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Flag of Sri Lanka.svg This user comes from Sri Lanka.
Phase Portrait Unstable Proper Node.svg Unresolved content disputes combined with abusive admins and policies drive away editors and donations. See also.
Wikimedia logo family Atcovi is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.

Wikibooks administrator.pngThis user is an administrator on the English Wikibooks. (verify)
MediaWiki administrator.svg This user is an administrator on (verify)
Broom icon.svgThis user is a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team.
Exquisite-kfind.pngThis user has no objections to being checkusered at any time.
User language
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
ar-0 هذا المستخدم ليس لديه معرفة بالعربية (أو يفهمها بصعوبة بالغة).
ta-0 இந்தப் பயனர் தமிழில் பயிற்சி இல்லாதவர் (அல்லது கடினப்பாடுகளுடன் விளங்கிக் கொள்ளகிறார்).
fr-0 Cet utilisateur n’a aucune connaissance en français (ou le comprend avec de grandes difficultés).
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If you ever see me revert vandalism/tag pages for deletion on wikis I don't normally contribute to, then you should know that I'm an SWMT member. Please notify me on my talk page ON THAT WIKI if I have been reverting beneficial edits. I need to know so I don't do it in the future.

My home projects are the English Wikiversity (userpage), where I am a curator (since December 2015), and the English Wikibooks (userpage), where I am an administrator (since March 2015). I serve as an admin on MediaWiki as well (since March 2017).

I contribute to several other projects, in which you can check those out at my CentralAuth.

If you need to contact me (or ask a question, but I'm not the best at answering questions), my talk page is wide open, and same thing with my email.


IRC-Nick: Atcovi, thestupidking, or TSK/tsk

Email: You'll find out once you've emailed me ;-)