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Beleg Tâl is an administrator on English Wikisource. He is still figuring out how Wikiquote works and may contribute a little bit moving forward.


Here are some quotes I've collected that might be good for Wikiquote.

  • "I had often heard of the moon being made of green cheese. That night I thought the green cheese might was made of the moon." - Chesterton, The Club of Queer Trades.
  • "We are engaged in a bitter and eternal war with small things; chiefly with microbes and with collar-studs." - ibid.
  • "The mere facts! Do you really admit--are you still so sunk in superstitions, so clinging to dim and prehistoric altars, that you believe in facts?" - ibid, spoken by character Basil Grant
  • "'Course he knows no better, if he's Flench! Flenchmen never can speak English so goodly as us!" - Bruno, in Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno
  • "There are rich and fruitful crops of doctrine scattered everywhere in the mighty volumes of the Holy Fathers. The aim of the Scholastics was to gather these together diligently, and to store them up, as it were, in one place, for the use and convenience of those that come after." - Leo XIII, Aeterni Patris.