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Here in this page I'll collect my favourite quotes from Wiki-users. They can be full of wisdom or just funny and hilarious. You also can add your one :-)


  • Is the imbalance [of anti-religious and pro-religious quotes] due to a higher number of anti-religious quotes being made in our society over quotes supporting religion? ~ User:Alan Liefting
  • Religion and politics are certainly both fields where stupidities often seem to play a far greater role than wisdom, no matter what factions people are most inclined to side with. ~ User:Achilles
  • Let the quotes speak for themselves. ~ Anonymous


  • Expesicaly Nietche is God. That is terrible and even Nietche would be offended, for he didn't believe in God. ~ User:Seadog.M.S


  • When you go to edit this article, it says Editing Life if only it was possible. ~ Anonymous