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University of Illinois at Springfield is a public university in Springfield, Illinois, United States. The university was established in 1969 as Sangamon State University by the Illinois General Assembly and became a part of the University of Illinois system on July 1, 1995.


  • Once Sangamon was gobbled up by the huge U of I headquartered 90 interstate miles away in Urbana, longstanding efforts to remove all traces of our alternative origins and goals escalated. Today, the campus buzzes with plans to make UIS a more mainstream, respectable institution. That's bad enough. Even worse is the effort to tie UIS's central public affairs identity almost exclusively to serving the state government's bureaucracy in Springfield, the state capitol, rather than to challenging the assumptions of an unjust society. Tellingly, the campus's new logo places the letters "UIS" directly under the state capitol dome, clarifying on every university document and T-shirt the conversion from university to state agency.

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