  • Capture Luc Deveraux... minimal damage.
  • Maggie... waste him.
  • (repeated line) I hate that guy!


S.E.T.H.: Luc, give me the code. Don't let me die.
Luc: You left me no choice! You killed Dylan!
S.E.T.H.: I am being threatened. I must defend myself.

Blackburn: Who the hell are those guys?
[A squad of UniSols marches out]
Radford: UniSols... FIRE!
[U.S. troops open fire on the UniSols. After the UniSols are shot down...]
Radford: What the hell are you waiting for, soldier?! KEEP FIRING!
Blackburn: Sir, THEY'RE DOWN! Hopkins! Baker! Go out there and check 'em out!
[The UniSols wake up.]
Soldier: Oh, shit!

[Luc shoots S.E.T.H. to slow him down]
S.E.T.H.: That doesn't work. You tried that already.
Luc: You're right.

[when a UniSol waterskis off the back of their boat]
Maggie: He's good!
Luc: He's stupid. [cuts the line and the UniSol falls]


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