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Urinetown: The Musical is an award-winning satirical comedy musical that pokes fun at capitalism, socialism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, and petty small town politics. Urinetown rejects musical theatre convention, parodying successful Broadway shows such as Les Misérables, Evita, Annie and West Side Story, and even satirizes its own significance. In reverse pantomime style, the unconventional plotline shatters audience expectations of a pleasant ending.


  • Little Sally: "(Say Officer Lockstock, is this where you tell the audience about the water shortage?)"
    Officer Lockstock: "What's that Little Sally?"
    LS: "You know, the water shortage. The hard times. The drought. A shortage so awful that private toilets eventually became unthinkable. A premise so absurd that. . ."
    OL: "Whoa, there Little Sally. Not all at once. They'll hear more about the water shortage in the next scene."
    LS: "Oh, I guess you don't want to overload them with too much exposition, huh."
    OL: "Everything in its time, Little Sally. You're too young to understand it now, but nothing can kill a show like too much exposition."
    LS: "How about bad subject matter?"
    OL: "Well-"
    LS: "Or a bad title, even? That could kill a show pretty good."
    OL: "Well Little Sally, suffice it to say that in Urinetown (the musical) everyone has to use public bathrooms in order to take care of their private business.
  • Pennywise: I am her mother.
    Pennywise: And she is my daughter!.
    All: [Bigger Gasp].
  • Old Man Strong: Bobby! Bobby, reason with the woman. I'm a little short this morning.
    Tiny Tom: No shorter than yesterday. Unless I've grown.
  • Hope: "Gosh, Daddy, I never realized large, monopolizing corporations could be such a force for good in the world!"
    Mr. Cladwell: "Few do."
  • Hope: "Do you think you'd be feeling as bad as you do if you didn't have a heart?"
    Bobby: "I don't know. I suppose not."
    Hope: "Of course you wouldn't. Because then you'd be dead!"
  • Mr. Cladwell: [to Hope] "Don't be the bunny!"
  • Senator Fipp: "You're a good girl, Hope. I used to be one, before your father got to me."
    Hope: "You were a good girl?"
    Senator Fipp: "You heard me."
  • Bobby: "We will look into the faces of our fellow man and see not only a brother, (To Tiny Tom) But a sister as well."
    Tiny Tom:"What's that supposed to mean?"
  • Mr. McQueen: "Ms. Cladwell! What an unexpected surprise!"
    Hope: "Is there any other kind?"
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