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  • Let me make this perfectly clear: I don't fucking care. I don't care about world hunger or about terrorism or about patriotism or about gods or about lying, cheating and stealing. I hate amnesty retards, I should declare war on those fucking idiots. What, they gonna beat me with their peace rifles? Idiots. Despite the occasional David Vs. Goliath triumph it is far more common that the big, self-centered guy wins. Think about the number of bastard CEOs running their monopolies at the cost of other people's jobs and welfare. And more power to them. Think about the Khans and Caesars. The strong will survive! And if the meek inherit the Earth I'll just kick their weak asses and take it back. Little bitchy whiny kids in Africa and starving asians and sad Bosnians. Fuck you. I don't care, never have, never will, don't want to and I'm god damn proud of it.
  • Selfishness is the only possible thought process for an entity who can only know the Universe from it's own perspective
  • As regards pessimism I think that, if the human race manages to survive for a while without falling into a permanent dark age (which is entirely possible - see 'most of human history') then they will eventually develop either massive genomic engineering or other artificial intelligences, which will result in the species being engineered out of existence. Once mankind is no longer recognizable as such its chances (and its desert) will vastly increase.
However, unless the world is significantly Max More Kurzweilian than I expect it to be, this period will be far beyond my own life-time and thus irrelevant. In the meanwhile, screw homo sapiens primitivus.
  • You have so much invested in activism and humanism that you can't bear that it might be a futile endeavor based on a deranged model.
  • Because it's a psychological tension. People want to reconcile their non-rational moral impulses and their religious/ideological views. This is why most people are statist/socialist leaning; because natural human morality evolved in small-scale egalitarian status tribal communism and the real modern world will never match the map in their head.
The answer is just to throw morality overboard and take the red pill and adapt to reality. The other alternative is to just let these stupid apes all kill each other because they kind of deserve it.
  • The general public have no right to political opinions, no interest in learning about it, and little talent even if they wanted to. Libertarian populism is a result of its being part of the Liberal religion, and of democratical culture. There is no point in arguing with most people about politics, or economics; they should just shut the fuck up because they don't know what they're talking about.
  • People who actually can understand, learn and have a meaningful and informed opinion on politics are a tiny minority who are quite capable of dealing with precision in definition and technical terms
  • I don't think someone who hasn't done fairly extensive economic and jurisprudential research has any right to an opinion on politics, that they shouldn't have an opinion, and that having an opinion is a character flaw.
  • Most people should be APOLITICAL because they do not know what the fuck they are talking about. The NEED to have political and moral views is a mental disorder from a small-group Savannah evolution that needs to be excised from the human species.
  • I sort of understand the point of these articles, but I don't think people who read Paul Krugman with pleasure are capable of being reasoned with. A lack of education is not the problem. Crippling psychological issues like social signaling and the low cost of false political beliefs make people inherently wrong, and willfully wrong. Just like this joker Krugman.
  • Believe me, dude, I understand perfectly well that Superman is a gnostic solar Logos who represents self-renewal, a Krishna-like salvation figure of unlimited benevolence, and a transhumanist idealization of anthropomorphic gradeure. The thing is, I can critique a bad plot and inconsistencies precisely because they cut into the effectiveness of the message, just as the incoherence and contradictions of [insert religious book here] muddies up the message. The problem I have with fiction-consumers and religious-consumers alike is that they CAN'T make that distinction or recognize the actual import of the story, and end up getting angry and pissy because they think if something isn't literally true then their life is now meaningless.
  • People should be able to criticize their gods and their books without having a frickin' mental breakdown.
  • There isn't much in a person's mental life that isn't deeply linked to their intelligence. That there are personality factors *aside* from intelligence no one denies, but intelligence is a sort of meta-trait that can snowball and build concepts to allow us to have things like existential crises which are not even physically possible for a dog or an idiot to have.
Intelligence has a lot to do with everything, for good and bad, it's the reason we worry about elaborate theories of other people judging us, etc. instead of just gnawing on our back legs like nervous cats.
Intelligence, psychoplasticity and inborn heuristics. Let me never be mistaken for saying, with the cliche goth, that regular people are 'stupid' and weird people are, ergo, smarter. The issue has to do with a way of looking at the world, your life, the Universe and what quality of thinking you do, not just how much raw horsepower you have. Though, for numerous practical purposes (social and individual) a lot of horsepower can be desirable (or undesirable, if you're uncomfortable challenging norms!).