Uriel da Costa

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Uriel da Costa

Uriel da Costa (c. 1585 – April 1640) or Uriel Acosta was a philosopher and skeptic from Portugal.

Quotes about Uriel da Costa[edit]

  • Da Costa’s ban was harsher than most. When he was banned in 1633, the possibility of atonement was left open, but it was atonement by flagellation that was required. Da Costa refused, but by 1640, after enduring years of isolation, he agreed to go through with the punishment during which he was not only whipped in the synagogue, but, after the display, was forced to lie down at the threshold of the synagogue. Those who exited then stepped on his body on their way out. Unable to bear this humiliation, da Costa shot himself several days later.
    • Michael Della Rocca, Spinoza (2008), One: Spinoza’s Understanding and Understanding Spinoza

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