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tungkol sa padangat-anggot na relasyon sa pagitan nin Haciendero asin haciendera

Urban Cowboy is a 1980 film about the love-hate relationship between a cowboy and a cowgirl.

Directed by James Bridges. Written by James Bridges and Aaron Latham.
Hard hat days and honky-tonk nights.

Bud Davis[edit]

  • What the hell was that? What's he tippin' his hat at you for? Don't he know we're married? [to Wes] Hey Tattoo! You see this here. That there's a wedding ring. That means we're married! She's mine, okay?
  • [to Pam] Contrary to what you or your daddy think, all cowboys ain't dumb. Some of 'em got smarts real good, like me.


  • [at her wedding] My legs are sweatin', momma.

Wes Hightower[edit]

  • [to Sissy] You can't expect a man like me to be faithful to any woman.


Plant Supervisor: [Bud is interviewing for a job at the oil refinery where Uncle Bob works] Bud Davis, huh?
Bud: My, my full name is Buford Uon Davis, but nobody calls me Buford 'cept my Grandmother, and she's half Indian. My initials are B.U.D., it spells Bud.
Plant Supervisor: [mildly annoyed] I can spell, boy. [looks at application more closely] Which pipeline? There ain't one in Spur.
Bud: Yes there is. Came in last Spring. I was workin' on insulatin' it. Uncle Bob told me you was hiring, so I thought I'd come and check it out.
Plant Supervisor: Most of our insulating we contract out. But I can start you as a general helper. A flunky, a gofer.You know what a gofer is, boy?
Bud: I think it means, you know, "go for" things. [pause] Or it could mean you're an animal.
Plant Supervisor: Around here they're on the same level. Start you at the bottom. You work up. [Looks at Bud intensely] I wanna tell you one thing. You're gettin' this job because of your Uncle Bob. He's been here a long time and he's a damn good man. [pause] I'll tell you one thing more. You're gonna have to lose that beard. It's regulation if you have to wear any kind of a fresh-air mask.

Sissy: You a real cowboy?
Bud: Well that depends on what you think a real cowboy is.
Sissy: The other night you had a beard?
Bud: That's right.
Sissy: It looked good. You shouldn't have shaved it.
Bud: Damn, who asked you?
Sissy: No one. [pause] Know how to two step?
Bud: Yup.
Sissy: [pause] Wanna prove it?
Bud: Alright.

Bud: Now, you gotta learn something - there are just certain things a girl can't do.
Sissy: Name one.
Marshall: I can name several, like pissing on the side of a wall, getting laid while your pants are still on...
Sissy: Why would you want to?

Bud: How are you gonna get home?
Sissy: I got a thumb, I got a middle finger!
Bud: Come on, Sissy.
Sissy: Look, Bud, you hit me!
Bud: I didn't hit you that hard! You don't know what hard is.
Sissy: Just leave me alone.
Bud: Fine, forget it.
Sissy: "Fine, forget it."

Bud: There's certain things a man wants from his wife. Like to be here when he gets home and to cook once in a while and clean up. Make good love to him. [pause] Look, I know that's good, OK? But that ain't enough.
Sissy: I just thought we'd go to McDonald's.
Bud: Goddammit! McDonald's again?!
Sissy: Shit I work, too! You're making out like I have nothing to do all day!
Bud: [about his aunt] That's what I told her! I said you worked! She said we live like pigs!
Sissy: She said that? Look, I don't wanna fight with you.
Bud: Well, I don't wanna fight either. Wanna go to Gilley's tonight?
Sissy: No.
Bud: Come here. Come here. You mad at me? Come on, let's go to Gilley's. It'll make us feel better.
Sissy: OK.

Bud: [about Wes] You layin' him?
Sissy: I ain't layin' him.
Bud: You lied to me.
Sissy: I was with Jessie, but I just didn't say where.
Bud: My daddy once told me if a woman'll lie about one thing, she'll lie about another.
Sissy: Bud, will you just take off your shirt?
Bud: Just get away from me! I don't need your help and I don't want your help. I don't want you showin' off on that goddamn bull no more, neither.
Sissy: I wasn't showin' off!
Bud: What the hell do you call it if you don't call it showin' off?! Huh?!
Sissy: I call it riding it.
Bud: Oh, just riding it, huh?
Sissy: That's right, riding it. And I'm gonna ride it again and again, as much as I want to!
Bud: No, you're not. You think you are, but you ain't.
Sissy: You know, you're not my daddy! You can't tell me what to do!
Bud: Look, I'm the next best thing better than your daddy. I'm your husband, and I say you ain't never riding it, ever!
Sissy: I think you're just jealous 'cause I can ride it better than you.
Bud: I'm what?!
Sissy: Bud! You hit me! [Bud forces her down the hall] Cut it out! Stop it!
Bud: Come on! Get out!
Sissy: Where am I gonna go?!
Bud: Go see your daddy! You like him better. [slams the door and as Sissy heads to her car, Bud tosses her the keys] Here, take your keys!
Sissy: Fine! [catches the keys]
Bud: [kicks a trashcan] Goddamn it!

Bud: What does your daddy do?
Pam: Daddy does oil - and all that that implies.

Uncle Bob: You know Bud; sometimes even a cowboy's gotta swallow his pride to hold on to somebody he loves.
Bud: What do you mean?
Uncle Bob: Hell, I know. I pretty near lost Corrine and the kids a couple of times just 'cause of pride. You know you think that ol' pride's gonna choke you going down but I tell you what, ain't a night goes by I don't thank the boss up there for giving me a big enough throat. 'Cause without Corrine and them kids hell I'd just be another pile of dog shit in the cantaloupe patch just drawing flies.
Bud: I guess so.
Uncle Bob: Think about it Bud, pride's one of those seven deadlies you know what I mean?

Sissy: Uncle Bob wanted you to be happy. Are you happy?
Bud: Hell, yes I'm happy. How about you? Are you happy?
Sissy: Shit. Yeah, I really am. I finally got what I wanted. I got a real cowboy.
Bud: I got what I wanted, too. I got myself a real lady.
Pam: Bud, the family car's waiting.
Bud: The family car's waiting.

[Bud is upset that Sissy left before he got the rodeo prize.]
Pam: You did it for her; didn't you?
Bud: What?
Pam: Practicing, winning, all that, didn't you?
Bud: What are you talkin' about?
Pam: Because you sure didn't do it for me.
Bud: Pam, this ain't no time to start this with me. What are you talkin' about?
Pam: Look, I'm a shit. But I'm not that big a shit. I have to tell you something. Remember when you came back and the trailer was clean, flowers around?
Bud: Yep.
Pam: I didn't do that. Sissy did it. She was there. She left you a note asking you to phone her. But I tore it up cause I was sort of jealous. I wanted to keep my cowboy. You don't love me, Bud. And I don't really love you. Not like that. So you shouldn't let her get away. But I tell you what. If you ever wanna make her jealous, you know where I am.
Bud: I gotta go.

Bud: Sissy! Sissy?
Sissy: Get outta here, Bud. I mean it!
Bud: I gotta talk to you.
Sissy: Wes is in Gilley's and we're leavin'.
Bud: I know you're leavin', but I just wanted to tell you somethin'. I'm hard-headed, and I'm prideful. And I wanna apologize clear back to when I hit you the first time. I love you, Sissy.
Sissy: I love you, too, Bud!
Bud: You do? I didn't know you came to the trailer that day. If I'd known that, I'd have called you. But she tore up that note. Shit, you can ride that bull anytime.
Sissy: I don't wanna ride it!
Bud: And screw Mexico because we can do anythin' we want! I got... [Bud sees an ugly bruise on Sissy's face left by Wes.] What happened to your face?
Sissy: Got hit.
Bud: [about Wes] Did he hit you? Goddamn it, I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch!
Sissy: Bud, no just leave him alone. BUD!


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